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In Short: Student Films from Across Colorado

In Short returns for its third season on Rocky Mountain PBS in Fall 2019. New episodes will air Mondays, October 14 through November 25. This partnership with Colorado College supports and promotes the work of up-and-coming filmmakers from across the state.

Colorado College Film and Media Studies Program

In Short is now accepting student film submissions from across Colorado. Students, read more and submit your work here!

Season 3 Information (2019)

301: “On the Precipice” premieres Monday, 10/14/19 at 10:30pm.

  • Bitten by Meg DeMarsh, Jiayi Guo, and Story Schwantes: Nail biting is one of the most common oral compulsive addictions, so why quit?
  • Rocky Mountain Hive: The challenges of beekeeping in Colorado.
  • Distance by Fengyi Xu and Mary Sorich: Sonja struggles to maintain her mental health while taking care of her younger sister.
  • Cam on the Moon by Cam Pazol: Cam takes an unexpected journey to space.

302: “Through the Colorado Air” premieres Monday, 10/21/19 at 10:30pm.

  • Big Air Max by Thang Khan Sian Khai, Rachel Mayoral, Ben Hunter, Danny Feria: Max is a spastic paraplegic yet his attitude for life is infectious.
  • Colorado Sky by Christopher Probst: An exploration of the Colorado views with a poem by Andrew Blakemore.
  • Utopik by Georgia Griffis: Charlie Carrel, a horseman from Wyoming, bonds with a troubled horse.

303: “Another Trip Around the Sun” premieres Monday, 10/28/19 at 10:30pm.

  • Over the Hump by Sam Sanson and Ella Grossman: A couple quit their city jobs and opted for a simpler life, opening a small camel farm.
  • Call Me If You Get This by Lee O’Dowd: A portrait through two years of ignored voicemail messages.
  • Queer Qafé by Lila Schmitz: A café steeped in magical realism hosts Cyd and Ronnie’s budding relationship.

304: “Paw by Paw” premieres Monday, 11/04/19 at 10:30pm.

  • A Few Acres at a Time by Will Sardinsky: Lani Malmberg herds 500 goats in the Western U.S. as a form of ecological weed control.
  • Bug Out by Andre Zimmermann: A portrait of the May Natural History Museum of Tropical Insects.
  • Young Summer by Eli Solt: A nostalgic trip on a ferris reminds us that the past and the future often exist as one. Duranium by Fort Lewis College Class.

305: “Carry On” premieres Monday, 11/04/19 at 10:00pm.​

  • PURE by Stephan Eigenmann: Helen is learning to accept herself with the help of a young girl with cancer.
  • Miles by Darren Barzegar: Miles, 18 and homeless, faces his routine survival, as a dangerous snow storm comes in.
  • Heartland by Fengyi Xu: Steven Durow sculpts glass to investigate his alternately idyllic and traumatic childhood.
  • Disappearance by Kai Cintorino.

306: “Under Your Skin” premieres Monday, 11/11/19 at 10:30pm.​

  • Witness by Jamon Tolbert: A young boy finds himself to be a witness to a murder.
  • Mecha by Jonny Mancini: We are the androids of the natural world. Be consumed by the personal apocalypse.
  • Toru Dream by Rishi Ling: A charcoal and conté stop-motion animation that follows a young boy in his dreams.
  • Underpass by Will Stockton: A photographer discovers how far he will go for success.

307: “Meet Me in the Middle” premieres Monday, 11/25/19 at 10:00pm.​

  • Guns for Everyone by Isabel Aurichio and Noah Weeks.
  • Just Going Through the Motions by Claire Barber and Liza Scher: A stop-motion documentary on communication between people across the political spectrum.
  • SEX ED by Lee O’Dowd: A film about the myths and stigmas perpetuated by Sex Education in the U.S.

308: “Dreaming Up” premieres Monday, 11/25/19 at 10:30pm.​

  • Little Lobster (小さなロブスター) by Aamuro Kanda: A short animation about a "Little Lobster".
  • Inseparable by Jackson Dorfman: A famous pop star attempts to reconnect with her family.
  • The Extraordinary Story of Oliver Wyght by Rico Hernandez: After wishing upon a star, Oliver Wyght discovers the true cost of an extraordinary life.

