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Learn about taking care of your teeth with Pepper the Badger!

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Learning About Oral Health at Home


Sid wonders if you really do have to brush your teeth every single day? At school, Sid discovers that our mouths are filled with different kinds of teeth that do lots of different jobs-like chewing our food! So it's really important to keep our teeth healthy by brushing them every day!


Play Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood IN MY BATHROOM game! Little by little children learn to take care of themselves, like brushing their teeth, washing their hands and going to the potty. With this game you and your child have a way to practice some bathroom routines.

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Students will explore their teeth, discover how they work, and learn about how a dentist helps keep teeth healthy.


Los estudiantes explorarán sus dientes, descubrirán cómo funcionan y aprenderán cómo un dentista ayuda a mantener los dientes sanos.

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Ideas for Your Family Routines

Practice SUPER Morning and Bedtime Routines

Visiting the Dentist

Community Partners

Rocky Mountain PBS KIDS is thankful to the individuals from these organizations that have shared their expertise and time with us as advisors on the content of our early oral health messaging.

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