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Colorado Experience: Season 10

Our experiences shape who we are, and learning about the experiences of others can help us shape our perspectives and develop empathy toward our neighbors. In season 10 of Colorado Experience, our aim was to share a range of unique experiences in hopes of fostering community and connection among Coloradans. Watch all episodes below.

“The Fabulous Cleo” — 09.21.23

Meet Cleo Parker Robinson, a pioneer for Black excellence. Throughout her 53-year career, Cleo has become a cultural ambassador that has influenced the world of dance, not only in Denver, but across the globe. She has paved the way for many generations of talented dancers to take center stage and has been a true pillar of the Five Points community for over five decades.

Watch the episode below.

“Living Unhoused, Part I” — 09.28.23

Known for its military presence and mega-churches, Colorado Springs has seen a shift in the last decade. Major media outlets have ranked it a top destination for living and visiting. As more people flocked to Colorado Springs, its housing stock dwindled, simultaneously driving prices up and leaving many without a home. The city has responded primarily with an emphasis on law enforcement and criminalization of those living on the streets.

Watch the episode below.

“Living Unhoused, Part II” — 10.05.23

In part II of our series exploring homelessness in Colorado Springs, we examine the city's nonprofit and private sectors. We take a look at the city's largest shelter — Springs Rescue Mission — and how the folks the organization serves respond to its Christian programming. We also investigate barriers to accessing housing and the process of escaping homelessness.

Watch the episode below.

“Return of the Buffalo, Part I” — 10.12.23

From the beginning of their existence, many American Indian tribes have been deeply connected to the buffalo and used the buffalo as a primary source of food, clothing, tools and spirituality. The way of life for the tribes who called Colorado home changed drastically as settlers targeted American Indians and buffalo in lethal ways. Now, government entities, nonprofits and tribes are working to restore the national mammal to its homeland.

Watch the episode below.

“Return of the Buffalo, Part II” — 10.19.23 at 7:30 p.m.

As the national mammal return to their homelands across the U.S., tribes like the Southern Ute are using their bison herds to feed tribal members. Behind every sacrifice of a buffalo is a cultural learning moment for all who eat bison. At the same time, several groups work to keep this incredible animal thriving into the future.   

Watch the episode below.

“Cultivating Change” — 10.26.23

A historical look at northern Colorado's development in agriculture and how labor conditions for the Hispanic farmworkers led to El Movimiento of the 1960s. The turn of the 20th century was a time for new industry and a renewed effort to find cheap labor, which brought thousands of immigrants, Chicanos and other Hispanic community members to the area. In the 1960s, workers in northern Colorado stood up for the rights of Hispano laborers through protests and strikes, leading to substantial change.

Watch the episode below.

“The Healing Power of Joy” — 11.02.23

Roundup River Ranch Camp gives kids with serious medical diagnoses a chance to enjoy summer camp despite their diagnoses. The camp, in a valley near Gypsum, is complete with a medical facility, dining hall, cabins and, of course, many fun activities. The documentary covers the importance of the camp, the history of the land and follows two campers through their stay.

Watch the episode below.

“The Most Polluted Zip Code, Part I” — 11.09.23

In north Denver, the 80216 zip code has been named one of the most polluted in the country. From redlining to factories and highways built through the neighborhoods, we learn what led to this unfortunate designation.

Watch the episode below.

“The Most Polluted Zip Code, Part II” — 11.16.23

In the second part of our documentary on the 80216 zip code, we explore how residents and activists are working in different ways to fight for the future of the neighborhood.

Watch the episode below. 

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