In Short: Student Films from Across Colorado

In Short returns for its second season on Rocky Mountain PBS in Fall 2018. New episodes will air each Monday at 10:30pm, October 1 through December 3. This partnership with Colorado College supports and promotes the work of up-and-coming filmmakers from across the state.

Watch Season 2 online. Episodes are posted each week after their broadcast date. 

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Colorado College Film and Media Studies Program

In Short is now accepting student film submissions from across Colorado. Students, read more and submit your work here!

Student Bios


2Ep1_Photo_Geoffrey Hartley_Just Paint.jpg 
GEOFFREY HARTLEY hails from Missouri. His life has long been guided by his two primary passions: sport and film. Through his writing and filmmaking, he hopes to uncover the personal stories that highlight the importance of entertainment and competition in American culture. 
2Ep2_Photo_Tom Crandall_No Strings Attached.jpg 
TOM CRANDALL graduated in Film and Media from Colorado College in 2016 and has been working in production on features, TV, and commercials in Denver. He just DP'ed a feature this summer called JULY RISING, about a young girl growing up on a farm in Northern California. He hopes to pursue editing in addition to directing personal projects. And of course eating ice cream. 
2Ep2_Photo_Ben Bacher_Lifted.jpg 
BEN BACHER loves watching “Shawshank Redemption” with his father. A former top online Backgammon player, Bacher spends his days making pottery, playing ping pong with his roommates, and making films. He is a Film and Media Studies graduate from Colorado College. 
2Ep1_Photo_Griffin Mansi_The Flux.jpg 
GRIFFIN MANSI grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a film and media studies major with a journalism minor at Colorado College. He enjoys film production and photography. When he's not doing film he spends most of his time skiing and climbing around Colorado. 
2Ep1_Photo_Grace Coomaraswamy_The Flux.jpg
GRACE COOMARASWAMY studied studio art and works as a video editor for On the Road Films in Denver. 
2Ep1_Photo_Cellie Manno_The Flux.jpg 
CELESTINE MANNO is a recent graduate of Colorado College with a major in Film & Media Studies and a minor in Music. She grew up in Connecticut and has always had a love for the arts. Whether it be through music or film, she is passionate about telling thoughtful and honest stories. 
2Ep1_Photo_Kai Cintorino_You Can't Fall Off the Sidewalk.jpg 
KAITLIN “KAI” CINTORINO is a student at Colorado College, majoring in Film and Media Studies with a minor in Journalism. A New Hampshire native, she grew up visiting art museums throughout New England and everywhere else she traveled. She hopes her future career will be able to support her boundless desire to travel. 
2Ep2_Photo_Nathan Gelfand Toutant_No Strings Attached.jpg 
NATHAN GELFAND-TOUTANT grew up in the suburbs surrounding Washington D.C. and majored in Film & Media Studies. His past films range from a short about dying your mustache to a documentary about living in a bus, but “No Strings Attached” is without a doubt his goofiest project of all. He currently works for the government and continues to screen-write in his free time. 
2Ep2_Photo_Caroline Andryc_No Strings Attached.jpg 
CAROLINE ANDRYC transferred to CC her junior year in order to pursue her love of film and passion for the outdoors. After graduating with a major in Film and Media in 2016, she moved to NYC and began working at a small production company. Currently, she works in the Media Relations department at HBO and is learning more about the entertainment industry from a new perspective. 
2Ep2_Photo_Adam Gerken_No Strings Attached.jpg 
ADAM GERKEN graduated from Colorado College back in 2016 with degrees in Film and Economics. His favorite filmmaking genre is comedy, as he loves spreading laughter and (hopefully) making an audience crack up. In his free time he is passionate about videography, photography and traveling abroad. 
2Ep2_Photo_Meron Afutu_Alteration.jpg 
MERON AFUTU is a Film and Media Studies major and Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies minor at Colorado College. She is interested in cinematography and making fiction films. 
2Ep2_Photo_Charlie Theobald_may 235.jpg 
CHARLIE THEOBALD holds a BA in Film and Media Studies from Colorado College. His short film, “May,” was inspired by the detective stories he was obsessed with as a kid. He hopes that anyone who watches “May” is reminded, even if for a brief moment, what it was like to be a kid and to see the world as a mysterious place. 
2Ep7_Photo_Esther Chan_Welcome to China Town.jpg 
ESTHER CHAN graduated from Colorado College in 2016 with an independently designed major in Visual Media and Social Change. As Associate Video Producer at The ONE Campaign in Washington, DC, she pioneered a digital video strategy to tell the empowering stories of people in Sub-Saharan Africa. She is currently a video editor for Elizabeth Warren’s 2018 senatorial campaign. 
2Ep3_Photo_Mary Sorich_Cat Commando.jpg 
MARY SORICH was born and raised in the small town of Phoenicia in upstate New York. In her spare time she enjoys playing one of her four instruments, reading and watching seemingly nonsensical things on Netflix, like all of the Airbud films, that actually have a myriad of hidden societal implications. She became interested in film after taking a class on Russian film, which made her realize how central film is to a variety of cultures. She later fell in love with the film process, specifically editing, in her basic film class. 
2Ep4_Photo_Sophia Capp_Celestine Manno_Tendencies.jpg 
SOPHIA CAPP is a recent graduate of Colorado College with a major in Film & Media Studies. Sophia grew up in Colorado playing the cello and performing musical theatre, but found her rightful place behind the scenes on a film set or as a solo musician onstage. After serving as the Film and Media Studies technical and program assistant -- and as Supervising Producer of this season of “In Short” - she left to seek her fortune in New York City. 
2Ep4_Photo_Courtney Blackmer Raynolds_The Confluence.jpg


