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COVID-19: Easing anxiety of pets and their owners
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A statewide stay at home order impacted all of us. People and pets. Our pets have benefited from the attention and companionship.

As we look at the future and getting back to work, we need to prepare both our pets and the pet owners for the possible separation anxiety ahead.

“Dogs like routine, they like to know what’s going to happen all of time, so all-of-the-sudden now everyone is home, and they are like, yay, everyone is home this is so exciting,” says Kathy Plourde, a dog trainer for more than 20 years.

During a time of social distancing, pet owners have turned to pets for comfort during isolated times.

“For people, social interaction is important, so I think a lot of us humans are having separation anxiety, I know I am, I can’t be with my granddaughters. I have separation anxiety and I get it, but dogs don’t get it,” says Plourde.

From cats, to rabbits, to hedgehogs, they’re all benefiting from their owners being home. “Cats could probably care less whether we are there or not," according to Plourde. “People are spending more time in general with their pets and life is different. I think all pets are going to experience that separation anxiety when that all changes.”

Some advice from Plourde to begin now: start leaving your pets in a different room, stop taking them with you everywhere you go, start your morning routine and put them outside or where you would normally house your pet when you leave for work. Start to change their daily routines so they can adapt to their old patterns of being home alone were.

“If you’re home and you generally have the TV on or a radio on or some noise in the background and suddenly go to work, leave that TV or radio on for you dog, because that silence will be defining,” Plourde says.

For more information on helping your dog overcome separation anxiety you can contact Kathy Plourde.

She’s the owner of Home Dog Training Denver: 303-918-1416

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Pet Separation Anxiety

Our pets are loving us being home, but separation anxiety is real.

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