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Economic Impact of Colorado Springs Airport

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The Colorado Springs Airport. Coined "Colorado’s Small Airport", it actually turns out to be one of Colorado’s largest in overall size, airline passenger traffic, and economic impact on the surrounding community of Colorado Springs and the State of Colorado. The airport has Military and General Aviation operations, commercial airline service, and plenty of room for strategically planned sustainable land development. 

These elements, working together, help create a perfect storm of economic development at one of the largest, and busiest premier commercial service airports in Colorado. With the capability to support a wide range of airport business activity, the Colorado Springs airport was responsible for generating $3.4 billion in business revenues related to airport activity and visitor spending. These business revenues directly translate into not only jobs but payroll as well. The Colorado Springs Airport can be linked to over 25 thousand jobs and over $1.5 billion in annual payroll. The airport ranks as Colorado’s second busiest commercial airline service airport, hosting five air carriers serving 12 US destinations. And with the city’s unique location, it attracts thousands of people from all reaches of the world, not only for business but to experience Colorado’s natural beauty.

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