President Biden visits CS Wind in Pueblo to talk Bidenomics, Boebert and bright futures


PUEBLO, Colo. — “When I hear climate, I think jobs,” said President Joe Biden during a Wednesday speech at the CS Wind Factory in Pueblo, Colorado.

The president had a backdrop of red, white, and blue-lit machinery at the enormous green energy plant. His address centered around “Bidenomics,” the Biden administration’s multi-faceted economic plan, with an emphasis on green energy investment and American manufacturing.

President Biden’s remarks included a few jabs at “MAGA Republicans,” “my predecessor,” (i.e., Donald Trump), and Republican House Representative Lauren Boebert. Boebert represents Colorado’s third congressional district, which includes the City of Pueblo.

CS Wind, a Korean company with a large American manufacturing plant just outside of downtown Pueblo, is the leading wind turbine tower manufacturer in the world. Biden began his speech highlighting the company’s success, noting how his administration’s Bidenomics initiatives have boosted foreign investment in American manufacturing, as well as local job growth.