Fear Factor, Cost Drive Down Immunization Rates

Posted by Mikaila Ellis Fethke Altenbern on

Irrational fears have driven down immunization rates, an author says. And a new Colorado Health Report Card...

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More Colorado Kids in High-Poverty Areas

Posted by RMPBS on

According to reports, the number of Colorado children who live in places where poverty is becoming the norm has nearly quadrupled since 2000...

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Anti-depressants, Anxiety and Aerobics: The physical activity prescription

Posted by Molly Maher on

Is exercise the treatment for depression?...

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Colorado No. 2 in Increased Rate of Childhood Obesity

Posted by Diane Carman on

Colorado has always bragged about its lowest-in-the-nation obesity rates. But, obesity among Colorado children is skyrocketing...

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Ryan's second blog

Posted by Ryan Conley on

Working in corporate underwriting, I’m often on the road visiting with current and potential supporters. Yesterday, just before noon, I was leaving an appointment in...

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Two Employees - One Challenge to Change Their Eating Habits

Posted by RMPBS on

Two Rocky Mountain PBS employees -- one challenge. Both are following Dr. Joel Fuhrman's "Three Steps to Incredible Health"...

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African Women Prevent HIV, Open Doors to Health

Posted by Katie Kerwin McCrimmon on

A Denver community finds a way to share health information and advice...

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HIV Program Speaks to Young Latinos

Posted by Rebecca Jones on

Cudate!, a culturally-based HIV prevention program, takes traditional Latino values and reframes them to promote safe sex practices...

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Healthy Food From a Favorite Local Chef

Posted by RMPBS on

Kimbal Musk, chef/owner at Boulder sophisticated and eco-conscious The Kitchen restaurant, shares a favorite recipe...

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Tips for Preventing Adverse Drug Reactions

Posted by Dr. Art Jones on

There can be too much of a good thing when it comes to medicine. Find out more about adverse drug reactions -- and how to avoid them...

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