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In "David Bowie: Five Years," watch the most pivotal years in Bowie's extensive career, each illustrating his inspiration and where his innovative ideas led him. The program features unseen footage and interviews with close collaborators, and charts his continual evolution. Friday, February 12, at 10pm.

This week on Rocky Mountain PBS...

American Experience: The Perfect Crime
Tuesday, February 9, 8pm
The story of two wealthy college students who murdered a 14-year-old boy in 1924 to prove they were smart enough to get away with it.

The New Hampshire Primary
Tuesday, February 9, 9pm
After coming out of a virtual tie in Iowa, which Democratic presidential candidate has the advantage going into New Hampshire?

Nature: Moose - Life of a Twig Eater
Wednesday, February 10, 7pm
A cameraman spends a year documenting the life of a moose calf and its mother to understand their struggles.

Humanity from Space
Wednesday, February 10, 9pm
Learn how seemingly small flashes of innovation have changed the course of our world.

PBS NewsHour Democratic Presidential Debate
Thursday, February 11, 7pm
PBS NewsHour will produce the first Democratic Presidential candidates' debate following the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary.

Broadway's Sierra Boggess
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Sierra Boggess, a Broadway mainstay for the last decade and Colorado native, performs with the Colorado Symphony February 13 and 14.

American Masters: B.B. King - The Life of Riley
Friday, February 12, 9pm
B.B. King, born Riley B. King, was one of the most celebrated blues musicians of all time.

Coming Soon: Modern Retirement Living
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A new approach to assisted living and memory support. Opening this spring.

Matchwits: Lake County vs Colorado Springs School
Sunday, February 14, 6:30pm
Lake County High School goes head-to-head with Colorado Springs School in a battle of the brains.

Downton Abbey Season 6 on Masterpiece: Episode 7
Sunday, February 14, 9pm
A car race gives Mary flashbacks. Mrs. Patmore opens for business. Mrs. Hughes tricks Carson. Things get serious for Edith. Robert gets a surprise gift.

Mercy Street: The Dead Room
Sunday, February 14, 10pm
The unexpected visit of a hospital inspector throws the staff into disarray. Mary feels empathy for a deserter, while Silas makes Samuel pay for his arrogance.

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