COURTNEY BLACKMER-RAYNOLDS was raised in the Rocky Mountain West and has a deep appreciation for the myriad peoples and places who call it home. Courtney is particularly passionate about stories that amplify the voices of indigenous communities. A recent graduate of Colorado College in Film and Media Studies, her senior thesis film, "The Confluence," focuses on Navajo sacred land in the Grand Canyon. 
2Ep5_Photo_Cameron Boyd_Bishop Castle.jpg 
CAMERON BOYD is a freelance filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. 
2Ep5_Photo_Lily Green_Barreling Through.jpg 
LILY GREEN is a Film and Media Studies major at Colorado College who hails from sensational San Anselmo, California. The films Charlotte’s Web , E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron have been crucial to her work. She hopes to continue making documentaries for as long as possible. 
Eliza densmore.jpg 
ELIZA DENSMORE graduated from Colorado College's Film & Media Studies program in 2015, with a minor in Music. She now lives and works in Philadelphia, PA as an environmental educator, moonlighting as an alt-folk singer-songwriter. She's currently producing her debut album and spends her spare time cooking delicious meals for her housemates, playing outside, and using art and music to stay active and engaged in our nation's current political climate. 
2Ep5_Photo_Louisa Rich_Beyond the Pole.jpg 
LOUISA RICH is graduated from Colorado College with a major in Sociology. She currently lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she is finishing up law school. Her documentary "Beyond the Pole" was her first and only documentary and it would never have been possible without her co-director, Eliza Densmore, and her documentary filmmaking professor, Dylan Nelson. 
2Ep6_Photo_Alex Suber_The Sargeant.jpg 
ALEX SUBER is a Brooklyn-based storyteller working at the intersection of technology and media. After graduating from Colorado College, Alex was awarded the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, giving him the opportunity to carry out a year long independently designed project on Asian cinema titled "The Empathy Machine." His most recent 360 degree film {THE AND} VR was screened at IDFA 2017 DocLab. 
2Ep6_Photo_Tristan Amond_Red.jpg 
TRISTAN AMOND graduated from Colorado College in 2016 with a degree in Film & New Media. He currently works in marketing while
residing in Syracuse, New York.
2Ep6_Photo_Mari Young_Shumei_Baheya.jpg 
MARI YOUNG is a documentary filmmaker passionate about telling stories that require rare access and/or might not otherwise be told. After graduation she will pack up her red Subaru, drive to the Pacific coast, and never look back. 
2Ep7_Photo_Angelica Florio_Welcome to China Town.jpg 
ANGELICA FLORIO currently lives in Brooklyn as an entertainment writer for She loved following Eva and learning about her life while making this documentary short, and she hopes to make more documentaries in the future. She still orders Lo Mein every time while ordering "Chinese food." 
2Ep7_Photo2_Clara-Aya Blanco_Estamos.jpg 
CLARA-AYA BLANCO discovered her passion for documentary filmmaking in college. A Colorado native, she was born to immigrant parents from Japan and Mexico. She strives to expand and explore unknown, under-appreciated narratives and hopes to inspire other first generation women of color in the arts. 
