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Volunteer Advisory Team (VAT) November Update

Volunteer Advisory Team’s Database Assessment members, Nasiri Suzan and Sandy Gerulat are excited to report their progress on assessing and making changes to the volunteer database. They are surveying staff and volunteer leadership regarding changes that will make the system more efficient and user friendly.  

Our volunteers have been busy. There has been terrific response from volunteers who worked at the “Standing in the Gap” film and discussion evenings at various Denver Public Schools. They not only greeted and assisted guests but participated in the process and polling. StoryMaker’s is close to choosing this year’s awardees and planning the January luncheon.  Super School News completes first semester tapings and kit packing for next semester in the next few weeks.   Station’s Archived Memories has a committee planning and carrying out a Rocky Mountain PBS 60th Anniversary display to be shown at the Denver Public Library from January – March, 2016.

New volunteers sign up weekly, are welcomed into the volunteer corps and invited to select opportunities from a large variety of upcoming events.  Both new and experienced volunteers will find events for November listed elsewhere in the Volunteer Bulletin.


Submit Nominations for FROM-THE-HEART AWARDS! 

Calling on volunteers and staff to nominate a very special volunteer and/or a special Denver staff member—those folks whom you have observed giving exceptional and cheerful service to the Rocky Mountain PBS community.  They exceed expectations and often work quietly out of the limelight.  You may see these people, perhaps in a daily basis or maybe during a special event or project working quietly and efficiently with no thought of reward or accolade.

The nomination deadline is January 12, 2016.  The nominations need not be elegantly written, just heartfelt.  You will be reminded again in early January of the deadline.  However, we’d appreciate your submitting nominations early while the idea is in your mind.  The brief and simple nomination form is available online at www.rmpbs.org/heart  or contact Susan Barber at susanbarber@rmpbs.org.  

Past recipients are listed below.  While these individuals are no longer eligible for consideration, please use them as an example of what behavior exemplifies “From the Heart”.  

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, February 16, 2016 and join in celebrating the 21st consecutive year of honoring one of our own and a staff member who has given unselfishly of time and energy to support Rocky Mountain PBS.  The awards are tentatively scheduled to be presented in the Tele-conference room at the station 1089 Bannock Street on Wednesday, February 16, 2016 from 3–4pm.  All volunteers and staff are invited to attend. We will be serving cake, punch and seasonal goodies.

From the Heart Award Recipients 1997 – 2015
Patty Boyd (volunteer)
Pat Hoeft (staff)

Gisela Dietrich (v)
Susan Goldsmith (s)

Barbara Braley (v)
Tom Schomburg (s)

Myron Bosch (v)
Marie Llanes (s)

Margaret Harrold (v)
Carl Hernandez (s)

Eleanor McKeeman (v)
Bill Hix (s)

Mike Pugh (v)
Marilyn Tyler (s)

Mary King (v)
Trux Simmons (s)

June Bybee (v)
Barb Winter (s)

Ruth Smith (v)
Tom Craig (s)
Darr Jablonski (s) (special recognition)
Linda Miyamoto (v)
Julius Ames

Buzz Sampson (v)
Dona Dodson (s)

Valerie Murphy (v)
Tom Dailey (s)

Nancy Duncan (v)
Diane Cerafici (s)
Rick Morris (donor to SSN)

Cathy Buhler (v)
Helen Alvillar (s)

Marti Van Wagenen (v)
Sarah Newberry (s)

Leslie and Bill Smith (v)
Linda Hillshafer (s)

Heather Mackinnon (v)
Bob Martinez (s)

Judy Lester Smith (v)
RMPBS Engineering Department (s)


A Tribute to KUVO’s Jim Barnes

There are special people who grace our lives with their generosity of spirit, their kindness, their humor and their graciousness.  Jim Barnes was one of those people.  Jim passed away on Sunday, October 11, 2015.  He retired from his career as the manager of a machine shop to dedicate himself to KUVO as a volunteer staff member.  Jim was a part of the KUVO family for over 28 years, both as a major donor and volunteer.  At KUVO, he was responsible for the KUVO website Events Calendar, KUVO liaison at festivals and concerts and assisted in managing KUVO pledge phone banks.  

He will be deeply missed by all.  It just won’t be the same walking into KUVO and not seeing Jim.  Farewell dear friend….


Volunteer Dana Gaffin and the Social Impact of Rocky Mountain PBS

by RMPBS volunteer, Alex Binder

It has been 20 years since the end of federally-mandated desegregation of public schools—a topic Dana Gaffin had not thought deeply about until now. Gaffin, an African American man, has lived in the Mile High City for more than 25 years, and has spent the past four years volunteering with Rocky Mountain PBS. Most recently, he volunteered at the first community screening of the RMPBS-produced documentary series Standing in the Gap. 

The series highlights the complex and sensitive issue of segregation in Denver Public Schools and the gap that exists between test scores of white students and students of color. In 2014, white students’ test scores were nearly 40% higher than those of students of color. 

