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URGENT! Update Your 2015 Volunteer Hours By February 26, 2016 for Volunteer Recognition Event Scheduled for April 2016

In preparation for the Volunteer Celebration on April 15, 2016 (annual volunteer recognition) event, we need all Rocky Mountain PBS volunteers to record your hours for 2015 (right up until December 31, 2015) by February 26, 2016. You may enter hours “after the fact” from ANY computer that has access to the internet.

An accurate account of hours is valuable to the station, not only as a record of what has been accomplished, but as an indication to foundations, businesses and other donors that what Rocky Mountain PBS does is supported and enhanced by the community. Decision-makers of all kinds look at the level of community involvement when awarding grants and both cash and in-kind support. That “community involvement” is YOU and your committee members.

Volunteers annually do the work of at least 10 full-time staff members in bringing Rocky Mountain PBS to the attention of the people of Colorado. You and your committee members are vital to that proud tradition. Please help to make all these contributions apparent by insisting on recorded hours.

The directions for both signing up and recording your hours are below. If you have ANY questions or run into ANY problems, please contact Susan Barber (susanbarber@rmpbs.org

Instructions for Recording Hours in Volunteer Database:
•    Go to www.rmpbs.org/volunteer
•    Scroll down to “Record Your Volunteer Hours/Update Your Information…..”
•    Click on “Click here and make sure…..”
•    Login is your email address and password is your pin #
•    Click in left-hand margin “Post Your Hours”
•    Fill in information on volunteer work (day, hours, assignment)
•    Confirm info
•    Enter another date if needed
•    When completed, click on “Exit” at the bottom of the page
Directions to Sign-Up in Volunteer Database
•    Go to www.rmpbs.org/volunteer
•    Click in the left hand margin “Apply to Volunteer”
•    Click on words in blue “this form”
•    Complete application and submit.
•    You will receive a pin # which will serve as your password.


Volunteer Spotlight: Bliss Bruen

Bliss Bruen and Jim Foster

Rocky Mountain PBS would like to thank Bliss Bruen for organizing January's Colorado Experience Viewer's Choice Awards Screenings in Durango and Telluride. Her hard work and dedication to the events ensured a full house at both screenings, along with organizing enlightening and engaging panel discussions to follow each event. From wallpapering the town of Durango with posters to informing her extensive network, Bliss ensured a bonanza of a turnout – resulting in over 100 attendees
being turned away from the Durango screening due to space constrictions! But this was not her first Rocky Mountain PBS volunteer rodeo…

Bliss Bruen has volunteered for Rocky Mountain PBS since October of 2007. Her initial Rocky Mountain PBS meeting was at Durango’s Cosmopolitan Restaurant, which led to the first Southwestern Colorado event: the Wallace Stegner documentary screening at the Durango Library in 2010. The film was attended by a standing-room only audience and was followed by a panel discussion and refreshments provided by Chevron. Following this fantastic event, Bliss wast quoted in the Durango Herald as follows: “Public broadcasting is the most trusted brand in America, and when it connects with local communities both become even stronger voices." The success of the Wallace Stegner screening gave Rocky Mountain PBS the confidence that Bliss would excel as the Community Cinema leader in Durango, which she has continued to lead as the Southwest Colorado Community Coordinator ever since.

In 2015, similar to previous years, Bliss has volunteered over 250 hours working on projects such as the Indie Lens Pop-Up film screenings, organizing the Colorado Experience: Ladies of the Mines screening and making important connections throughout the Durango community for fundraising, events and major donors. Additionally, Bliss meets with major donors, community members and other local business for opportunities as they relate to Rocky Mountain PBS.

As the matriarch of Rocky Mountain PBS in southwestern Colorado, Bliss has acted as an irreplaceable mentor to the new KRMJ team consisting of Alex Forsett and Catherine Melorango. Not only has she shared her extensive knowledge of the community in which she lives, she has also provided invaluable knowledge regarding both Rocky Mountain PBS as an organization and PBS as the most trusted brand in the country.

Bliss truly embodies the mission and vision of Rocky Mountain PBS, and continuously seeks out new opportunities and ways in which to publicize the organization all with a huge smile on her face.


60th Anniversary Celebration Reception and Exciting News on Future of Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Network!

Excitement and enthusiasm characterized a very special evening reception at the Denver Public Library/Rocky Mountain PBS exhibit on January 28, 2016. The guest list included SAM volunteers, RMPBS & KUVO Board Members, RMPBS and KUVO staff, donors, members, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, former Governor Bill Ritter and other community leaders. All gathered to enjoy the 60th Anniversary exhibit celebrating the 60-year history of Rocky Mountain PBS on the 5th floor. Guests enjoyed food and drink and a delicious chocolate cake in honor of 60 years.  Music was provided by the very talented Camilla Vaitaitis, a featured artist of KUVO’s “30 under 30.”

The exhibit is open to all (5th floor, Denver Public Library downtown) through March. Thanks go to all the SAM volunteers who have worked so diligently over the past 16 years to preserve our history and especially the volunteer leaders of SAM including Laura Sampson (founder of SAM project), Donna Dickinson, Dani McLeod and Wendy King.  Thanks also go to the staff at Rocky Mountain PBS and the staff of the Denver Public Library. The exhibit was the “perfect storm” of an outstanding collaboration among staff and volunteers.

While the past was celebrated, the future of Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Network unfolded as RMPBS CEO, Doug Price, announced an ambitious plan for the future: a $30 million capital campaign to fund new headquarters at 21st and Arapahoe streets.  (Click here for the full article in the Denver Post)

Laura Frank-RMPBS News, Carlos Lando-KUVO,
Andrew Hudson & Jeannie Ritter-RMPBS Board,
Former Governor Bill Ritter

The mixed-used project, with Rocky Mountain PBS (and KUVO) as its anchor, is expected to spark activity in a neighborhood the Downtown Denver Partnership has identified as its next target for urban revival.

