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President’s Message

Submitted by Betty Flaten, President, Rocky Mountain PBS Volunteer Board

There are people who come into our lives and leave an indelible impression because of their personalities, dedication to a cause, ability to join everyone in a cohesive manner and sense of humor. One of those individuals is Louise Stephens, Annual Giving Manager for Rocky Mountain PBS, who recently announced she will be leaving the station on July 11. Louise has been a champion of volunteers and volunteer projects and will be greatly missed. To paraphrase her, "There is a time when one is ready to make a change, and I is ready." We wish Louise the very best as she pursues a new career path and new adventures. She will be missed.

Buggy basil and rosemary plants caused a big problem in my container garden until I remembered a "Create" program that recommended beer placed in a small container in the pot would kill the bugs. It works! Once again Rocky Mountain PBS came to my rescue. The channel has the best of PBS cooking, gardening, craft and travel programs.

If our volunteers are watching young charges this summer and need a break from active play, remember "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood", "Dinosaur Train," "Word Girl," etc. are a great educational, yet entertaining way to have some quiet time. The programs help with retention of skills often lost over the summer.

Your Volunteer Board is taking a respite for the summer, but volunteers are hard at work on some spectacular summer projects. There's the Colorado Railroad Museum event on July 19 and several KUVO Jazz events at City Park.

Also, congratulations to KUVO for being named one of the three top jazz stations in the world by the London Telegraph. Don't forget to reserve your ticket for KUVO's "Jazz at the Vineyards" on August 9. I can hardly wait for this exciting evening of great food and Jazz and a fantastic silent auction. Find information on the Rocky Mountain PBS website.

I wish a fun filled summer to all our volunteers and hope to see many of you at the various summer events.

Staff Changes at Rocky Mountain PBS

June has been a busy month at Rocky Mountain PBS! There have been numerous changes in titles and staff positions as the network aligns staffing with their overall strategic plan. Doug Price continues to be the CEO of Rocky Mountain PBS. Just want to keep all our volunteers informed!

Harris Ravine
President and General Manager, KRMA

Carlos Lando
President and General Manager, KUVO

Laura Frank
President and General Manager, News

Amanda Mountain
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Dan Stencel
Membership Director

Elizabeth Mayer
Director Community Engagement & Membership Services

Stephanie Fredrickson
Member Retention Coordinator

Connie Jiang
Membership Communications Coordinator

Western Colorado (KRMJ)
Heather Portenier
Development Support Representative

Volunteers In Action For Public Media

Article submitted by Laura Sampson, Rocky Mountain PBS Volunteer since 1974

I recently attended the 2014 PBS Annual Meeting in San Francisco. I attended as a Trustee for National Friends of Public Broadcasting and a 40-year Rocky Mountain PBS volunteer with an undying passion for public media. It was the best attended conference ever, drawing over 1,100 public roadcasting colleagues from across the country. The 5-day conference was filled with information about new technologies, exciting peeks at upcoming PBS programs and news about what lies ahead for public media and what it may mean for today's audience and content creators.

I heard fascinating public broadcasting speakers such as Paula Kerger (PBS President/CEO), Mark Samels (Executive Producer of American Experience) and Lesli Rotenberg (General Manager of Children's Media and Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications, PBS) – to name only a few.

I was honored to be a speaker at the National Friends of Public Broadcasting's full day workshop, “Volunteer Management Academy” focusing on the NFPB initiative for training volunteers and those who work with volunteers in Public Media. I was given the opportunity to present and discuss a multitude of reasons why you and I choose to volunteer for public media (especially Rocky Mountain PBS) and why volunteers play a vital role in the current and future success of public broadcasting.

In addition to speaking at the National Friends workshop, I was also asked to speak at the open space breakout session “American Archive of Public Broadcasting: Preservation through Collaboration.” 

Our very own Station's Archived Memories (SAM) project is of great interest to other public media stations that are preserving local productions. SAM is unique within the entire public broadcasting system because it is entirely volunteer-driven. PBS stations wanted to know more about SAM: What is it, how is it organized and who works on it? I was extremely proud to share and brag about our marvelous 14-year SAM project at Rocky Mountain PBS.

