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RSVP for the Fabulous Volunteer Celebration and Open House on April 17th!

Join your fellow volunteers for a fun evening of eats, drinks, celebration, art give-aways and appreciation.  There will also be time to learn about volunteer opportunities!  It's Friday, April 17th from 4:30-7:30 pm at the Denver station (1089 Bannock St., Denver).  RSVP here.

From the Executive Committee

The Rocky Mountain PBS Volunteer Board has been directed to implement a new plan of volunteer leadership. The proposed plan will facilitate the continual changes and advancements occurring in the Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Network and streamline the responsibilities of the leadership corp. The desired result should provide better communication, training, and mentoring of volunteers.

The organizational structure will include representation from both staff and volunteers fostering a closer relationship of compatibility in planning and carrying out volunteer activities. Eventually, all Rocky Mountain PBS stations, KUVO and I-News will be implemented into the continually evolving structure. A top priority will be to assess and update Volgistics to better reflect the skills of volunteers in order to have more accurate information for matching volunteers with volunteer opportunities.

The Board heard the report of the Restructure Task Force at the March 15 board meeting and voted later to accept the plan for implementation. It was voted to keep the current board of directors in place until the new plan is initially implemented. Hopefully, that will occur by July 1, 2015. This is an ambitious schedule, but with the right team, we are confident that at least the groundwork can be accomplished.

The first steps are to form the implementation team and set meetings to start our work. Members of the team will be announced in the May newsletter.

Again, a big thank you to the Restructure Task Force chaired by volunteer board member, Jill Maxwell. Other members were Sandy Gerulat and Jeanne Sanchez, from the Volunteer Board, Willi Jost, past president of the Volunteer Board, Lou Matis, SAM volunteer, Julie Muhovich, at-large member of Volunteer Board, Thomas Vela, member of Rocky Mountain PBS Community Advisory Board, Marissa Johnson, Elizabeth Mayer, and Susan Barber from staff.

Don't forget to RSVP for the Volunteer Celebration and Open House to be held at the station from 4:40 – 7:00 April 17, 2015. You should have received an invitation via email. We want everyone to be there, so please let Susan Barber (susanbarber@rmpbs.org) know if you did not receive your invitation. It is a great time to chat with fellow volunteers, share food and accomplishments of the past year.

Your Executive Committee
Betty Flaten, President
Jeanne Sanchez, Vice President
Sandy Gerulat, Secretary

SAM Welcomes New Chair, Wendy King

The Rocky Mountain PBS family is excited to welcome the new chair for Station's Archived Memories, Wendy King.

A Colorado native, Wendy spent much of her childhood in California, and went on to live and work in Washington D.C. for most of her professional life. When she and her husband retired last summer, they decided to come back to their roots, in search of the beautiful outdoors and being closer to their family.

King worked in higher education and health care throughout her career, managing finances and facilities. She started out at Stanford University, and went on to work at Georgetown University for 20 years. After that she worked as a consultant, helping large institutions design and develop complex buildings, and went on to become Chief Financial Officer for the five schools of medical, dental, nursing, public health and pharmacy at the West Virginia University - Health Sciences Center.

Now King is in the next stage of her life, which she likes to call the jubilee work period. "You really get to dedicate yourself to the work that you love," she says. "I was very careful when I picked what I wanted to do, and I decided I wanted to be involved with PBS."

She was introduced to the SAM project, and it was a perfect fit for her, since it combined her leadership experience with her desire to learn more about her family history. She has already learned that her grandfather was involved in building the city of Golden, and many of her family members have worked at Coors brewery.

An avid PBS viewer, she fondly remembers the experience of being on one of her favorite programs, Antiques Roadshow! She is also a fan of Downton Abbey, Colorado Experience and Arts District.
King is eager to lead SAM in continuing to support the station and get ready for the 60th Anniversary of Rocky Mountain PBS.

Join us in giving Wendy King a warm, wonderful welcome!

Rocky Mountain PBS Honored: Spotlight on Local Programming

Rocky Mountain PBS was honored with five awards at the annual Colorado Broadcasters Association's Awards of Excellence banquet on March 7, making it another banner year for our public media network.

The station won Best Mini Documentary or Series for its weekly arts program, "Arts District," Best News Special or Public Affairs Special for "I-News Special Report: Unpaid Child Support," and Best Membership Appeal for a campaign called "Rocky Mountain PBS Therapy." The station also received certificates of merit for Best Mini Documentary or Series, again for "Arts District," and Best Public Affairs Program for "Colorado Experience," a weekly series produced in conjunction with History Colorado.