2Ep8_Photo_Emmett de Maynadier_Corrected.jpg 
EMMETT DEMAYNADIER is a Film and Media major at Colorado College with a minor in Environmental Science. Most of his time is spent on the whitewater rivers of the world paddling his kayak, but he also enjoys filmmaking. Someday maybe both of those things will come together, once he learns how to use a neutral density filter. 
2Ep8_Photo_Aaron Patterson_And Now Sofia.jpg 
AARON PATTERSON grew up in the desert mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico. His passion for filmmaking began in fourth grade when he filmed a music video to TLC's "No Scrubs" with his brothers. Since then, he's produced a number of short films, with "....And Now Sofia" being his first documentary. He currently resides in San Francisco where he produces TV commercials for a financial technology company. 
2Ep9_Photo_Lila Schmitz_Jaiel.jpg 
LILA SCHMITZ has long loved writing and directing fiction for its freedom of story and credits Doug Pray for showing her documentary can be just as artistic and emotionally stimulating. She will continue to make films that she believes in for as long as possible. She was a Film and Media Studies major and Feminist and Gender Studies minor at Colorado College. 
2Ep9_Photo_Noelle Edwards_From the Top.jpg 
NOELLE EDWARDS is a Colorado College Film and Media Studies major. Her interest in filmmaking stems from a professional snowboarding career. Noelle hopes to continue to make films about women in action sports and male-dominated fields. 
2Ep9_Photo_Robert Mahaffie_Impact.jpg 
ROBERT MAHAFFIE is an accomplished filmmaker whose films have appeared and won awards at multiple film festivals including the Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival, the ACM Film Festival, and the Colorado College Film Festival. He is also a successful theater designer, winning Colorado College's Innovation in Performance Design award. 
2Ep9_Photo_Isabella Egizi_Impact.jpg 
ISABELLA EGIZI was a Theatre major and Film Studies minor. Though her primary passion has always been for acting, during her time at Colorado College Isabella also discovered a love for writing, directing, and editing. Since graduating in 2016, she has relocated to Los Angeles, where she works as an actor, editor, and director’s assistant…seemingly unable to discard the block plan lifestyle of adventurous uncertainty. 
2Ep9_Photo_Andrew Deslauriers_Solo.jpg 
ANDREW DESLAURIERS studied Neuroscience at Colorado College and is currently a lab rat. 
2Ep9_Photo_Elle Gannon_Solo.jpg 
ELLE GANNON is pursuing a career in the Los Angeles entertainment industry. 
2Ep10_Photo_Ben Shumlin_River Speech.jpg 
BEN SHUMLIN is a photographer and filmmaker from Vermont, and a student at Colorado College.Ben’s experiences in and love for outdoors has shaped his visual style, and his work in outdoor and documentary film reflect that. Ben loves a good adventure, especially when it leads to a good trout stream. 
2Ep10_Photo_Brendan Young_Barkley 100.jpg 
BRENDAN YOUNG is an independent filmmaker based in Denver. When he is not making documentary and branded content films, he enjoys the mountains, croissants and naps. 


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