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For 13-years running, PBS is the most trustworthy institution, ahead of government, ahead of commercial broadcast TV, Cable TV, radio, newspapers and courts of law (View 2016 Public Trust Brochure). Your organization will cost-effectively reach a highly targeted statewide or regional audience, whether you wish to be in front of businesses and corporations; educated, engaged and loyal viewers; young families; business and community leaders; women or philanthropic citizens. Rocky Mountain PBS averages only 2 ½ minutes of sponsor messages per hour, compared to over 15 minutes commercial TV. Your message will be seen and heard by an educated and receptive audience. Rocky Mountain PBS viewers don’t tune-out…they tune-in.

 For more information on becoming a business partner, contact: 

Denver Metro, Northern Colorado
Catherine Melorango

Western Colorado
Alex Forsett
Southern Colorado
Keanna Smith

Why Choose Rocky Mountain PBS?

Hear testimonials from current corporate and nonprofit supporters.

•     Target your on-air message regionally to Metro Denver/Northern Colorado, Western Colorado, Southern Colorado or the entire state
•     15 or 30-second spots
•     Sponsor local RMPBS programs like Arts District, Colorado State of Mind, Colorado Experience
•     Cost-effectively reach Spanish-speaking and How-To audiences with V-me or Create

•     Super School News
•     Early Childhood Development
•     Rocky Mountain PBS Digital LearningMedia
•     Science Club

•     Linking Web ads on RMPBS.org (160,000+ unique monthly page views)
•     Weekly e-newsletter (70,000+ opt-in subscribers)
•     Video pre-roll on online local programs such as Colorado Experience (8,000+ monthly views)
•     E-Promo monthly program guide (29,000+ recipients)

In-Person Events
•     Community events like Kids Fun Fest in Denver, Grand Junction and Colorado Springs
•     Local and National film and television screenings accross the state

Underwriting Testimonials

cacterisk_300x165.png"Rocky Mountain PBS is a premier partner for Cactus, and our clients, for the simple reason that it delivers both an audience and an advertising environment that we can't get from any other single source. In the 'sea of sameness' that much of broadcast advertising has become, they afford our clients the opportunity to really connect in a meaningful way with an important audience of influencers and opinion leaders." - Jamie Poston VP, Integrated Media at Cactus



SFF.jpg"The Sturm Family Foundation is proud to support Rocky Mountain PBS and sponsor their excellent programming that enlivens and enriches our community.”

Stephen Sturm, Director


Sponsoring or underwriting on Rocky Mountain PBS demonstrates your strong investment in the community by supporting the values and programming of public television. 79% of consumers are likely to switch from one brand to another, all things being equal, if the other brand is associated with a good cause. 76% of parents feel that companies that sponsor PBS Kids programming are trustworthy. The majority of parents surveyed would choose to buy a product from a company they knew sponsored PBS Kids. 


To enrich the lives of Coloradans through engaging and essential programs, services and community partnerships that inform, enlighten and entertain.


Rocky Mountain PBS will be the premier public media resource for all Coloradans. On-air, online and in person, we will serve our diverse communities as a convener of people, ideas and perspectives.

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