Rocky Mountain PBS CEO Doug Price said these awards are especially gratifying because they reflect the station's heightened commitment to local programming. "For the past few years, we have worked particularly hard at bringing more relevant local content to our statewide audiences and we have watched as the fan base for these programs has continued to grow. I am pleased to see these efforts being recognized for their excellence by our peers, and want to extend my personal congratulations to all the talented staffers associated with these productions."

See more Rocky Mountain PBS awards and accolades here.Click here for a complete list of the winners.

New Cancer Documentary Screened Across the State 

Cancer is a subject that is close to the hearts of many. "Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies," presented by Ken Burns and directed/produced by Barak Goodman, looks this complex subject with a new perspective. It tackles new forms of research, and the scope of lives that are affected by the disease.

The three-part film made its on-air debut on Rocky Mountain PBS on March 30, 31 and April 1, but members got a chance to see a preview and engage in a discussion at three screenings across the state.

More than 500 people attended the screenings in Denver, Grand Junction and Colorado Springs on March 18 and 19, sponsored by Rocky Mountain Health Plans and Ray of Hope Cancer Foundations. Dedicated volunteers supported the staff in presenting the free screenings, which gave guests the opportunity to watch a sneak-peak of the film and listen to a panel discussion with local experts.

In addition to the film, guests were treated to a few of the dedication videos that have been submitted by viewers. To view the dedication videos, essays and stories, visit www.rmpbs.org/cancerhope. To learn more about the film, visit www.cancerfilms.org. Check out the slideshow below for photos of the screenings, and visit us on Facebook to see even more photos.

Cancer Screenings

Super School News Keeps the Wild West Alive

Submitted by Janell Hetrick – Super School News Co-Chair

The spirit of the Wild West is alive and well at RMPBS Super School News. As the students from Sage Canyon Elementary in Castle Rock entered the building in their Western wear; jeans, bandanas, cowboy hats & shirts, I knew we'd be in for a Rip Roarin' time. These students, "The Wranglers," were a visual contrast amid the other metropolitan schools at the studio. At the end of their two minute newscast the students all signed off with a rousing – YA HOO! Soon echoes of YA HOO's from smiling adults could be heard throughout the station. I can't scientifically prove this, but these students seemed to leave our station a good two inches taller and prouder than when they came. Now, you try to say YA HOO without a smile on YOUR face. Happy Trails to you from Super School News!

Volunteer Voices: Judy Lester-Smith

Our new volunteer Q&A series features some of our long-time volunteers. This is a chance to get to know them and learn more about what motivates them to dedicate their time and talents to Rocky Mountain PBS.

Our first interview features the winner of From the Heart Awards 2015, Judy Lester-Smith!

RMBPS: What motivates you to volunteer for Rocky Mountain PBS?
Judy: The employees and the other volunteers. I believe in their cause and they do too.

How long have you been volunteering at the station?
Since around 1986. I started out helping in the kitchen at Auction.

Can you share one of your favorite experiences as a Rocky Mountain PBS volunteer?
I think the whole Auction experience was a favorite time. So many people from so many different backgrounds mostly doing things that had nothing to do with their everyday lives but still getting the job done and having fun. There were mistakes made and things got misplaced never to be seen again but we survived. Any time you get a group of volunteers together be it working on a big project like the SAM presentation to the staff or stuffing envelopes for Patricia, it's a favorite experience.

What is your favorite PBS program?
Doc Martin!

Farewell to Janina Martin, Volunteer Extraordinaire

Many of you know Janina Martin, who has been a tremendous help to the Underwriting department as well as the Research Chair of the Station's Archives Memories. She first came into the Rocky Mountain PBS family after winning the Best Costume contest at the 2013 Masterpiece Ball at the Grant-Humphries Mansion. Her fantastic sense of style—and the exquisite hair-do that took her daughter hours to arrange—helped her win the contest. But once she became a SAM volunteer and part-time employee, it was her amazing attitude, dedication and wealth of knowledge that made her an invaluable addition to the station. As she moves on to new ventures in Seattle, she will be greatly missed. We wish her all the best and hope she will think of us when she finds herself missing the Colorado sunshine. 

Protect My Public Media Reaches Out to Advocates about the House Budget

By Laura Sampson, Leadership Council Representative, APTS (America's Public Television Stations)

Protect My Public Media is reaching out to its advocates to inform them about the House Budget Resolution's recent proposed elimination of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) two-year advance and to ask advocates to call their federal lawmakers to express their support for public broadcasting funding.

Protect My Public Media will continue to engage advocates as the budget and appropriations process moves forward. Protect My Public Media has posted a blog and has promoted the effort via Facebook and Twitter.

Volunteer Appreciation - Thank You for Your Support!

