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The growing army to help fill the need for masks
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Dena sewing masks
Colorado Voices

Dena's Mask Making Army Follow up

Dena Mehling formed Dena's Mask Making Army in late March when Colorado's Stay at Home order was put in place.

She knew medical professionals were going to needs masks, so she gathered some friends together to start sewing.

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Dena's Mask Making Army

That army has now grown to more than 1,000 people and they've produced more than 26,000 masks.

“You just didn’t know that everyone was going to need a mask and here we are everyone needs a mask. So it’s changed me and changed how I’ve viewed my mission. Originally I thought about the need for some nurses and some doctors and we will be great for it," Dena Mehling said.

In the beginning Dena’s Mask Making Army was sewing masks for private practices and nurses. They are now providing masks for assisted living facilities, jails, first responders, homeless shelters and rehabilitation facilities.

Mehling is staying true to her original mission. She won't profit off the masks her army is producing. She's also hoping that there will be a natural end to mask making in hope the novel coronavirus dies off.

“I never dreamed we would get close to 25,000 masks, that that many had come through these doors and out into the work force,” said Mehling.

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