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Meet the Teachers

Mrs. Teague | Kindergarten

Meet Mrs. Teague | Kindergarten

Mrs. Teague teaches Kindergarten from Thornton, Colorado.

I became a teacher because I wanted to help provide children a safe place to learn and grow.

I am excited to use Colorado Classroom to reach so many different families with engaging literacy lessons.

Fun fact: I love to have dance parties at home with my three kids.

Ms. Vesga | Kindergarten (English Language Development)

I've wanted to be a teacher since I was a kid!

I am excited to be able to reach out to so many students at home, to help their minds grow.

Fun fact: I love to read and travel around the world.

Meet Ms. Vesga | Kindergarten

Ms. Vesga lives in Denver with her family and two dogs.

Mrs. Radue | 1st Grade

Meet Mrs. Radue | 1st Grade

Mrs. Radue teaches reading intervention in Northglenn and Thornton.

I've wanted to be a teacher since I was in kindergarten. I can't imagine doing anything else.

I love being involved in a program where I am able to share my love of reading with kids at home and provide an opportunity for kids to continue learning in the midst of this complicated time.

Fun fact: I moved here from Minnesota about a year ago and I am obsessed with owls! :)

Ms. Stechmeyer | 1st Grade (English Language Development)

This is my 7th year teaching 1st grade. I'm a teacher because I think kids are way more fun than adults!

I'm excited to engage with families around the state and to introduce them to fun topics in exciting virtual ways.

Fun fact: I'm known as "The Phonics Queen." Costumes and dance are important parts of my teaching.

Meet Ms. Stechmeyer | 1st Grade

Ms. Stechmeyer, aka "the Phonics Queen," teaches at Strive Prep in Denver, Colorado.

Mrs. Vigil | 2nd Grade

Meet Mrs. Vigil | 2nd Grade

Mrs. Vigil teaches in Montrose, Colorado.

My enjoyment of kids and watching them learn and grow is what got me into teaching.

I am excited about the Learn with Me at Home program because it creates new educational opportunities for learning while offering me a new kind of teaching experience.

Fun fact: I have a 4-year Bachelors of Science degree in Interior Design and love decorating and doing DIY projects in my free time.

Ms. Adrienne | 2nd Grade (English Language Development)

I've taught at Trevista Elementary school in Denver, and the Red Cloud Indian School in South Dakota.

I'm excited to be a part of this innovative collaboration to increase equity for kids!

Fun fact: I played ultimate Frisbee competitively for 8 years :)

Meet Ms. Adrienne | 2nd Grade

Ms. Adrienne teaches in Denver, Colorado.

Ms. Hui | 3rd Grade

Meet Ms. Hui | 3rd Grade

Mrs. Hui teaches in Sheridan, Colorado.

I'm passionate about teaching and have always loved working with kids.

I'm excited to be able to make a further impact outside of my classroom and reach more students.

Fun fact: I've been to 22 different countries.

Meet Miss Melissa | 3rd Grade (English Language Development)

I've taught preschool, second grade, and now fifth. I love watching kids' faces light up as they "get" a concept or idea.

I am so excited that kids will have access to learning right from their televisions! I'm REALLY excited to partner with NASA and Colorado museums to make our content more interesting.

Fun fact: I am a water rat! I love to kayak, paddle board, wake board, water ski, tube, fish - anything that has to do with the water, I'm in!

Meet Miss Melissa | 3rd Grade

Miss Melissa lives in Montrose, Colorado with her family.

Meet Amanda and Franklin, DMNS Educators

Colorado Classroom | DMNS Amanda and Franklin

Meet our new Colorado Classroom instructors from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Amanda and Franklin will be sharing weekly family science lessons created by the museum!

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