Gaffin believes there are many others like him who haven’t given much thought to the issue of segregation. “I had some idea about segregation in Denver but, like most people, I recognized it but didn’t really think about it or let it sink in,” he says. “RMPBS addresses social issues that you might not otherwise know about or talk about. Probably 75% of Denver doesn’t know anything about desegregation and resegregation.” 

After viewing the documentary shown in far northeast Denver (Evie Garrett Dennis Campus) on October 6th, Gaffin hopes to attend other screenings in different communities to get different viewpoints on the issue. (For more information about the other Denver public screenings, go to www.rmpbs.org/thegap )   “I want to hear what Hispanic folks think about segregation because currently the schools performing the worst in Denver have a high Hispanic population, but it used to be that they had a high Black population,” he says. 

He adds, “This is why I love RMPBS, because after seeing Standing in the Gap, I’ve been thinking a whole lot about this and from more than one perspective. If it doesn’t do anything else, it makes you talk about it.”


Women and Girls Lead Intiative-Update

We wanted to update you about the Women and Girls Lead initiative and explain how we’re entering into an exciting new phase of this award-winning project.

As you know, Women and Girls Lead (WAGL) was launched in Colorado in 2011, in response to a White House summit on women’s issues that identified three areas of focus: leadership development, economic wellness and violence prevention. Rocky Mountain PBS made an early decision to layer a local initiative on top of the 50+ documentaries that were provided by CPB and ITVS to local affiliates around these important issues. Our Colorado Advisory Board met for the first time in early 2012 and has met regularly since that time. More than 75 women are on our Advisory Board, which includes leaders from women and girl-focused organizations, outstanding businesses, and the foundation community. Many have reported that they’ve learned more during their time on the Advisory Board about what’s happening in the Colorado community for women and girls than in any other forum.

During the past three years, we’ve developed a one-of-a-kind website venue around pay equity; produced nearly three dozen Colorado Makers vignettes featuring stories of women and girls who are making a difference in their communities; created a documentary around the Cliff Effect, which resulted in seminal legislation to reduce the effects of the cliff effect; partnered with nearly fifty organizations to tell their stories and share their work across Colorado; and provided a venue for collaboration and communication.

We continue to work on all of those issues and are holding our next Advisory Board meeting in November 2015. 

We’re also excited about the next phase of this project which expands our focus to Race in Colorado. During one of our partner meetings with The Denver Foundation, we decided to marry their work around Men and Boys of Color with Women and Girls Lead, and are now producing a dozen stories to tell the stories of men and boys of color through the eyes and voices of the women who love them. A natural extension of our initiative, these on-air and online stories are designed to communicate the joys and challenges that families of color face across Colorado. Race in Colorado - The Conversations will share intimate and compelling stories with Rocky Mountain PBS viewers and KUVO listeners to encourage and foster dialogue around race and racial healing.

These stories are the first portion of what will be an 18-month to 2-year project for the entire Rocky Mountain PBS team. Standing in the Gap, a four-part docu-series about segregation in Denver schools, will be broadcast in November and followed by extensive work around Race in Colorado by the I-News team and our partners over the coming months. All of this information will be both broadcast on Rocky Mountain PBS and KUVO, and extended online in an extensive new interactive digital platform. Coloradans will be encouraged to go online to learn more, explore new ideas, share their stories, and download information that will help them start conversations in their families and communities. 

It is our hope that, by telling the stories of all people in our community, Rocky Mountain PBS will be help empower women and girls, support and heal families, and improve the future - for all people - in our community.

As always, if you have any questions about the Women and Girls Lead initiative at Rocky Mountain PBS, please contact Stacy Baum at 303/956-7312 or at stacybaum@comcast.net.

All best,
Harris Ravine, Amanda Mountain & Stacy Baum

Volunteer Appreciation - Thank You for Your Support!

Thanks to the Fabulous Super School News Volunteers

Super School News is off and running for the 36th year!  (www.rmpbs.org/ssn) Students, parents, school advisors, teachers, RMPBS volunteers and staff gathered at the Denver station on October 14th and 21st.  A total of 14 schools taped their two-minute news broadcasts which will be aired on Rocky Mountain PBS.  This program would not be possible without the outstanding collaboration of volunteers and staff and the generous support of the Colorado Education Association (CEA).  Thanks go to the following volunteers for their donations of time, energy and expertise.  They ensure an impactful experience for all students who participate.
Janell Hetrick, Ginger Sheehy Tatic, Co-Chairs
Kathy Crisler
Alina Kireeva
Doña Dodson
Bill Smith
David Hutchings
Rich Goben
Cathy Tomlinson
Heather Mackinnon
Luis Antunez
Donna Prince
Betty Flaten
Alice Dick 
Mike Cawthra
Laura Hoganson


Thanks to Volunteers for “Staffing” Community Dialogues

Thanks to the volunteers who staffed the community screenings and dialogues for the RMPBS documentary, "Standing in the Gap."

"Standing in the Gap" is both a television and outreach program that explores the re-segregation of Denver Public Schools and stimulates community dialogue around the achievement gaps in the public education system.  Our partners include the Gates Family Foundation, the Rose Community Foundation, The Piton Foundation and the Colorado Office of Film, Television, Media. 

