"Insight: Opioid Babies" Pregnant Addicts Have Limited Medical Options

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Nearly half of the 64 counties in Colorado do not currently have a medical provider with training and licensing to legally prescribe buprenorphine, one of two recommended treatments for pregnant opioid addicts. Data shows the number of babies who experienced opioid-related withdrawal symptoms increased nearly two and a half times between 2011 and 2015.

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Researcher: $2.1M Colorado-Funded Pot Study Facing Challenges

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a signature wound from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Colorado is funding a study to determine if marijuana can be an effective treatment for veterans who suffer from PTSD, but researchers say VA rules about marijuana are hampering recruiting

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Suicide in Colorado: Reversing Silence and Stigma

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Insight explores Colorado’s high suicide rate with a powerful story of a teen-aged brother and sister, and a near-tragic event that changed their view of life.

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Common Virus, Silent Killer

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CMV is a common virus, yet few report knowing about it. The virus can be life-threatening to newborn babies and there are few, if any, treatments.

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Marijuana Moms

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Cannabis use among pregnant and breastfeeding mothers is on the rise. Health officials warn of possible risks to babies.

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Stories of Addiction

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Our "Insight" team interviews four Coloradans who have been affected by the nation's opioid-abuse epidemic. Watch the full piece "Opioid Babies" Thursday, February 16 at 7pm.

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Rural Colorado grapples with opiate epidemic and high death rate from overdoses

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The ability to provide or receive the life-saving drug naloxone in Colorado still depends on geography.

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New Targeted Treatments Extend the Lives of Patients with Deadly Cancers

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The odds of surviving stage four lung cancer are disheartening. Nationwide, fewer than three percent of those diagnosed will live five years. But the numbers don’t tell the full story.

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Charity Health Care Hard to Come by for Undocumented Immigrants

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Undocumented immigrants in Colorado have it tough when it comes to accessing low-cost specialty medical care. Obtaining health insurance is difficult, and a tangle of state and federal laws and hospital policies can conspire to deny charity care.

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University Hospital, Community Efforts Make Eduardo Franco Whole Again

Last Updated by Jim Trotter, RMPBS News Staff on

Eduardo Franco Ramirez was left with a large piece of his skull missing when doctors removed it to save his life. His condition spoke to the complicated circumstances faced by undocumented immigrants needing specialized medical care.

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