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Door-to-Door Membership Drive

Thank you for becoming a member with one of our trusted door-to-door representatives! Your gift will enable us to continue to provide exceptional programming.

Beginning in August, 2011, Rocky Mountain PBS launched the nation's first door-to-door PBS outreach program by sending a few professional canvassers into neighborhoods across the Front Range. Today, our community canvass program allows us to personally convey the importance of public television and quality programming to thousands of people every week. By committing to contribute through one of our canvassers you help us further our mission to enrich the lives of Coloradans through engaging and essential programs, services, and community partnerships that inform, enlighten, and entertain.

Do your part and donate to Rocky Mountain PBS. Thank you.

Spring 2021 update:

The RMPBS canvass team is back out in the community!

The RMPBS ambassadors that may be knocking on your door are taking rigorous health and safety precautions, including wearing masks and adhering to social distance guidelines. Please respect these guidelines when interacting with our representatives as we look to continue to grow the RMPBS member family.

Possible FAQs from community members:

Q: Is it safe for you to be canvassing? Are you allowed to be going door-to-door right now?

A: Yes! Our canvass team is taking all necessary precautions and following public health guidelines to keep themselves and the community safe.

Q: Why are you sending people to knock on doors right now?

A: Canvassing is one of the best ways for RMPBS to acquire new members, which helps ensure all the programs you know and love stay around. Our canvass team is taking all necessary precautions and following public health guidelines to keep themselves and the community safe.

Meet our canvass team:

Robin Koppang
ID: 440-40-736
Eric Prudent
ID: 440-40-730
Zachary Risenhoover
ID: 440-40-776
David Pech
ID: 440-40-770
Alex Ramos Toro
ID: 440-40-783
Derek Moffitt
ID: 440-40-781
Stephanie George
ID: 440-40-750
Megan DeBard
ID: 440-40-762
Courtney Enzi
ID: 440-40-784
Noah Steele
ID: 440-40-759
Sabrina Bueno Meraz
ID: 440-40-763


Rocky Mountain PBS offers a variety of creative ways to support us. Your employer can match your gift, you can donate a vehicle (car, boat, RV, etc) or you can donate a gift on behalf of someone.

Through generous gifts from our supporters, Rocky Mountain PBS continues to build financial stability, ensuring that all of Colorado will have the benefits of public television for years to come.

Planned Giving

Vehicle Donations

Stocks & Securities

Memorial & Tribute Gifts

Business Partnerships


For more information, contact Member Services: 800-274-6666 or


Joining or renewing your membership online is fast, easy and secure. You also can call 800-274-6666.
Or mail your check to:

Rocky Mountain PBS
2101 Arapahoe St.

Denver, CO 80205

Thank you!

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