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Update Your Information NOW in Volunteer Database!

We are so excited!  After 6 years, we have updated the volunteer online profile in our volunteer database. This will enable us to better match volunteers with volunteer opportunities.  We received feedback from volunteers and staff prior to making the changes.  Now, we need YOU to update your records.  The directions are below.  This will take about 10 minutes of your time. IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT THAT EVERYONE DOES THIS! Thanks in advance for your assistance in helping us to better serve volunteers and the station. If you run into any problems, please contact Susan Barber susanbarber@rmpbs.org.


  1. Go to www.rmpbs.org/volunteer 
  2. Under “Record Your Hours/Update Your Information/Schedule Yourself…”, click on “Click here to make sure your hours are counted”
  3. On the next page, click where it says “click here to schedule yourself for….”
  4. Enter login (your email address) and password
    *If you have forgotten your password, follow the prompts to reset your password.
  5. After you have logged in, on your home page, click on the “My Profile” tab. Review all the information and update. *Remember to hit the green “SAVE” button whenever you make a change! Everyone must update the “Skills and Experience,” and the “Computer Skills and Hardware” sections. *Don’t forget to click on green “SAVE” button!

NOTE:  If you use Windows XP operating system, you cannot access the volunteer application and you cannot record your hours or access your volunteer account.  You can access the volunteer application, access your account or record your hours in the following ways: 

  1. Use another computer that does not use Word XP and go to www.rmpbs.org/volunteer.
  2. Use the web browser on your notebook or smart phone and go to www.rmpbs.org/volunteer.  
  3. Contact Susan Barber susanbarber@rmpbs.org for additional help.


Welcome to Two New Members of the Volunteer Advisory Team

Teddi Wiest-Kent
Sharon Schonhaut

Volunteers Teddi Wiest-Kent and Sharon Schonhaut have joined the Volunteer Advisory Team for 2016-2017. They will work with the other members of the Team to recruit and engage volunteers for Rocky Mountain PBS and KUVO plan volunteer recognition events. Teddi will work with the Community Engagement Department to organize volunteers and volunteer teams for special events and outreach activities. Sharon will work with the Development and Leadership Giving Departments to recruit volunteers for their office work and special activities. They join fellow Team members including Lauren Simmons, Sandy Gerulat, Nasiri Suzan, Betty Flaten and staff members, Elizabeth Mayer, Arvida Rascon and Susan Barber. Welcome and thanks Teddi and Sharon!


Raisin’ the Roof at Balistreri Vineyards!

On Saturday night (August 13th), over 800 guests raised the roof at Balistreri Vineyards at KUVO’s signature fundraising event, Live at the Vineyards. There was dancing, music, gourmet fun food and, of course, plenty of fabulous Balistreri wines. Guests enjoyed the music of Monty Alexander and the Harlem-Kingston Express. Over 24 restaurants provided the gourmet sustenance for the evening. A silent auction and “Everybody Wins” contest topped off this wonderful evening. Congratulations to the incredibly hardworking volunteers and KUVO and Rocky Mountain PBS staff! This extraordinary evening would not have been possible without you.



Researched and written by the founder of Station’s Archived Memories, Laura Sampson

During the 1960’s, programs about the Old West and its cowboys, ranchers, miners, farmers, guns and horses were the most popular genre of television.  During the 1950s and 1960s, several hundred TV Westerns aired on the commercial stations including such icons as Bat Masterson, The Big Valley, Bonanza and the #1 longest running western series, Gunsmoke, that ran from 1955-1975.

But, did you know that KRMA-TV (now Rocky Mountain PBS) also produced its very own local cowboy program?  Yes, indeed!  The locally produced Cowboys West was shot at KRMA studios and was distributed to National Educational Television in September 1961.  Hosted by Max Morath, Cowboys West depicted cowboy life between 1868-1890 when the Texans drove longhorns into Kansas.  

The 15 programs that were produced were only 8.5 minutes each.  Although the programs were intended as a children’s program, adults also loved and watched it.  Jim Case, producer of the program, said Max Morath was chosen as the program host “for his sincerity and an uncondescending quality.  He doesn’t talk down to kids.” 

Max Morath himself said during a 2001 interview for the Rocky Mountain PBS archives, “I was given scripts and memorized them.  I worked with a wonderful local actor named Robert Benson.  There were other actors and singers that came in and I tell you, we had fun.”

Station’s Archived Memories (SAM) serves the past, present, and future of Rocky Mountain PBS by assuring that the history of the station and its importance to the Colorado community will survive for generations to come. SAM is a volunteer-driven project preserving the history of Rocky Mountain PBS.  To learn more about the station’s history and how to volunteer or donate  items to the archives, please visit www.RMPBS.org/SAM, contact the SAM office at Rocky Mountain PBS 303-620-5734 or email SAM@rmpbs.org.

Volunteer Appreciation - Thank You for Your Support!

Thanks to Volunteers from KRMA (Denver/Front Range)

Thanks to volunteers Hannah Wold, Betty Flaten, Luis Antunez, Matt Herzberger and Miguel Soto who worked the Bike Expo that followed the Bannock Street Criterion on Sunday, July 31st. The Bannock Street Criterion was held in Denver’s Golden Triangle. The Bike Expo followed in the RMPBS parking lot and volunteers staffed the RMPBS Booth performed as Clifford the Big Red Dog. Thanks so much.

Thanks to Katherine Garretson for her support as a new volunteer with RMPBS Membership/Development Department. Thanks to Katherine’s assistance, RMPBS sustaining members were notified to update their payment information in order to keep their memberships active.


Thanks to Volunteers from KRMJ (Grand Junction/Western Colorado)

Thanks to several volunteers who attended and assisted KRMJ with KIDS Fun Fest at Lincoln Park in Grand Junction on July, 30. Chriss Secrest, Ethan Ball, Alex Forsett, Catherine Melorango, Dan Garrison, Gretchen Reist, Tyler May and Becca Martinez helped the event go on without a hitch. Special thanks to Georgia Sinclair and Eva Cruz for taking the role as mascots at the event. We hope to see you next year!


Volunteer Reminder

Volunteers: Please note that if you sign in on the computer but don't sign out, the computer only gives you credit for 3 hours.  Not only do you cheat yourselves out of time, but the station also. Please send an e-mail to judylestersmith@rmpbs.org if you need to make a correction to your hours. In the email, include the date, time, and job assignment and we will make the adjustment. Thank you!


Check the Rocky Mountain PBS website for breaking information about station events at rmpbs.org/events.

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