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RMPBS and KUVO Celebrate Volunteers with Music, Food, Liquid Libations and FUN at the Denver Station

There was music (thank you Walter Gorra Quartet!), there was laughter, there was get-to-know you Bingo, there was applause, there was wine, there were smiles and, most importantly, there was cake!!!                          

Volunteers had a great time catching up with old friends and meeting new friends.  KUVO and RMPBS staff members took over all the duties so that they could serve and thank volunteers for their 19,845 service hours in 2016 (worth $376,934).  

The program was short but meaningful with special recognition for KUVO volunteer, Itha Gabriel (pictured right), who received KUVO’s Jim Barnes Award in honor of Itha’s long history of service to KUVO.

Longtime RMPBS volunteers received special recognition from the crowd.  They applauded volunteers Teddi Wiest-Kent (3400 lifetime hours), Judy Lester-Smith (3635 lifetime hours), Ruth Smith (6629 lifetime hours), Pat Hoeft (9000 lifetime hours), Joan Johnson (11,437 lifetime hours), Buzz Sampson (12,036 lifetime hours), Donna Dickinson (17,346 lifetime hours), and Laura Sampson (27,774 lifetime hours).

Pat Hoeft, Donna Dickinson, Ruth Smith, Judy Lester-Smith, Joan Johnson, Teddi Wiest-Kent, Laura Sampson

Thanks go to the fabulous Volunteer Advisory Team members who planned this gala:  Betty Flaten, Lauren Simmons, Sandy Gerulat, Nasiri Suzan, Martha Griego, Teddi Wiest-Kent and Sharon Schonhaut and volunteers Marti Van Wagenen and Janet Weisheit.  And thanks go to the KUVO and RMPBS staff who provided the labor at the event in honor of the volunteers.  They include:  Latrice Lee, Paul Cywilko, Diane Cerafici, Sydney Sullivan, Arvida Rascon, Tina Cartajena, Carlos Lando, Arturo Gómez, Amanda Mountain, Megan Maatman, Brittany DeBerry, Shawn Jones, Laurie Zeller, Ryan Conley, Jessica Snider, Nathalia Velez-Ryan, Kathleen Bottagaro, Phil Maravilla, Elizabeth Mayer, Katie Murphy, Janina Martin, Jennifer Johnson and Jeanette Smallwood.

Enjoy the slideshow!

Volunteer Celebration

Congratulations to KUVO’s Arturo Gómez: “Best Radio Host”

Westword awarded the “Best Radio Host” designation to KUVO’s Arturo Gómez. (KUVO Jazz-89.3 FM - www.kuvo.org).  

From the moment, he opens his show with the gleeful announcement that it is "Lunchtime at the Oasis!" it's clear: Arturo Gómez is the best — and happiest — voice on Colorado's airwaves. Each weekday afternoon from 12 to 1pm, the disc jockey lays down classic-, modern- and Latin-jazz cuts, peppered with his own deep knowledge of musicians' backstories and the history behind each track. The award-winning music director's influence and experience can be heard all over KUVO’s many genre-bending shows.

Arturo is KUVO’s music director and his lunch menu (“Lunchtime at the Oasis”) includes jazz varieties, musician birthday tributes along with previews of new releases on “New Music Monday.”  

Congratulations Arturo! Thanks for feeding our souls each day!


The Best Trip Planner Tool: RMPBS' “Colorado Experience” – Volunteers Need Vacations Too! 

Like most Americans, volunteers like to travel in the summer.  For those who love to jump in their cars and travel the glorious state of Colorado, we have a fabulous suggestion for you.  Why not plan a Colorado Heritage tour using the videos and podcasts of our local production “Colorado Experience” (CoEx).  The 54 episodes of CoEx highlight the people and history of Colorado.  Click here to review the 54 episodes and plan your trip.  And, while traveling, click here for podcasts to play while you are traveling.  (Podcasts can be downloaded on iTunes or SoundCloud). From dinosaurs to NORAD, CoEx offers interesting insights guaranteed to enhance any travel experience. Imagine the fun you will have driving through the Eishenhower Tunnel on I-70 and learning the story behind this construction marvel (CoEx episode “Gateway to the High Country”)!  