A portion of each daily general session at the 2014 PBS Annual Meeting was dedicated to introducing some of the excellent programming coming soon on PBS. You'll definitely want to watch lots of PBS . . . Visit the links to the websites to learn more:

  • Odd Squad – A new live-action children's program for ages 5-8 developed to excite children to learn math.
  • The Roosevelts: An Intimate History – An incredible Ken Burns production that will be premiering in September 2014. It's been said that this is Ken Burns' BEST production yet. The film interlaces a span of 100 years with the intimate and fascinating stories of Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.
  • Earth: A New Wild – A five-part series that takes a fresh look at humankind's relationship to the planet's wildest places and most fascinating species, this program is scheduled to air in 2015.
  • History Detectives Special Investigations – Coming this July, the history detectives use cutting edge tools to tackle some of our national historical mysteries.

As a longtime volunteer for Rocky Mountain PBS, I have always been very proud of my affiliation with public broadcasting. I found that the 2014 PBS Annual Meeting was another opportunity for me to share time and conversations with like-minded public media devotees. It was a thrill and an honor to be a part of it. 

To express your dedication and commitment to public broadcasting, I encourage each of you to sign up for PROTECT MY PUBLIC MEDIA and take a stand for our public broadcasting network and the programs you love.

More information and photographs from the 2014 PBS Annual Meeting are posted on the National Friends of Public Broadcasting website, http://www.nfpb.org Take a look!

International Recognition for Denver's KUVO

Denver's own KUVO 89.3FM public radio station was named one of the best Internet jazz radio stations worldwide, by Pete Naughton a writer for The Telegraph, one of the United Kingdom's' top media outlets. Naughton, who writes for their podcasts and internet radio columns, listed KUVO as one of the top three best "Jazz & Soul Internet Radio Stations" across the world. Below, what he reported in his column, "Best Internet Radio Stations" online on May 26, 2014. "This cool little public media station has an international audience. I stumbled upon this award-winning music station by accident recently - and have been kicking myself for not finding it sooner. Based in Denver, Colorado, its artfully-curated playlists mostly focus on jazz - broadcasting everything from Ella Fitzgerald through to Madeleine Peyroux. A class act."

"We knew KUVO was a gem when we merged our public media organizations last year," said Doug Price, CEO of Rocky Mountain PBS. "We're proud of the work they do and the valuable service they provide to our Colorado community. We are excited for the future and the international doors that have been opened with the online radio stations and mobile app."

KUVO serves a culturally rich, diverse audience that loves jazz - all styles of jazz. Our station's line-up on air and in the studio reflects the flavors of jazz from around the world. You want Latin jazz, Afro-Cuban jazz, jazz funk, jazz fusion, soul jazz, any jazz - we've got it. We celebrate jazz talent from old to new and local to legendary. It's what makes our station unique.

"We are proud of this international recognition," said Carlos Lando, KUVO's General Manager. "We've always been proud of our long tradition of sharing jazz, blues, and news with our loyal listeners in our community. But, it's really fantastic that our community is growing worldwide. We have fans from Japan, Spain, France, and apparently the UK."

KUVO/KVJZ is an independent, public radio station dedicated to providing distinctive music, news, and information programming which reflects the values and cultural diversity of its listener community. KUVO/KVJZ has served the community since 1985 with jazz, blues, news and a weekend lineup of culturally rich diverse programming. The station is on 89.3FM Denver, 89.7FM Breckenridge, 88.5FM Vail and online at kuvo.org.

Coolest Things in Jazz Today

DownBeat Magazine selects KUVO as one of the Top Jazz Stations in the Country!

Denver-based KUVO 89.3FM public radio receives recognition in DownBeat Magazine's 80th anniversary edition! To honor their 80th anniversary, DownBeat Magazine celebrates the present and looks toward the future of jazz with a special 80th Anniversary Collector's Edition, listing 80 people, places and things that illustrate why jazz remains such a vibrant art form in 2014. In the category for "Five Reasons to Love Jazz Radio," KUVO was the only station in Colorado to receive this prestigious recognition, placing along with KKJZ, KJAZZ, California State University, Long Beach, WWOZ, New Orleans, WBGO, Newark, and finally Real Jazz, Sirius XM Radio.

