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"Nature: Forest of the Lynx" examines Austria’s Kalkalpen National Park, the largest tract of wilderness in the Alps, but it wasn’t always that way. The park was once the site of major logging and mining operations, but those activities ceased more than two decades ago. Three years in the making, "Forest of the Lynx" chronicles life in this remote wilderness and the complex partnerships among plants, insects, animals and trees. (Wednesday, April 26 at 7pm) 

This week on Rocky Mountain PBS...

American Experience: Command and Control
Tuesday, April 25 at 7pm
A routine check at a Titan II missile complex in Arkansas leads to a chilling nightmare.

Frontline: The Fish on My Plate
Tuesday, April 25 at 8pm
Author Paul Greenberg spends a year eating fish and investigating the health of the ocean.

NOVA: Building Chernobyl's MegaTomb
Wednesday, April 26 at 8pm
Engineers race to build a massive dome to contain the crumbling remains of the reactor.

Jazz Appreciation Month on KUVO
Celebrate the extraordinary heritage and history of jazz with KUVO.

Wild Weather
Wednesday, April 26 at 9pm
The best way to truly understand weather is to get inside it.

State Land Board
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Leases on state-owned land generated $137 million to support Colorado schoolchildren last year.

Insight with John Ferrugia: Babies at Risk
Thursday, April 27 at 7pm
The little-known virus, CMV, can go unnoticed and can be life-threatening to newborn babies.

Colorado Experience: Dana Crawford
Thursday, April 27 at 7:30pm
Meet one of the country’s most influential preservationists, Dana Crawford.

Arts District
Friday, April 28 at 8:30pm
A Cinco de Mayo themed episode featuring Colorado Latino art and other May 5th celebrations in the U.S.

Call The Midwife
Sunday, April 30 at 7pm
Nonnatus House welcomes a new recruit, Nurse Valerie Dyer. A vulnerable young man captures the hearts of Fred and Violet, while the whereabouts of Sister Mary Cynthia cause distress among the team.

Home Fires
Sunday, April 30 at 8pm
It’s harvest time, but time is running out to meet the quota required, and Steph risks losing the farm. Sarah finds herself in a dangerous situation, whilst Teresa has a big decision to make.

A Bank as Unique as You Are
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Experienced bankers offer sophisticated banking products and services to give you independence to succeed.
Rocky Mountain PBS News Reports:

State paid nearly $5 million for injured youth corrections staff since 2013

In 2016, youth corrections staff members received workers' compensation payouts totaling more than $1 million as a result of being “struck or injured” by a fellow worker, patient, or other person while working within the state’s youth corrections system.

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Common Virus, Silent Killer

CMV is a common virus, yet few report knowing about it. The virus can be life-threatening to newborn babies and there are few, if any, treatments.

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