Rocky Mountain PBS StoryMakers Contest


Congratulations to the 2015 StoryMakers’
Winners and Finalists!

6th Grade First Place
Clarise Reichley: "I Am Eire"
Denver School of the Arts

6th Grade Second Place
Simone Kirkevold: "Call Me Stef"
Westview Middle School

6th Grade Third Place
Angel Mason-Warren: "Spirit Child"
Denver School of the Arts

6th Grade Finalists
Liam Bunta: "Dousing the Fire" (Westview Middle School)
Brody Doherty: "An Elf’s Story" (Branson School District)
Luc Dryden: "The Drive-In Time Machine" (Rooney Ranch Elementary)
Marina Leo: "New Eyes" (Denver School of the Arts)
Nikhila Narayana: "Fruitcake" (Rocky Heights Middle School)


7th Grade First Place
Althea Cohen-Porter​: "Cat-ery Battery"
The Logan School for Creative Learning

7th Grade Second Place
Natalie Johnson: "Redemption"

Carson Middle School

7th Grade Third Place
Maya Hunter: "Do Widzenia"
Campus Middle School

7th Grade 
Avalon Curnow: "Love is Stronger Than Death" (McAuliffe International School)
Stella Hostin: "Unpredictable" (Sagewood Middle School)
Amelia Modesitt: "The Harbor" (The Logan School for Creative Learning)
Camden Opfer: "The Wild Land" (Lesher Middle School)
Francee Schloesser: "What My Creation Created" (Denver School of the Arts)


8th Grade First Place
Cleo Lockhart​: "Death's Cloak"
Denver School of the Arts

8th Grade Second Place
Aubrey Rhoadarmer: "My Brother's Rabbit"

Westview Middle School

8th Grade Third Place
Paige Richter: "Push or Pull"
Colorado Springs School

8th Grade
Lena Anchordoquy: "Twisted Things" (The Logan School for Creative Learning)
Ginger Jacobs: "Unforgiving" (Saint Joseph Catholic School)
Madeline Klayer: "The Farm Across the Water" (Cresthill Middle School)
Aritra Nag: "The Bridge Between Life and Death" (Kinard Middle School)
Annika Rennaker: "Be Brave" (Cresthill Middle School)


StoryMakers Overview
  • Each year, Rocky Mountain PBS offers this unique writing contest to middle school students statewide. We are in our eighth year!
  • The contest is sponsored by CenturyLink, a longtime supporter of the program who helped conceive of the idea back in 2007 with the education department at Rocky Mountain PBS and has helped to make it possible ever since.
  • Open to students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades in Colorado. Entries are judged on originality, creative expression and storytelling.
  • We receive more than 700 submissions from across the state every year.
  • Winners and finalists are honored at a special luncheon in January with keynote speaker and bestselling author Dom Testa.
  • More than 40 volunteer judges participate each year. They are always blown away by how creative and powerful the stories are!

Supported by a grant from CenturyLink
Image - Century Link.png

Parent Testimonial

"I wanted to thank you for the Rocky Mountain PBS StoryMakers program. My daughter took part in the competition and was a runner up for the 8th grade group. The whole process was so thrilling for her to be part of. When we were at the studio for the celebration in January, she told us she felt like a movie star. She loved learning to record her story and download illustrations, but most of all I think she loved the fact that so many people were involved in the whole process, and that most were involved through volunteering. 

She was so inspired... Our children need to feel important in order to succeed, and every small step counts. This support needs to be more than just parents and teachers. When our children see other adults and important people involved in their futures, it paints a bigger picture for them. Thank you for painting part of this bigger picture." 

-The Bretts, Eaton, Co.

Rocky Mountain PBS and CenturyLink encourage teenagers to keep reading and writing.  

Thanks to everyone submitting a story and special thanks to our major sponsor, CenturyLink.

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