Exciting News from SAM and DU

Donna Dickinson Station's Archived Memories (SAM)

The Station's Archived Memories project has some exciting news to share. Susan Willems, the special collection documentation specialist from the archives at the University of Denver, contacted SAM. They received a donation from Jim Case who passed away in 2012. Jim Case was one of the first staff members at KRMA. They received boxes of items that included newspaper articles, photos and some film. The items have very little identification. They were hoping that SAM would have some of information that would help them create a timeline of when Jim Case was employed at KRMA.

Susan and Kate Crowe, the Curator of special collections, visited SAM to see what we might have to help them with identification. They were very impressed with the archives. SAM volunteers spent two hours together. Susan will come back again after reviewing her documents. SAM volunteers are looking forward to collaborating with them on this project and will visit their location in the near future.

Jim started in 1955 as the program director. He was employed at KRMA from 1955 – 1963 and then again 1969-1972. He directed several notable films for KRMA, including the 12-part series "The Ragtime Era," featuring Colorado pianist Max Morath. That 1959 series became the first KRMA production to be picked up by the public TV system, National Educational Television, for national distribution. The series was also boundary-breaking at the time for combining entertainment and educational material.

It is fantastic to see that the community is using the Rocky Mountain PBS archives in addition to use "in house".

Colorado Education Association to sponsor Super School News

We are pleased to announce that the Colorado Education Association is the 2014-2015 Super School News sponsor. Congratulations to our fabulous account executive, Sondra Singer, for securing this important sponsorship of this legacy program and thanks to Valerie Appelbaum for her important contribution to the negotiation. We look forward to an exciting year ahead for Super School News. Thanks to all of you who make this program possible!

Emmy® Nominations Announced!

Rocky Mountain PBS received the following Emmy® nominations from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), Heartland Chapter. Winners will be announced at an awards dinner on July 12. Congratulations to all!! Watch all the nominated programs here!

Documentary - Historical
"Colorado Experience: Amache"
Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver
Julie Speer, Executive Producer and Producer
Mariel Rodriguez-McGill, Associate Producer
Jason Bunch, Editor and Videographer
Michael Dondero, Research, Grip, Assistant Editor
William Convery, Talent and Senior Researcher

Historic/Cultural Program - Feature/Segment
"Colorado Experience: Colorado Constitution"
Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver
Julie Speer, Executive Producer and Producer
Mariel Rodriguez-McGill, Associate Producer and Editor
Jason Bunch, Videographer
Michael Dondero, Production Assistant
William Convery, Talent and Senior Researcher

"Colorado Experience: Fly Girl"
Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver
Julie Speer, Executive Producer and Director
Mariel Rodriguez-McGill, Associate Producer
Jason Bunch, Editor and Videographer
Michael Dondero, Grip, Research, Assistant Editor
William Convery, Talent and Senior Researcher

Magazine Program - Program/Series/Special
"Arts District #206"
Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver
Lisa D. Olken, Executive Producer
Carrie Saldo, Host and Writer
Janine Trudell, Director of Photography
Daniel Mercure, Post Production Editor
Brian Malone, Segment Producer, Videographer & Editor
Mariel Rodriguez-McGill, Associate Producer
Paul Cywilko, Videographer
Angela B. Forster, Set Designer
Robert McFarland, Production Specialist
Laszlo Varga, Lighting Designer
Stephanie Cochran, Production Specialist

29B Magazine Program - Feature/Segment
"Arabella Tattershall"
Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver
Janine Trudell, Segment Producer
Lisa D. Olken, Managing Producer

"Aerial Dance"
Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver
Mariel Rodriguez-McGill, Editor
Janine Trudell, Director of Photography
Paul Cywilko, Videographer
Carrie Saldo, Producer
Lisa D. Olken, Executive Producer

Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver
Carrie Saldo, Producer and Reporter
Paul Cywilko, Director of Photography and Segment Producer
Stephanie Cochran, Production Associate
Dave Bowden, Videographer
Lisa D. Olken, Managing Producer

Informational/Instructional - Program/Series/Special
"3, 2, 1, Blast Off"
Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver
Julie Speer, Producer, Editor and Narrator
Janine Trudell, Videographer
Mariel Rodriguez-McGill, Videographer
Jason Bunch, Videographer

Public/Current/Community Affairs - Feature/Segment
"Losing Ground: Disintegrating Family"
Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver
Laura Frank, Executive Producer
Ann Carnahan-Espinola, Correspondent
Burt Hubbard, Correspondent
Joe Mahoney, Videographer and Editor

Short Format Program
"Vintage Colorado: Radios"
Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver
Lisa D. Olken, Executive Producer and Host
Dave Bowden, Director, Videographer and Editor
Brittany DeBerry, Production Associate
Tom Manion, Title Open Graphics Compositor

Program Promo - Single Spot
"Arts District: First and Only"
Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver
Lisa D. Olken, Executive Producer and Writer
Carrie Saldo, Host
Janine Trudell, Director of Photography and Editor
Paul Cywilko, Videographer
Mariel Rodriguez-McGill, Associate Producer

Program Promo - Image
"Member Statewide Challenge"
Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver
Julie Speer, Co-producer and Writer
Dawn Fenimore, Co-producer and Writer
Scott Jones, Videographer
Jason Bunch, Videographer
Greg Mikolai, Videographer
Daniel Mercure, Editor

Community Service
"Women and Girls Lead"
Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver
Julie Speer, Producer
Mariel Rodriguez-McGill, Editor
Stacy Baum, Producer
Elizabeth Mayer, Producer
Cynthia Hessin, Producer
Valerie Applebaum, Executive Producer
Harris Ravine, Executive Producer
Douglas Price, Executive Producer

"Lisa D. Olken Arts District Directing Composite"
Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver
Lisa D. Olken, Director

Editor - Program
"Mariel Rodriguez-McGill Editing Composite"
Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver
Mariel Rodriguez-McGill, Editor

"Paul Cywilko Editing Composite"
Rocky Mountain PBS, Denver
Paul Cywilko, Editor

Volunteer Appreciation - Thank You for Your Support!

Ruth Smith:  A Perfect Match for Station's Archived Memories

By Laura Sampson, Marketing Chair for Station's Archived Memories

For the past thirteen years, Ruth Smith has ably chaired the Station Research Committee for Station's Archived Memories (SAM). Several days each week, Ruth works in the office meticulously overseeing the research being done by her fellow Station Research volunteers.

The research done by Ruth and her volunteer team is truly the "glue" that holds the archives together. The written documents come from a variety of sources including volunteers, staff members, people in the community or hidden in the closets at Rocky Mountain PBS. It is largely from their remarkable research that photos and memorabilia are fully identified, details are determined about local productions and preparations are completed for oral history interviews.

Ruth is the sort of volunteer with whom people LOVE to work. Dependable, kind, thorough, knowledgeable and friendly to everyone she meets, Ruth is admired by all who volunteer with her. As a matter of fact, in 2006 Ruth was honored as the recipient of the annual "From the Heart" Award.

Ruth came to the archives with a great deal of knowledge about the history of KRMA. Having started her volunteer career at KRMA in 1970, Ruth's initial assignment was as an Auction Go-Getter to procure merchandise donations from local businesses for the televised auction. As with most volunteers, once Ruth started volunteering for public broadcasting she realized the enjoyment and self-fulfillment it had to offer.

Since that time, Ruth has served in numerous volunteer capacities: Auction Area Chairman, Table Captain Chair, Festival Studio Clerical Chair, Auction Central Chair, Big Board Chair, Editor of Sixth Sense, Volunteer Board Recording Secretary and Festival Chair. Chairing Festival was one of Ruth's favorite volunteer jobs. In a 1982 Sixth Sense article, Ruth was quoted as saying, "I can't think of anything I would rather do with my free time than work for Channel Six. The people involved are the finest I have ever worked with in any capacity. I like being a part of a group which does so much for our public television station."

