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Thank You from Past Volunteer Board President, Betty Flaten

Betty graciously served as the Volunteer Board President for the past two years. Rocky Mountain PBN staff and volunteers are the better because of her exceptional leadership and courage.

To the Staff and Volunteers of Rocky Mountain PBN,

It was a wonderful surprise and humbling experience to receive the 2015 National Friends of Public Broadcasting Volunteer of the Year Award.  I am deeply honored and accept the award as a representation of all the terrific Rocky Mountain PBN volunteers.  Because each and every volunteer is talented, dedicated and works hard to complete tasks we all benefit.  Rocky Mountain PBN is the best place to volunteer and interact with a friendly, engaged staff and volunteer corp.

A special thanks to Doug Price and Susan Barber for submitting the nomination and to Harris Ravine and Kathryn Roethel for accepting the award on my behalf at the PBS Annual Meeting and in Austin.

Again, it is an honor and I am grateful to have a volunteer job which has given me lifelong friends, numerous opportunities and worthwhile accomplishments.

In appreciation and friendship,
Betty Flaten

From Volunteer Board to Volunteer Advisory Team: Change and Gratitude

Submitted by Betty Flaten, Volunteer Board President 2014-2015 and Susan Barber, Volunteer/Special Events Coordinator, Rocky Mountain PBS

Since the Rocky Mountain PBS Volunteer Board retreat in 2011, members of the Volunteer Board have been considering the issue of restructuring the Board. Under the leadership of Volunteer President, Betty Flaten, three committees comprised of volunteers and staff have studied this issue and made recommendations. In March 2015, a final recommendation was made to create a Volunteer Advisory Team to replace the existing Volunteer Board. This resolution passed unanimously and an Implementation Committee was established to identify the different roles of the Volunteer Advisory Team and recruit volunteers to fill these roles for a one year period. Concurrently, a vote was taken in June on the resolution to dissolve the Volunteer Board and this passed by a two-thirds majority.

Volunteers are essential to Rocky Mountain PBS. The 37-year history of contributions by past Volunteer Board members is an honored legacy characterized by talented volunteer leadership and selfless service. Without this leadership, projects such as the on-air auction, Super School News, the Station's Archived Memories, special events/community outreach, volunteer newsletters, etc. would not exist. (This is certainly NOT an all-inclusive list of the countless accomplishments of the RMPBS leadership volunteers over the years!)

Change is not easy and it is risky. But thanks to the courage and the thoughtful, diligent work of volunteers and staff, the Volunteer Advisory Team will be launched this summer. The new lateral model of leadership is based on function rather than project. Members of this first Volunteer Advisory Team will be asked to take on the broader issues of volunteer recruitment, volunteer on-boarding/engagement, database assessment and collaborative work with the staff in community engagement, development, and project/administration. The aspirational goal for the Team will be to improve the volunteer experience and support the changing face and statewide work of the Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Network, which now includes KUVO Jazz radio and I-News.

Key to the success of this new venture are the leadership volunteers who are excited about implementing a new, innovative model and who are willing donate time and talent to this effort. Additionally, they are volunteers who understand that the Volunteer Advisory Team is a "work in progress " and that they will be instrumental in providing more definition to the aspirational model in the upcoming year.

We extend our most heartfelt gratitude to all those volunteers who have served on the Volunteer Board over the many years. Their service to the station and hundreds of volunteers is the foundation upon which we will build. And, thanks to the following volunteers and staff who served on various task forces in the past two and a half years---leading us into a "brave, new world. " They include: volunteers-Heidi Allums, Kim Brock, Donna Dickinson, Betty Flaten, Sandy Gerulat, Willi Jost, Lou Matis, Jill Maxwell, Julie Muhovich, Sandra Rolens, Jeanne Sanchez, Pete Schmidt, Thomas Vela; staff-Marissa Johnson, Elizabeth Mayer, Susan Barber.

