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President Biden visits CS Wind in Pueblo to talk Bidenomics, Boebert and bright futures

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President Biden disembarks Air Force 1 to meet the presidential motorcade waiting below. In Pueblo, the president spoke about green energy, MAGA Republicans and the future of manufacturing jobs in America.
Photo: Chase McCleary, Rocky Mountain PBS

PUEBLO, Colo. — “When I hear climate, I think jobs,” said President Joe Biden during a Wednesday speech at the CS Wind Factory in Pueblo, Colorado.

The president had a backdrop of red, white, and blue-lit machinery at the enormous green energy plant. His address centered around “Bidenomics,” the Biden administration’s multi-faceted economic plan, with an emphasis on green energy investment and American manufacturing.

President Biden’s remarks included a few jabs at “MAGA Republicans,” “my predecessor,” (i.e., Donald Trump), and Republican House Representative Lauren Boebert. Boebert represents Colorado’s third congressional district, which includes the City of Pueblo.

CS Wind, a Korean company with a large American manufacturing plant just outside of downtown Pueblo, is the leading wind turbine tower manufacturer in the world. Biden began his speech highlighting the company’s success, noting how his administration’s Bidenomics initiatives have boosted foreign investment in American manufacturing, as well as local job growth.

Biden’s speech in Pueblo was the second stop on his two-day Colorado visit. He arrived at Pueblo Memorial Airport early Wednesday afternoon after visiting Colorado Governor Polis and Denver Mayor Mike Johnston, both Democrats, for a fundraiser reception in Denver.

“We’re making the most substantial investment in American infrastructure since Eisenhower,” said Biden, referencing the roads, transportation and agricultural projects currently rolling out across the country. Biden also spoke on his attention to tribal and natural lands, noting a few multimillion dollar investments aimed at bringing high speed internet to underserved communities and at preserving wildlife.

He reminded the audience of his campaign promise, that he’d be a “President for all Americans.”

“We’re delivering on that promise,” he continued. 

The president’s speech gradually shifted its focus beyond his administration’s accomplishments. Biden stated that he “[had not] gotten a whole lot of help from some members of Congress,” then mentioning “Congressman Boebert” before smiling and making the sign of the cross over his chest.

The President emphasized Boebert’s and other Republicans’ opposition to many Bidenomics projects, including legislation aimed at boosting foreign investment in green energy, such as with CS Wind

“[They] called it a massive failure,” said Biden.

He pointed to new microchip manufacturers emerging in Colorado Springs and announced investment in green energy initiatives supporting mid-size farmers and ranchers. Biden also underlined new developments working to improve the electrical grid across Colorado as well.

President Biden flew into Pueblo Memorial Airport around noon on Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023.
Photo: Chase McCleary, Rocky Mountain PBS

The president addressed the audience once again: “folks, none of that sounds like a massive failure to me, how about you?”

Biden cited national job growth (including over 250,000 new jobs in Colorado), as well as lows in unemployment and inflation. He passionately argued for large corporation and high-income individual tax accountability, arguing that tighter regulation would raise “$440 billion over the next 10 years.”

“This is not about helping poor folks,” Biden said, “this is about smart economics.”

The president concluded by underscoring a need to strengthen and support the middle class, a key tenant of his Bidenomics plan. He quoted his father, who advised “Joey” that, “a job is a lot more than a paycheck,” and that it stood for dignity and reassurance for a family’s well-being.

“I’ve said this to every world leader: it’s never, never, never a good bet to bet against the American people,” said Biden. “We’re moving folks, we’re moving, and no one’s going to stop us.”

Chase McCleary is a multimedia journalist at Rocky Mountain PBS.

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