309: “Unlinked” premieres Monday, 12/16/19 at 10pm.​

  • Tom’s Diner by Rory Lowe: It’s election night at Tom’s Diner.
  • Three Tiny Dots by Eli Solt: An exploration of the little texting dots that are ever-present in our modern lives.
  • Gemini by Jonny Mancini: Everyone is linked to another human and will die upon their link’s death.
  • Cold Love by Emmett DeMaynadier.

310: “Seeing Double” premieres Monday, 12/16/19 at 10:30pm.​

  • Reroute by Corrina Leatherwood: A mother and son find themselves together on a road trip.
  • The Gardener by Samone Roberts: A gardener works hard raising his little flower daughter, but letting go is harder.
  • Spectacles by Story Schwantes, Espy Thompson, Eric Ohlund, and Aymeric Foyer: A look at glasses, those who wear them, and the effects they can have on one’s psyche.
  • Balancing Act by Fengyi Xu.

Season 2 Information (2018)

201 - Creative Healing
Premieres October 1, 2018 at 10:30pm
This episode features stories about exploring and navigating various traumas through creativity. In this collection of films, we see people from different walks of life make beautiful things and build community around art while bettering themselves along the way.

  • “Just Paint” - A community heals through art therapy. By Geoffrey Hartley
  • “A Moment” - A single moment instigates a personal change. By Tom Crandall
  • “Potter” - Peace comes with creating an art piece start to finish. By Ben Bacher
  • “The Flux” - A DIY space provides a haven for the underground heavy metal community of Colorado Springs. By Celestine Manno, Grace Coomaraswamy, and Griffin Mansi
  • “You Can’t Fall Off the Sidewalk” - Gonzo, a formerly homeless artist in Denver, helps a marginalized community explore artistic storytelling. By Kai Cintorino

202 - Growth
​Premieres October 8, 2018 at 10:30pm
This episode features coming of age stories: stories about learning from your mistakes, going through hard times, and embarking upon the unknown.

  • “Lifted” - A short documentary about a girl and her family taking part in the Colorado Springs “Teen Court” non-profit organization. By Ben Bacher
  • “No Strings Attached” - A piece of bacon leaves his refrigerator to explore the outside world. By Tom Crandall, Nathan Gelfand-Toutant, Caroline Andryc, and Adam Gerken
  • “Alteration” - Two women work through their romantic relationship. By Meron Afutu
  • “May” - May, an 8-year-old detective, investigates the neighborhood and learns that her world is far more mysterious and consequential than she thought. By Charlie Theobald

203 - Found Family
​Premieres October 15, 2018 at 11pm
These two films show what it is to find intimacy and love in your community.

  • “In the Meadows” - Three individuals struggle to break the cycle of poverty and addiction in their lower-income Colorado Springs neighborhood. By Esther Chan
  • “Happy Cats” - Happy Cats Haven, a non-profit in Colorado Springs, changes the lives of more than just cats. By Mary Sorich

204 - Crossroads
​Premieres October 22, 2018 at 10:30pm
This episode features stories about people or landscapes at a crossroads. A single decision can have serious consequences.

  • “Tendencies” - A young woman in the 1940s ruminates over a traumatic morning from her childhood - a memory she hasn’t been able to escape. By Sophia Capp and Celestine Manno
  • “The Confluence” - The at-risk physical landscapes of the Grand Canyon shape the cultural, emotional and spiritual landscapes of the Navajo people who inhabit it. By Courtney Blackmer-Raynolds

205 - Dedication
​Premieres October 29, 2018 at 10:30pm
This episode brings you stories about unique people dedicated to equally unique pursuits.