It is with great pleasure and simple gratitude that we introduce to you the Volunteer Advisory Team 2015-2016:

Volunteer Advisory Team: Recruitment-Lauren Simmons
Lauren Simmons began her involvement with the Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Network in 2014, when she signed up with other Single Volunteers of Greater Denver group members to help out with StoryMakers judging. It was then that she was introduced to the exciting programs and involvement opportunities that RMPBN has to offer our diverse Colorado community. She now serves as chair of the Rocky Mountain PBN award-winning StoryMakers program.

Volunteer Advisory Team: Database Assessment-Sandra Gerulat
Sandra Gerulat and her husband moved from New Jersey to Colorado to be closer to their grandson who is now 12.  She is the Executive Assistant to the CEO and Human Resource Manager at RNL Design, a Denver based architectural firm.  Over the past 5 years, Sandra has volunteered at RMPBS with Station Archived Memories in the Photo and more recently Oral History areas.  She has been the Volunteer Board Secretary and I.T. Co-Chair for several years and was a member of the Restructure Task Force Group.

Volunteer Advisory Team: Database Assessment-Nasiri Suzan
Nasiri Suzan is Real Estate Coordinator for Children's Hospital Colorado with over 25 years' experience relating to real estate, property management and business management. She is CEO of Above and Beyond Consulting and offers business consulting and coaching. With a background in sales and marketing, she managed an international conference and event center for five years and lived in a spiritual, organic community. Her volunteer activities include KUVO Community Advisory Board, Rocky Mountain PBS, The Sustainable Living Fair, Curious Theatre, Cherry Creek Arts Festival and the Denver Heart Association.

Volunteer Advisory Team: Volunteer On-Boarding and Engagement-Betty Flaten
Betty is a retired teacher who has also managed a tutor program for two school districts, been a political campaign staffer and wedding coordinator. Volunteering is now her career and the varied opportunities and congenial climate of Rocky Mountain PBN make for a perfect place to volunteer.  She has served as both Vice President and President of the RMPN Volunteer Board and has received the Outstanding Volunteer Award from the National Friends of Public Broadcasting. She is excited about the new avenues of volunteer leadership that are being explored and implemented.

Volunteer Advisory Team: Community Engagement Representative-Kim Brock
Kim Brock comes to Rocky Mountain PBS with a strong professional background in public relations, media relations, strategic communications, marketing communications, media/message training, event management, social media, writing, video production. Kim has volunteered for Rocky Moutain PBS and she co-chaired the Volunteer Board Implementation Committee for the restructure of the RMPBS volunteer leadership. (Kim is pictured –on the left—with Betty Flaten.

Volunteer Advisory Team: Community Engagement Representative-Jeanne Sanchez
Jeanne has lived in Colorado since 1990, moving here from Mississippi.  Her professional background includes facilities management and event planning for Global Crossing and Polycom.  She has been volunteering for RMPBN for about 5 years, starting with her first volunteer stint with Kids Fun Fest.  She became a Member-at-Large on the Volunteer Board, and then has served as the Vice President of the Volunteer Board for the last 2 years.

Volunteer Advisory Team: Development Representative-Joyce Jappelle
Joyce was a self-employed business consultant working primarily in the private sector for 25 years with an emphasis on sales, client satisfaction and coaching.  She has transitioned from corporate life to becoming a writer of fiction(mystery).   Her interests include theatre, art, gardening.  She is passionate about public television and the role it plays in America and the impact it can have globally.

Volunteer Advisory Team: Administration Representative-Wendy King
Wendy King, a former CFO and VP of Administration recently relocated to Colorado (her family moved to California when she was 2). She  is currently serving as Chair of the Station's Archived Memories Project and member of the Building Committee of the Board of RMPBS. Wendy continues her professional activities as speaker/trainer/and facilitator working with businesses and organizations to improve productivity and performance. Wendy is passionate about the public broadcasting network and with her family enjoys the entertainment, i-news, and educational programing.

