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Colorado students share 4 more reasons to vote
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Fort Lewis College students are putting their video-production skills to work in an effort to get out the vote.

Working with Rocky Mountain PBS senior producer Carol Fleisher, who is a Producer in Residence and professor at Fort Lewis, students shared four more reasons to vote:

1) Keeping our planet beautiful

My name is Logan Fullington, the filmmaker of this PSA and a sophomore at Fort Lewis College. I am concerned about the world’s current climate state. I made this voting PSA because I believe that one thing everyone can agree on is keeping our planet beautiful, even if you don’t believe in climate science. If someone who wasn’t going to vote had one reason to vote, perhaps they would see this PSA and think about all the beautiful places they visit. Staying totally nonpolitical, you can vote purely to save the world. :)❤️👍🏔

2) Tribal nations are at stake

My name is Cheyenne Williams, I am Muscogee (Creek) and I am passionate about bringingawareness of voting to Native Americans and our cultures. I made this piece because when I found out over 34% of voter age Natives were not registered, I knew that needed to change and I saw this as my opportunity to help. We are often forgotten or not listened to, but we can help make change. Our tribal nations are at stake with this election. We can make a difference.

3) For future generations

My name is Coya Pair and I am a student journalist and filmmaker at Fort Lewis College. As an aunt to five small girls and a sister to four powerful women, I understand the importance of women’s and children’s voices in the media. This upcoming election could impact a lot, especially the future of our economic and natural world. It is important that we consider future generations, Loie’s generation, when deciding to vote this upcoming November.

4) Suffragists fought for the right 100 years ago

My name is Joe Kinneen, and I am the filmmaker of this PSA. I made this piece because I was inspired by my mom, who cares so much when it comes to women’s rights. Considering that women have only had this right for 100 years and how much suffragists have fought for it, I think it’s important that the opportunity should not be wasted and that everyone should get out and vote.

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