In the late 1980s, Ruth took a break from volunteering to do paid work in local bookstores. However, years later when Ruth saw the October 2001 article in the volunteer bulletin asking for donated items for the archives, she became hooked once again. Station's Archived Memories gave her the perfect opportunity to return. When Ruth contacted Laura Sampson, founder of Station's Archived Memories, to offer her assistance, she was asked to co-chair Station Research which she immediately accepted and has faithfully remained since 2001.

Ruth said she absolutely LOVES working in the archives documenting the station's written history. In spite of once having her "research office" located amidst vacuum cleaners and old computer monitors of the upper floor mechanical room at Rocky Mountain PBS, Ruth has remained steadfast in her love of archiving. Over the years, she has learned many useful archive skills such as comfort with computing, scanning and using the Filemaker Pro database.

Researching has given Ruth a chance to learn a lot about the station's history while also enjoying reminiscing about her early years as a volunteer. In addition, she is enjoying seeing old friends and making new ones. Ruth says she is very proud to actually BE a part of the history of Rocky Mountain PBS.

Ruth is retiring as the Station Research Chair, and is very excited to pass her leadership baton to the new chair, Janina Martin. Ruth will mentor Janina and will continue to volunteer for SAM several days a week. Whether you want to join Ruth as a research volunteer or just find out what's happening in the archives, be sure to stop by the Station's Archived Memories office to meet Ruth or to THANK her for her dedication.

"A volunteer leader's personal passion for the group's mission is contagious and it motivates." The volunteers of Station's Archived Memories really appreciate Ruth and whole-heartedly thank her for being one of our great leaders. THANKS, RUTH!!

Thank You to Volunteers for Behind-the-Scenes Event (Denver)

Thanks go to volunteers Marge Romberger, Betty Flaten, Cathy Buhler, Judi Martine and Heather Mackinnon for adding their touch to a successful Behind-the-Scenes event featuring Carrie Saldo and Arts District. Members and volunteers learned more about our local program, Arts District and toured the station. Thanks to our volunteers, the food, displays and tours were memorable!

Volunteers Lend a Hand to Successful June Pledge (Denver)

Things were hoppin' in Studio 2 during June. The folks who really stole the show were our incredible volunteers! They fed all, answered phones, trained volunteers, ran the computer, registered phone banks and assisted in many different ways. Without their generous donations of time, expertise and good humor, Rocky Mountain PBS would be "up a river without paddles!" Thanks to the following folks: volunteer leaders—Pete Schmidt, Marilyn Tyler and Lindsey McGee; thanks to our greeters—Marci and Stewart Lundy; thanks to our new volunteer food servers—Zachary Lamb and Daphne Cooper; and to our phone bank teams:

Davis Graham & Stubbs
Ron Levine, Andrew Fiske, Ali Duerr, Charles Casteel, Chad Williams, Jenna Lewis, Courtney Clark and Sam Niebrugge

Slalom Consulting
Brian Turner, Allison Zucca, Carol Guttzeit, Jantzen Bridges, Jessica Savage and Patrick Geselbracht

Richard Heller, Katie LoPresti, Paul Bisbal, Briana Mccrumb, Latrice Burrell and Jonathan Stiles


Thanks to Volunteers at Kids Fun Fest Colorado Springs

By Barb Van Hoy

Thank you so much for being part of the 2014 Rocky Mountain PBS KIDS Fun Fest and Uncle Wilber Fountain Celebration in Acacia Park June 7th! We couldn't have done it without you. The weather held off and we counted some 5,000 attendees throughout the day watching the stage show, splashing in the fountain (despite it being a little chilly!), bouncing in the bounce houses and checking out the activities and giveaways at over 60 booths. We sincerely hope you had as great a time as we did, and we welcome your feedback.

Please mark your calendars for next year's event: Saturday June 6, 2015. We look forward to working with you again to promote fun activities for families in our community! Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns and feedback. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our community events. Many thanks!

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Suggestions for articles, news updates or questions for Volunteer Vision can be e-mailed to the editor.


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