Volunteer Advisory Team: Administration Representative-Kira Broer
Kira Broer, a native of Nebraska, has lived in Colorado for over 19 years and has loved every moment of it. She received a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance from the University of Creighton in Omaha, NE. After being transferred to Denver through a position with Berkshire Hathaway, she ultimately ventured into operations work with small business owners and a few non-profits. Currently, she is an office manager for an Aramark account at the University of Denver. This role fulfills a long-time goal of working on a college campus.

RMPBN Receives 14 Emmy Nominations

Congratulations to the talented staff of the Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Network who received 14 nominations for the 2015 Heartland Emmys. The list is below. The winners will be announced at a gala on July 18th. Stay tuned!

Arts/Entertainment - Program Feature/Segment
"Arts District Chris Daniels and the Kings "
"Map illustrator Ed Fairburn " Arts District

Politics/Government - Program/Series/Special
"Colorado State of Mind: Rape Kit Access "

Documentary - Historical
"Colorado Experience: Sand Creek Massacre"

Documentary - Topical
"Colorado Experience: Colorado's Cold War"

Historic/Cultural Program - Feature/Segment
"Colorado Experience: Living West Water"

Magazine Program - Program/Series/Special
"Arts District #391"

Informational/Instructional - Program/Series/Special
"Adventures in Science with Doc Ryan 'The Mystery of Peru's Water'"

Public/Current/Community Affairs - Program/Series/Special
"Colorado State of Mind: Unpaid Child Support"

"Colorado Experience: Duck and Cover"

Nostalgia Program - Series/Special
"Colorado Experience: The Smaldones"
"Colorado Experience: Pope John Paul II"

Nostalgia Program - Feature/Segment
"Colorado Experience: The Manassa Mauler"

"Oh Heck Yeah, I Smell Emmy!"
Daniel Mercure, Post Director, Editor

Protect My Public Media

By Laura Sampson, Trustee, National Friends of Public Broadcasting (NFPB.org)
Rocky Mountain PBS Volunteer since 1974

A challenge to my fellow volunteers at Rocky Mountain PBS:

PROTECT MY PUBLIC MEDIA is a grassroots campaign to support the federal investment in America's public media system. The goal of the campaign is to build a network of advocates who will protect federal funding for public media by taking a stand for the local stations and programs they love. The federal contribution to public media amounts to $1.35 per American per year. This critical money enables Rocky Mountain PBS to provide our community with a host of essential services in education, news, public safety, music, culture and many more.

I am asking fellow Rocky Mountain PBS volunteers to join me by signing up as a supporter of PROTECT MY PUBLIC MEDIA. I also challenge all RMPBS volunteers to join me in doing one or all of the following actions this summer to show your support of public media -- both radio and television:

  • Sign up for PROTECT MY PUBLIC MEDIA updates to stay informed on what's happening in funding for public media. www.protectmypublicmedia.org/about-us/
  • Sign up at least 10 of your friends, colleagues or family members as a PROTECT MY PUBLIC MEDIA advocate. They can sign up as an advocate by visiting www.protectmypublicmedia.org, liking the Facebook page, or following the Twitter feed.
  • Submit a story on the PM2 website about how public media impacts your life through the TELL function - www.protectmypublicmedia.org/tell/
  • Write your members of Congress about federal funding for public media stations. Protect My Public Media will notify you (once you've sign up) when the time is appropriate.
Volunteer Appreciation - Thank You for Your Support!