Price said the project is in "the aspirational phase," but the plan is to swap the current RMPBS space on Bannock Street, near West 11th Avenue, for $1.5 million and a state-owned block bounded by Lawrence, Arapahoe, 21st and 22nd streets. 

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock spoke to the crowd at the reception and congratulated RMPBS for its 60-year commitment to the community and to all Coloradoans. He is excited about the ambitious mixed-used project that will energize the community located around 21st and Arapahoe streets. 


A Hearty Welcome at 1089 Bannock Street to Our KUVO Colleagues

Excitement and balloons (now known as the balloons that wouldn’t quit) greeted KUVO colleagues who will now be “officing” at 1089 Bannock Street. Tina Cartegena, Arvida Rascón, Judi Williams and Chas Wagner are now situated on the 2nd floor of the Bannock Street building in the membership and underwriting department. They also bring with them some very special KUVO volunteers! Please stop by and welcome these wonderful staff members and volunteers.


Thoughts and Prayers to the Van Wagenen Family

Volunteering at Rocky Mountain PBS was a family affair for the Van Wagenen family. Marti, Gary, Laura and Dani generously donated their time, their talents, their energy and their warmth to the station. We, volunteers and staff, are sad to say farewell to Gary who passed away in January. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Marti, Dani, Laura and Remi….beloved wife, daughters and granddaughter.  

Volunteer Appreciation - Thank You for Your Support!

Thanks to Volunteers from KTSC (Western Colorado)

Please refer to the above article about Bliss Bruen.


Thanks to Volunteers from KRMA (Denver/Front Range)

Thanks go to the 14 volunteers who staffed the 60th celebration at the Denver Public Library on January 28, 2016. They ensured that all the guests were welcomed and assisted with such graciousness. These volunteers include Betty Flaten, Janet Weistheit, Jackie MacGraw, Renee Marcellis, Peggy Chervenak and those fabulous folks from Single Volunteers of Greater Denver—Kayla Okafor, Ellen Slavitz, Karen Morehead, Sheri Rodgers, Lori Kelman, Lynn Cohen, Rachel Jaakkola and Mick Conlon. Special thanks to volunteer photographer, David Hutchings, who memorialized the evening with his beautiful photographs. And, once again, RMPBS is so grateful to volunteers—Wendy King, Chair-Station’s Archive Memories and Dani McLeod, Project Manager/Exhibit, for leading the exhibit project.


Thank you to the dedicated and committed Super School News volunteers who launched the winter season at an orientation for students and faculty on January 13, 2016 at the Denver station. These volunteers ensure the sustainability of this 36 year old program and are expert at guiding students and faculty on the intricacies of assembling a news broadcast. These volunteers include Patty Boyd, Mike Cawthra, Ginger Sheehy Tatic, Janell Hetrick, Kathy Crisler, Jan Lytton, Laura Hoganson, Rich Goben, Betty Flaten, Janet Weisheit, Bill and Leslie Smith, Heather Mackinnon and Annette Barnett.

Thanks to the volunteers who have assisted with the January events surrounding the Standing in the Gap series (part of the News initiative on Race and Colorado). These volunteers ensured that the evenings ran smoothly and efficiently allowing attendees to focus on the substance of this important dialogue.  They include Cathe Schultz, Betty Flaten, Joyce Jappelle, Wendy Booth, Dana Gaffin, Arianna Roehrich and Eugenia Woods.


Volunteer Reminder

Volunteers: Please note that if you sign in on the computer but don't sign out, the computer only gives you credit for 3 hours.  Not only do you cheat yourselves out of time, but the station also. Please send an e-mail to judylestersmith@rmpbs.org if you need to make a correction to your hours. In the email, include the date, time, and job assignment and we will make the adjustment. Thank you!


Check the Rocky Mountain PBS website for breaking information about station events at rmpbs.org/events.

  • Celebrating 60 years of Rocky Mountain PBSExhibit at Denver Public Library (downtown) January 11-March 31, 2016, Gates Reading Room, Level 5
  • Rocky Mountain PBS Night with the Avalanche - Avs tickets are available for February 9 and March 7th.
  • Indie Lens/Community Cinema - The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the RevolutionA new revolutionary culture emerged in the turbulent 1960s, and the Black Panther Party was at the vanguard. Weaving together a treasure trove of rare footage with the voices of a diverse group of people who were there, Stanley Nelson tells the vibrant story of a pivotal movement that feels timely all over again.
    - Wednesday, February 10, 6pm: Durango Public Library, Durango
    - Thursday, February 4, 7pm: Tim Gill Center, Colorado Springs
    - Tuesday, Tuesday, February 2, 6:30pm: Bud Werner Memorial Library, Steamboat Springs
    - Wednesday, February 17, 6pm: Mesa County Library, Grand Junction

To check out programming features and changes, go to the Rocky Mountain PBS website. Or go straight to rmpbs.org/enews where you will be able to request our automatic weekly newsletter (e-news) and monthly TV schedule (e-promo).

There are MANY ways to watch Rocky Mountain PBS content besides TV. You can stream our shows on the RMPBS website, on YouTube, on the KUVO app (where you can also stream KUVO radio live), or on the PBS and PBS Kids apps. You can also watch on Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV stick, XBox, Amazon Prime, Hulu, iTunes and more. Learn more at rmpbs.org/anywhere.



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Rocky Mountain PBS will be the premier public media resource for all Coloradans. On-air, online and in person, we will serve our diverse communities as a convener of people, ideas and perspectives.

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