Gardner votes to confirm Betsy DeVos as education secretary, Bennet votes no

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Colorado’s U.S. senators split their votes along party lines Tuesday in the historic vote confirming billionaire philanthropist Betsy DeVos as U.S. education secretary.

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Disadvantaged students more likely to be impacted by Jeffco school closures

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Disadvantaged students more likely to be impacted by Jeffco school closures

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Teacher by day, waitress by night: Colorado teachers work second jobs to make ends meet

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The prevalence of teachers with second jobs is one symptom of larger, systemic problems — the steady erosion of teacher pay, Colorado’s perennial school funding crunch and skyrocketing housing costs. But some teachers and observers say it’s also a problem in its own right, sapping teachers’ energy, diverting their focus from the classroom and contributing to decisions to leave the profession.

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Chalkbeat: Colorado teacher on how she motivates students

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"Middle school is an interesting age because there can be literally a million reasons why a student has lost engagement."

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Colorado School District to Allow Teachers to Arm Themselves

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A rural Colorado school district recently decided to allow its teachers and other school staff to carry guns on campus to protect its students.

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Colorado school districts adjust to voter decisions about funding

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Jeffco is working on updating plans following the failure of the district’s two tax requests — the bond and a smaller tax increase known as a mill levy override.

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Chalkbeat: Will Republicans push for change in Colorado schools?

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With Trump win, debates among Colorado lawmakers about state testing, accountability and other issues could flare up again after a quiet 2016 session for education policy.

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Can new federal education laws re-establish respect for teachers?

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Teachers' union leader says the new Every Student Succeeds Act is a chance for teachers to claim a leadership role in their schools and in shaping statewide policy.

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Under Siege: Marijuana and Colorado Schools

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A handful of students from Denver’s East High School recently spent a warm January lunch period huddled against a brick home two blocks from the school, passing a joint and discussing the merits of medical marijuana.

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An Open Conversation about Merits and Flaws of Neighborhood Schools

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Most everyone is ready to extol the virtues of neighborhood schools. But, what if, in a city like Denver where many neighborhoods are largely segregated, the school down the block is a detriment to poor children of color?

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