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New exhibit shows artwork from inmates at supermax prison
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The Administrative Maximum Facility in Florence, CO—known as the ADX—is the highest-security prison in the United States, and home to some of the most notorious men of our time.

Some of these inmates participate in a healing arts program designed to foster self-discipline and respect. This month, the public can see the inmates’ artwork at the Fremont Center for the Arts in Cañon City, CO.

The exhibit is called “Brokenhood: The Art of Healing Through Community.” It is one of several public exhibitions as part of the Creative Arts Platform’s (CAP) “Color of Hope” series. Over 100 pieces of art are included in the exhibit.

The Color of Hope
Colorado Voices

The Color of Hope


Artworks featured by inmates in a healing arts program

CAP exposes incarcerated people within the Federal Correction Complex in Florence to various forms of creative discipline. Organizers with CAP believe that creativity and artistic exploration can lead to healing. Creative expression, they say, is part of a holistic approach to skills development.

The program began in 2016 and is the first formal program of its kind taking place in a federal facility.

This show is the first time that an art exhibit has displayed work entirely by inmates at the ADX. In past exhibits, ADX inmates, as well as inmates from the United States Penitentiary (USP) in Florence, a high-security prison, have shown work collectively. CAP has also taught workshops at medium security facilities, and has worked with minimum security inmates to create murals.

The art exhibition is open to the public until Saturday, August 29. More information is available on the Facebook event page.

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