Thank You to Members of Volunteer Board Restructure Task Force

There was a lot of pizza consumed as members of the Task Force worked in to the evening hours month after month.  These volunteers took on the herculean task of designing a new volunteer leadership model.  This model is intended to enhance and support the volunteer experience as well as respond to the continuously changing needs of the expanding Rocky Mountain Public Broadcasting Network.  The process of creation is not an easy one but the dedication of this team made the seemingly impossible—possible. The recommendation to proceed with the implementation of the new model was passed unanimously by the members of the Volunteer Board! Thanks go to Task Force Chair-Jill Maxwell, Lou Matis, Sandy Gerulat, Jeanne Sanchez, Julie Muhovich, Willi Jost, and Thomas Vela and staff members, Marissa Johnson, Susan Barber and Elizabeth Mayer.

Thank You March Pledge Volunteers

If it's pledge time at Rocky Mountain PBS, that means that Spring is just around the corner! And thanks to our wonderful volunteers who brought springtime to the station during our successful March pledge period. They brought their "A-game" to their task with their enthusiasm and great and good humor. Thanks to all the folks listed below and especially to volunteer Pete Schmidt who has served as our phone bank trainer over many years. He has endless patience and graciousness creating a fun and supportive environment for all!

Thanks to:
Davis Graham and Stubbs Volunteers-March 3, 2015
Kaitlyn Parker
Liz Oertle
David Holman
Ron Levine
Chelsea Huffman
Zachary Detra
Sam Niebrugge
Rocky Mountain PBS Volunteers-March 4, 10 & 12
Maureen McGinnis
Ryan Hull
Emily Mizelle
Karen Hays
Susan Falcone
Kerri Percival
Kevin Percival
Linda Miyamoto (thanks for the Rice Krispie treats!)
Stephanie Levert
Lois Walton
Janice Weiler
Teddi Wiest-Kent
Lyman Spaulding
Mary King
Bettye Clement
Yvonne Marshall
Robert Marshall
Armando Manzanares

Thank You to Volunteers for screening of Ken Burns' Cancer: The Emperor of all Maladies

The Denver station was buzzing on the evening of March 18th with a crowd of people eager to view the pre-screening of Ken Burns' latest triumph in film.  The topic of cancer is such an important one and it is a disease that touches each and every person.  A panel discussion of cancer research experts followed the screening ably facilitated by Laura Frank, President of News at Rocky Mountain PBS.  Volunteers ensured a flawless event lending their time and enthusiasm to their tasks.  From bar-tending to greeting to packing up over 200 chairs, the volunteers delivered a night of impact and support for all who attended. Thanks go to: Teddi Wiest-Kent; Janet Kilbride; Jean Kane; Catherine McCoy; Carol Rushton; and Doña Dodson. Special thanks goes to Jack Donnell who donated his time and talent as the evening's photographer.

From top left: Carol Rushton, Doña Dodson, Janet Kilbride, Teddi Wiest-Kent and Catherine McCoy.

Events / Programming

Check the Rocky Mountain PBS website for breaking information about station events at rmpbs.org/events.

  • Family Science Night: Earth, Wind and Fire. Oh My! – April 2 at 6pm, John McConnell Math & Science Center of Western Colorado, Grand Junction. For more information, click here or call (970) 254-1626.
  • Spark! Experience Energy: Colorado on the Cutting Edge of Innovation – 5pm April 15 Powerhouse Energy Campus at CSU. Register Here.
  • Pueblo Spring Fundraiser – Help KTSC-TV, Rocky Mountain PBS Celebrate 43 Years of Local, Educational Programming in Southern Colorado! – 5:30pm April 16 Pueblo Union Depot. Click here for more information.


To check out programming features and changes, go to the Rocky Mountain PBS website. Or go straight to rmpbs.org/enews where you will be able to request our automatic weekly newsletter (e-news) and monthly TV schedule (e-promo).

There are MANY ways to watch Rocky Mountain PBS content besides TV. You can stream our shows on the RMPBS website, on YouTube, on the KUVO app (where you can also stream KUVO radio live), or on the PBS and PBS Kids apps. You can also watch on Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV stick, XBox, Amazon Prime, Hulu, iTunes and more. Learn more at rmpbs.org/anywhere.



Volunteer Vision was our quarterly newsletter mailed to Rocky Mountain PBS volunteers. It featured articles on the latest news and events for our volunteer corps. Click below to read archived issues of Volunteer Vision in PDF format.

(You will need Adobe Acrobat to view these files. If you don't have it, you can download it for free here.)

Suggestions for articles, news updates or questions for Volunteer Vision can be e-mailed to the editor.


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