The events took place on October 6 at the Denver School of Science and Technology/Green Valley Ranch and at Abraham Lincoln High School on October 20.  Thanks go to Dana Gaffin, Wendy Booth, Betty Flaten, Eugenia Woods and Alina Kireeva.


Thank You to Volunteer Photographer David Hutchings

David Hutchings is new to the RMPBS volunteer ranks but the station has kept him very busy photographing events and Super School News participants.  And, RMPBS will continue to keep him busy because he is so generous in sharing his time, his talent, his expertise and his enthusiasm.  Thank you David---you are “picture-perfect!” 


Thank You KRMJ Volunteers-Indie Lens Screening

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped with the Indie Lens Pop-Up screening of ‘Stray Dog’; what a success! The volunteers took the lead in organizing this event; they are rockstars!  Volunteers included:  Chriss Secrest, Catherine Bradham, Shiloh Hendricks, Patricia Amadeo, Debbie Carson, and Brenda St. John.


Day Out With Thomas the Train

Thanks to Betty Flaten who did a fabulous job serving as the RMPBS representative at the Colorado Railroad Museum’s Day Out with Thomas the Train in September!  She is always an enthusiastic ambassador for RMPBS and we appreciate all she does.


Volunteers Bring Welcoming Spirit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

On October 6th, Rocky Mountain PBS partnered with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and NOVA/WGBH to present an evening in the IMAX theater around the new NOVA documentary, “Making North America.”  The evening included preview screening clips and a panel discussion.  Thanks go to volunteers Renee Marcellis and Doña Dodson for welcoming guests and managing the check-in.  And, thanks go to our volunteer photographer David Hutchings for capturing the evening with his beautiful photographs.


StoryMakers Volunteers Read, Read, Read

October brings the art of storytelling to Rocky Mountain PBS from 6th, 7th and 8th graders throughout the state.  October 9th was the deadline for entries to the short story contest, StoryMakers.  700 stories were submitted.  Approximately 50 volunteers served as judges and entry coordinators.  Those young authors who are selected as finalists will enjoy a one-day workshop at the Denver station and a celebration luncheon in January.  Thanks go to CenturyLink for it’s generous sponsorship of StoryMakers.  And thanks to the following volunteers who make this award winning program possible:

Lauren Simmons, Chair
Kevin Percival
Donna Shelley
Judy Lester Smith
Teddi Wiest-Kent
Joyce Jappelle
Arlene Krauss
Randall Smith
Liz Johnson
Ranee Tomlin
Gwen Crawford
Arianna Roehrich
Caitlin Jenney
Rachel Jaakkola
Sally Scaman
Rachel Foley
Kerri Percival
Sheryl Steuart
Laura Hundley
Maureen Beigel
Sara Lieser
Carri Houser
Ken van der Laan
Gillian Weaver
Kim Johnson
Malia Rummell
Vicki Childs
Sally Shaughnessy
Christine Hotmeister
Jean Chrest
Catherine McCoy
Andrea Bobotis
Min Levine
Alex Engel
Betsy Sweeney
Alisha Geiwitz
Kristen Claxon
Ashley Moery
Kira Broer
Pat Hoeft
Julie Hallgren
Catherine Durkee
Nichole Rothe
Heather Whitney-Williams
Lori Kelman
Taleen Terjanian
Bettye Clement
Audrey Sherrod
Alex Binder
Jackie Fritz
Erik Pederson
Kate Sydney
Amanda Young
Ellen Fritzler
Amy Marty


Volunteer Reminder

Volunteers: Please note that if you sign in on the computer but don't sign out, the computer only gives you credit for 3 hours.  Not only do you cheat yourselves out of time, but the station also. Please send an e-mail to judylestersmith@rmpbs.org if you need to make a correction to your hours. In the email, include the date, time, and job assignment and we will make the adjustment. Thank you!


Check the Rocky Mountain PBS website for breaking information about station events at rmpbs.org/events.

  • Rocky Mountain PBS Night with the Avalanche and the Nuggets: Get Your Tickets!
    - Avs Tickets: February 9, 2016
    - Nuggets Tickets:  November 20, 2015; January 10, 2016
  • Indie Lens Pop-Up (formerly Community Cinema): "Mimi and Dona" is a special film about a 92 year old mom who has cared for her disabled daughter over 64 years.
    - Wednesday, November 18, 6pm: Durango Public Library, Durango
    - Wednesday, November 18, 6:30pm: Bud Werner Memorial Library, Steamboat Springs
    - Wednesday, November 18, 6pm: Mesa County Library, Grand Junction
    - Thursday, November 19, 7pm: Tim Gill Media Center, Colorado Springs
  • "Standing in the Gap" Free Screenings/Community Discussions (Race in Colorado: Education) 
    - November 11, 2016, 6-7:30pm: North High School, Denver

To check out programming features and changes, go to the Rocky Mountain PBS website. Or go straight to rmpbs.org/enews where you will be able to request our automatic weekly newsletter (e-news) and monthly TV schedule (e-promo).

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