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'There is more than menace dancing on the wind'
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Michael Sindler is originally from South Carolina but has called Denver home for more than 10 years. Here, he has established himself as a writer across genres.  

Michael’s poem is a testament to the emotions of the past year: anxiety, fear, anger. But he concludes with messages of hope. 

He writes,  

“Spread Hope 
Give Hope  
Be Hope.”

Within Walls poem

RMPBS: Writing the Pandemic

Within Walls


Michael Sindler

Within Walls

    Microscopic menace meandering on the wind
Hanging in droplets of life’s sweet breath
Invisible sentinels posted by the door
Ready to pounce and possess

    Even the most benevolent visitors –
Mail, meal, or grocery deliverers
Are now suspect
All attempts to touch are forsaken –
Seen as tantamount to suicidal
We wait out elevators until solo passage is possible

    And yet, once safely ensconced
One cannot escape the lingering passenger – Despair
Knowing many will not escape: scathed survivors – scattered ash

    One cannot escape the flame of fury
The jowl-burning bile of disgust
Anger towards those who propagate and propel death
Through willful-ignorance-born and bigotry-led disobedience

    None are immune and few are innocent
But care and compassion and the desire to hold on
To help and hold together
Are what we have left
Hold these jewels dear

    We are within walls
But love for all must radiate globally
We are in instead of out
But are all in it together

Be well
Hold on

    There is more than menace dancing on the wind
There is also Hope
And Hope can find a home wherever it is blown
And wherever it lands

    Let Hope land on your tongue and dissolve
Rushing towards you heart
Let yourself breathe Hope into your lungs
Let it cover you head to toe
Let it be your food, your garb, your elixir

    Let Hope be your strength
Listen to it when it tells you to stay safe
When it tells you to keep others safe

    Then – Spread Hope
(The opposite of disease)
In whatever way you can

    Use your gifts-
Your art, your will and enthusiasm
Spread Hope
Give Hope
Be Hope

    Abide in the shelter of Hope with all humanity
Until the doors reopen

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