Under Siege: Marijuana and Colorado Schools

Last Updated by Katie Kerwin McCrimmon, Nancy Mitchell on

A handful of students from Denver’s East High School recently spent a warm January lunch period huddled against a brick home two blocks from the school, passing a joint and discussing the merits of medical marijuana.

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Jails, Prisons Are Common Repository for Those with Mental Illness

Last Updated by Joe Mahoney on

Many more people suffering with mental illnesses are in jail or prison in Colorado than in a therapeutic hospital setting.And many of the state's sheriffs are outspoken with their opinions that that should not be the case.

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Top Five Lists: Gun Deaths by Census Tract

Last Updated by Burt Hubbard on

Top neighborhoods for overall gun deaths between 2000 and 2011

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Gun Deaths by County

Last Updated by Burt Hubbard on

Residents in Boulder County had one of the lowest death rates from guns among the state’s most populous counties during the 12 years between the Columbine High School and Aurora theater massacres.

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Treatment for rare condition forces teen from school

Last Updated by Katie Kerwin McCrimmon on

An attack seizes Chaz Moore’s body, stealing much of his breath. Spasms in his throat, lungs and diaphragm cause the 17-year-old to speak in hiccups, one syllable at a time.

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Race in Colorado: Health "Precious Loss"

Posted by Alexa Corcoran on

Explore racial disparities of infant mortality in Colorado and what local and national organizations are pursuing to eliminate it. Part of Rocky Mountain PBS' Race in Colorado initiative.

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Boulder County DA announces SANE program

Posted by RMPBS News Staff, Kristin Jones on

District Attorney Stan Garnett announced sexual assault forensic exams will be offered at Boulder’s Foothills Hospital through a community partnership. The exams, also known as SANE exams or rape kits, will be available around the clock through the emergency room.

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Access to dental care declining in Colorado

Posted by Health Policy Solutions on

The crisis in access to dental health care in Colorado is growing more severe even as efforts continue.

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Colorado's health exchange must pay for itself by 2015

Posted by Katie Kerwin McCrimmon, Health Policy Solutions on

Colorado’s exchange is slated to open for enrollment in October of next year with coverage...

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New School Year, New Fears for Many Kids

Posted by RMPBS on

The first day of school for some children is a terrifying prospect. Is your child quietly battling overwhelming fear and anxieties?...

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