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MyKing's Ice Cream opens amid pandemic

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There’s a new ice cream shop in town, “building the community one scoop at a time.”

That’s the mission of MyKing’s Ice Cream, located in Denver’s Skyland neighborhood, north of City Park.

“We would love to bring people together and just have a fun environment in this neighborhood. So, I just see a sweet memory created with ice cream,” says LeDay Grant, sole owner and operator of MyKing’s.

She got the idea while walking down Colorado Boulevard one day and seeing a "For Rent" sign in the window. Her curiosity was piqued and she walked over.

“I put my hands up to the windows and something told me that it was supposed to be an ice cream shop,” says Grant.

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MyKing's Ice Cream Opens Amid Pandemic


MyKing's Ice Cream opened in the Skyland area just before the global COVID pandemic.

From that moment she started putting the pieces together.

Having no prior business experience she had a lot of work to do, and was also working full-time and part-time jobs. “Finally, I got to the end of getting all my licenses and they told me I was official to open.”

“I put my hands up to the windows and something told me that it was supposed to be an ice cream shop.”

MyKing’s Ice Cream opened March 1st - just weeks before the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, shuttering doors across the country. MyKing’s stayed afloat.

“I’m a believer so I knew something good would come out of it,” says Grant.

The shop is back open, serving up scoops in gloves and masks, and asks their customers to wear masks when ordering.

They currently offer 12 flavors, cereal milkshakes, baked goods, and more. 10 of the flavors are constantly rotating. The two flavors that stay - golden Oreo and Superman - are a nod to Grant’s childhood, and are best-sellers.

“My son loves ice cream and it’s named after him,” says Grant. Her son MyKing loves coming to the shop and talks about it all the time. “It gives him something to look up to as he grows older.”

Unfortunately, due to Grant’s full-time job the shop is only open limited hours. She hopes to be able to expand them in the future.

MyKing’s Ice Cream hours:

  • Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays: 1pm-8pm
  • Mondays: 1pm - 5pm

2851 Colorado Blvd
Denver, Colorado 80207

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