From all of us to all our volunteers, happy summer traveling.  And, please send us your pictures with captions!  We would love to see them.  (Send to susanbarber@rmpbs.org)


An Update from Protect My Public Media

On May 5, 2017, Protect My Public Media is hosting the "It's A Beautiful Day" virtual advocacy day to commemorate the anniversary of Fred Rogers's testimony that saved public media funding. This year, the campaign is urging members of the public to snap a photo in their sweater in support of continued federal funding for public media. Submit your photos and an explanation of why public media matters to you here, on Twitter or on the Protect My Public Media Facebook wall with the hashtag #ItsABeautifulDay.


Happy Birthday, SAM

For the past seventeen years, the volunteer-driven project known as “Station’s Archived Memories” (SAM) has been preserving the history of Rocky Mountain PBS.  Since its inception on May 1 2000, over 100 volunteers have given their time and talents to the archives!  Volunteers continue to work throughout the work week to collect, digitize and preserve photographs, documents, memorabilia, local productions and oral histories in the SAM databases.

•    60,000 Photographs have been electronically preserved and identified
•    16,300 Station Documents have been archived
•    3,800 Memorabilia items related to the station’s history have been archived and stored
•    14,200 Local Productions have ben inventoried 
•    760 Local Productions have been transferred to DVD
•    203 RMPBS Oral History Interviews have been conducted and transcribed to save the stories of the staff and volunteers of RMPBS.

Every day, history is being made at RMPBS.  If you are interested in donating your RMPBS memories to the archives or would like to volunteer your time working with fellow volunteers on this remarkable effort, please contact RMPBS Volunteer Coordinator, Susan Barber or call 303-620-5715.


Tidbits of History About Rocky Mountain PBS
By Laura Sampson | Founder | Station’s Archived Memories​

On May 4,1960, a new do-it-yourself series was launched on Rocky Mountain PBS, then known as Channel Six.  According to the local newspapers, it was a weekly series for the average man who wanted to “beautify and repair things around the house.”  The series, titled “For Men Only,” covered tips on building, fixing and improving a home and its surroundings. Demonstrations included the use of tools, working with wood, building patio furniture and laying brick for an outdoor barbecue.

Harry Scoles (1960 photo), industrial arts teacher and local businessman, was the program instructor that demonstrated step-by-step procedures for the non-skilled viewer.

Volunteer Appreciation - Thank You for Your Support!

Thanks to Volunteers in Denver at KUVO and RMPBS

Thanks to Tom Emmons (pictured right) – volunteering for KUVO’s Spring Pledge Drive. Tom is a long-time volunteer and we enjoy having him around. Besides working the phone bank, he stocks beverages in the fridge and picks up meals! Thank you, Tom!

RMPBS Production Staff congratulates Chair Janell Hetrick and the entire "Super School News" Volunteer corps on another successful school year!  We’re proud to be part of your team.

Thanks to volunteers Pam Herrlein and Donna Shelley for assembling 65 folders. These folders will be distributed at the Smart Start early childhood conference in North Carolina for RMPBS staff member’s (Laurie Zeller) presentation.  From staff member Kathleen Bottagarow to Pam and Donna, “Thanks for your help this afternoon.  That may have been record time for assembling that many folders!  I really appreciate the time you took to help with this project.  We’re very lucky to have volunteers like you!”


Volunteer Reminder

Volunteers: Please note that if you sign in on the computer but don't sign out, the computer only gives you credit for 3 hours.  Not only do you cheat yourselves out of time, but the station also. Please send an e-mail to judylestersmith@rmpbs.org if you need to make a correction to your hours. In the email, include the date, time, and job assignment and we will make the adjustment. Thank you!


Check the Rocky Mountain PBS website for breaking information about station events at  rmpbs.org/events.

  • Indie Lens Pop-Up
    May 22 at 6:30pm; Bud Werner Memorial Library; Steamboat Springs
    - May 24 at 6:30pm; Mesa County Library Community Room; Grand Junction
    - June 1 at 7pm; Tim Gill Center for Public Media; Colorado Springs
    Real Boy: Real Boy is the coming-of-age story of Bennett, a trans teenager with dreams of musical stardom. During the first two years of his gender transition, as Bennett works to repair a strained relationship with his family, he is taken under the wing of his friend and musical hero, celebrated trans folk singer Joe Stevens.

To check out programming features and changes, go to the Rocky Mountain PBS website. Or go straight to rmpbs.org/enews where you will be able to request our automatic weekly newsletter (e-news) and monthly TV schedule (e-promo).

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