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Smile Power and the Importance of Staying Cavity Free

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Did you know that cavities are the most chronic childhood disease? Cavities are five times more common than asthma. Children with pain from tooth decay typically miss more school and have lower grade point averages than their peers. The good news is cavities are 100% preventable.  Adults and children who take care of their teeth and get regular check-ups can help avoid serious and costly health problems. It’s easy to protect your child’s oral health and ensure a bright future. It’s never too early to start! 

Adopting healthy habits at any age can help prevent painful tooth decay and affect your child’s learning and future success. Dental health is part of overall health, and healthy teeth—even baby teeth—are important for life-long health. 

Delta Dental of Colorado understands the important connection between oral and overall health, and we have a mission to improve the oral health of the communities we serve. We’ve created some tools to make brushing more fun for your little one(s), as well as great resources for you to learn more about oral health, the importance of prevention, and tips for keeping your family’s smile bright and your body healthy!

For more Smile Power Hero resources including activity sheets and coloring pages, visit

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