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Episode 3 - This. Podcast on Millennial Fatherhood

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Image of Jay Cain, host of This. Podcast next to BMM Podcast graphic that says, "Millennial Fathers"

Cedes brings host of This. Podcast Jay and Co to the front stage to discuss and give a father's perspective on parenting and relationships. This conversation leads to a greater discussion of what the Millennial Father's parenting style looks like and how it's developed throughout generations.  

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About This Episode's Guests

This. Podcast"You like those Drops" (ft. Ya Girl Cedes) | Episode #97 This. Podcast

This. Podcast is about 3 friends talking about society and culture. Hosted by Jay Cain, with Courtney Hysaw, and Uncle Damo. They have compelling stories and good times with their guests. 

Cedes joined their show for Episode 97! They talked about Cedes' background in broadcasting, the Black Millennial Mom podcast, postpartum depression, and more!