Thanks to June Pledge Volunteers

Thanks go to our June pledge volunteers at Rocky Mountain PBS who staffed the phones during a very successful pledge drive. We couldn't do it without these remarkable volunteers led by veteran volunteer Pete Schmidt. Shout-outs go to the following folks:
June 1-Kevin Percival, Arlene Krauss, E-Dee Martin, Renee Marcellis, Linda Miyamoto, Audrey Sherrod, Elena Levine
June 2-Volunteers from Colorado Railroad Museum-Warren Broderick, Bill Robie, Rick Bernstein, Leni Arnett, Paul Amott, Lynne Feldkamp

Thanks to Production Transcribers 

Thank you to volunteers Joe Brannon, Anne Christner and Janet Kilbride for transcribing for "Standing in the Gap," our upcoming docuseries examining race in the public school system. Thank you to Daphne Cooper who has also recently joined the transcriber team!

Mega-Mailing Team Rocks!

Huge Thank-You to Mega-Mailing Volunteers from Patricia Laverty

There's a core group of volunteers who've been reliably putting in hours, week in and week out, since February (seems like yesterday!) on our mailing campaign to loyal donors, asking them to consider include Rocky Mountain PBS in their will or other estate plan. This project is approaching 80% completion and I want to give a HUGE, GIGANTIC, ENORMOUS shout out to the following ladies, in no particular order: Pam Herrlein, Carol Clark, Ellyn Crago, Joyce Jappelle (and the various friends she pulls in on any given day), Shirley Belz, Janet Kilbride, Donna Shelley, Renee Marcellis, Gwen Meserko and Eileen Koob. Secondary thanks to Carol for recruiting Mary Colonno as a button maker!

My greatest worry is that they'll finish the project and say, "Okay, what's next? " but I'll deal with that when the day arrives. In the meantime, many, many sincere thanks to these volunteers who are helping lay the base for our financial future! My thanks also to the other volunteers who have found the time to contribute to this project on a periodic basis – all these hours are adding up to a successful outcome.

Kudos to Colorado Springs Kids Fun Fest Volunteers

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who helped us with the annual Rocky Mountain PBS Kids Fun Fest on June 6th in Acacia Park in Colorado Springs: Kay Davis, Cathy Reilly, Barb Vail, Ian Foster, Mark Norton, Dave Norton, Michelle Mawhiney Jaxon Mawhiney, Josh Johnston, Connie Forsett, and especially to Craig Barragry and the volunteers from Colorado Springs Utilities and anyone else we forgot to thank who helped make this another wonderful event in the Southern Colorado community.

Special Thanks to a Special Volunteer

Judy Lester Smith comes to the Denver station every Tuesday and works on a variety of tasks including fielding requests in regard to the volunteer database. But, then she does things "on the side" such as organizing and buying the supplies and food needed for a celebration in honor of volunteer Betty Flaten's Outstanding Volunteer Award from the National Friends of Public Broadcasting. Thanks so much Judy for making this reception so special!

Super School News (Denver) Ends the Year Strong Thanks to Volunteers

2014-2015 was the 35th Anniversary of Super School News. In Denver, we taped 51 schools from not only the metro area but also Gilpin, Clear Creek, and Morgan counties. Our outreach is expanding beyond the Denver area to new schools in Colorado. Our two orientations were a great success because of all the preparation from our volunteers, staff, and production crew. Let's also give a big THANK YOU to Kim Christenson for her continued support of our program and the youth of Colorado. This year we are moving into the 21st century with complete email communications. Check back with us next year to see how we fared. Congratulations to the volunteer Super School News co-chairs, Janell Hetrick and Ginger Sheehy Tatic and congratulations to the many volunteers who make this program possible.

Volunteer Reminder

Volunteers: Please note that if you sign in on the computer but don't sign out, the computer only gives you credit for 3 hours. Not only do you cheat yourselves out of time, but the station also. Please send an e-mail to judylestersmith@rmpbs.org if you need to make a correction to your hours. In the email, include the date, time, and job assignment and we will make the adjustment. Thank you!

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Volunteer Vision was our quarterly newsletter mailed to Rocky Mountain PBS volunteers. It featured articles on the latest news and events for our volunteer corps. Click below to read archived issues of Volunteer Vision in PDF format.

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