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The story of small people going up against very big forces for a better nation. In the first two decades of the 20th century, coal miners and coal companies in West Virginia clashed in a series of brutal conflicts over labor conditions and unionization. "The Mine Wars" premieres on American Experience January 26 at 9pm.

This week on Rocky Mountain PBS...

Finding Your Roots: Tragedy + Time = Comedy
Tuesday, January 26, 7pm
Uncover a history of tragedies and triumphs in the families of three of America’s funniest men.

Natural Born Hustlers: Sex, Lies & Dirty Tricks
Wednesday, January 27, 7pm
The Natural Born Hustlers series concludes with Sex, Lies & Dirty Tricks, which explores sneaky mating techniques.

NOVA: Himalayan Megaquake
Wednesday, January 27, 8pm
The 2015 quake that rocked Nepal was the biggest in 90 years—can we forecast the next one?

Colorado Experience: Miss Opportunity
Thursday, January 28, 7pm
Meet Emily Griffith, the woman whose lasting legacy on education lives today, even as her murder remains an unsolved mystery.

Arts District
Thursday, January 28, 7:30pm
Berdnaut Smilde photographs involves creating his own nimbus clouds inside beautiful architectural spaces.

Support the Avalanche and Rocky Mountain PBS
There are three games to choose from and $5 goes to Rocky Mountain PBS.

Mike Nichols: An American Master
Friday, January 26, 9pm
The late, great director (The Graduate, Angels in America) discusses his 50-year career.

Matchwits: Fort Collins vs Swink
Sunday, January 31, 6:30pm
Fort Collins high school goes head-to-head with Swink high school in a battle of the brains.

Planned Giving
Please consider including Rocky Mountain PBS in your future plans so the arts can continue to flourish.

Downton Abbey: Season 6, Episode 5
Sunday, January 31, 9pm
Edith's love life blossoms, law enforcement pays a visit, and a dangerous hobby gives Mary pause.

Mercy Street: Episode 3 "The Uniform"
Sunday, January 31, 10pm
Dr. Foster operates on his brother, a Confederate soldier. Tom's trauma shocks Alice.

Iowa Caucuses NEW!
Newshour Senior Correspondent Judy Woodruff will report from the Iowa Convention Center with the early results from the Caucuses.
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