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Free form dance goes online in Northern Colorado
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Step onto the virtual dance floor with Soul Kitchen Dance and into a whole new form of expression.

“I wish for everyone that walks in the door to feel a sense of liberation, of belonging, and of coming home,” said Soul Kitchen Dance founder, Rachel Philippe. It’s an invitation many in Fort Collins are accepting even as dance events have moved online in recent months.

Conscious Dance is a popular form of free form dance sweeping the country. There is no teacher instructing the class but rather a facilitated space with a leader who sets a theme and provides the music. There are no structured steps and the focus is not how it looks but how it feels. The leader utilizes an array of music to evoke many different moods and movements for self-expression.

Editor’s note: All dance scenes and interviews that are not in Zoom video-conference format were recorded before the pandemic and social distancing measures.

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CSU students share story of self-expression through dance


Step onto the virtual dance floor with Soul Kitchen Dance & into a new form of expression.

Soul Kitchen Dance is a growing non-profit conscious dance organization in Fort Collins. Their members were the subject of a Colorado State University video production workshop early in 2020 that was in the process of providing content to Rocky Mountain PBS when the Covid-19 impact turned everyone’s plans upside down. The dance organization moved their sessions online and the CSU class pursued the story the same way the rest of the news media adjusted… from a safe social distance with interviews conducted on Zoom.

Soul Kitchen Dance continues to operate online with an active schedule of dances and events each week as they look for the right time and place to resume their in-person activities.

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This story was produced by Colorado State University students in partnership with Rocky Mountain PBS.

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