Nationally-recognized investigative journalist John Ferrugia, who joined RMPBS earlier this year, will delve into some of the most pressing – and often unseen or misunderstood – issues facing Coloradans.

Insight is in-depth, independent and incisive. It’s public media storytelling at its best. And it’s the kind of journalism that inspires the public to make Colorado an even better place to live. John and a team of investigative journalists – including former national correspondent Lori Gliha and Denver native Marybel Gonzales – will present thoughtful, thoroughly researched stories of significance for Colorado. Sometimes the show will have the feel of a Frontline-type documentary. Sometimes it will include extended Nightline-type interviews with the newsmakers who have the power to effect change.

Watch Insight episodes  "Marijuana in Colorado: The State of High"  and "The Cost of Homelessness" below.

Upcoming specials:

"Surviving Suicide" - December 15 at 7 p.m. 
Surviving Suicide. Insight explores Colorado’s high suicide rate with a powerful story of a teen-aged brother and sister, and a near-tragic event that changed their view of life.

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Marijuana in Colorado: State of High
A special report on some of the surprising lessons learned – and what’s still unknown – nearly three years after Colorado became the first state in the nation to legalize recreational marijuana. Originally aired October 27 at 7pm.

The Cost of Homelessness
Colorado has been dealing with homelessness for years. The costs are huge. The results so far are minimal. A RMPBS investigation found that the ten most arrested people in Denver are homeless. Their jail and medical costs are steep. Can ambitious new programs that prioritize housing the homeless work? And will they save taxpayer money in the process?

Insight reports

Taxpayers spending millions on homeless arrests

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During a recent span of five years, taxpayers spent nearly half a million dollars on jail and court costs on Denver’s ten most arrested people, all of whom were homeless or transient.

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Unintended consequences explored in ‘Colorado: The State of High’

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Dabbing gives the rush of an instant high. And in Colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal, there are no limits on THC concentration.

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