  • “Bishop Castle” - The man behind the Bishop Castle project tells his own story. By Cameron Boyd
  • “Barreling Through” - The town of Fountain has a hidden treasure: one of the nation’s great women barrel racers. By Lily Green
  • “Beyond the Pole” - Balance is important. By Eliza Densmore and Louisa Rich

206 - Space and Spirit
​Premieres November 5, 2018 at 10:30pm
A collection of films about places that define our spirits and vice versa.

  • “The Sergeant” - A war veteran spins signs in Colorado Springs. By Alex Suber
  • “Red” - An animated mock opening title sequence with a twist on the classic Red Riding Hood narrative. By Tristan Amond
  • “Shumei” - Shumei International Institute helps people of the world realize that they are world citizens able to act for the common good. By Mari Young
  • “Baheya” - A young person faces the challenge of gender transition. By Mari Young

207 - Family Ties
​Premieres November 12, 2018 at 10:30pm
This episode shows the ways our family can affect every part of our lives.

  • “Welcome to China Town” - A documentary about a restaurant in Colorado Springs run by a Chinese immigrant family. By Esther Chan and Angelica Florio
  • “God’s Country” - A Colorado ranching couple and their grandson struggle to protect their family ranch in the face of competition from industrial feedlot operations. By Courtney Blackmer-Raynolds
  • “Estamos” - Ana and Sergio are not only immigrants, but also parents to a teenage son and a growing daughter with Dandy-Walker Syndrome. By Clara-Aya Blanco

208 - Untold Stories
​Premieres November 19, 2018 at 10:30pm
Two films that showcase unusual perspectives.

  • “Corrected” - A story about the transition prison guards have experienced in the American prison system from one way of treating prisoners to drastically different way. By Emmett DeMaynadier
  • “And Now Sofia” - A transgender woman searches for acceptance and meaning as she undertakes a changing life. By Aaron Patterson

209 - Dramatic Impact
​Premieres November 26, 2018 at 10:30pm
Powerful films that showcase the vitality of the human spirit.

  • “Jaiel” - Jaiel Mitchell will sing. By Lila Schmitz
  • “From the Top” - A young woman attempts to qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympics. By Noelle Edwards
  • “Impact” - A lonely astronaut's mission goes awry when danger strikes. In memory of star Shawnan Banus, 1992-2015. By Robert Mahaffie and Isabella Egizi
  • “Solo” - A female dancer is unsure how to respond to a new partnership. By Tom Crandall, Andrew Deslauriers, Elle Gannon

2010 - Distilled Existence
​Premieres December 3, 2018 at 10:30pm
Sometimes, life takes on a special clarity.

  • “River Speech” - Three young rookies shine a light on their fly fishing obsession. By Ben Shumlin
  • “Barkley 100” - Once a year in late March, 40 athletes from around the world attempt the Barkley Marathons, one of the toughest and most secretive ultramarathons in the world. By Brendan Young

Season 1 Information

101 – Lives of Agriculture
Francesca Mastrianni '18– Labor of Love
Dan Levitt '15– The Farmer
Dan Levitt '15 – Duke of the Chutes
Jillian Banner Carleton '17 (CC Summer Session)– Life by the Horns

102 – Expressions
Airs October 10 at 10:30pm
Angela Kong '17 – Home
Djake Carroll '16 – Zinesters: The Art of Individualism in the Era of Mass Media
Thomas Crandall '16– Movement for Movement’s Sake
McKenzie Ross '15 – Open

103 – Place and Space
​Airs October 17 at 10:30pm
Ana Pena '15– Magic at Miramont
Paul Partridge Wesleyan '16 (CC Summer Session)– Center Stage
Robert Mahaffie '15 – On Track
Robert Mahaffie '15 – For Spacemen, and Earth Families

104 – Helping Hands
​Airs October 24 at 10:30pm
Mitra Ghaffari '17 – Zero Waste
Jeremy Flood '15 – The Rescuers
Charlie Theobald '17 – Turning Point

105 – Domestic and Wild
​Airs October 31 at 10:30pm
Josh Lauer '19– In Training
Brooke Davis '16 & Nick Tucker UVM (CC Summer Session) – Thrown to the Wolves
Eliza Densmore '15 – Movement

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