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Jails, Prisons Are Common Repository for Those with Mental Illness

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Many more people suffering with mental illnesses are in jail or prison in Colorado than in a therapeutic hospital setting.And many of the state's sheriffs are outspoken with their opinions that that should not be the case.

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Author Believes Versatile Hemp Plant Will Now Flourish

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Author Doug Fine believes that Colorado's new hemp farming initiatives will meet with huge success because the marijuana cousin is "unbelievably, genuinely useful in a huge array of real world market applications today for which there are markets."

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What Stops Intervention?

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Danielle Nordeen drives a 16-year-old Toyota Camry that doesn’t handle well on snowy mountain passes. In January, Nordeen had to make the drive from her home in Grand Junction to Pueblo often enough that she developed a strategy: Find a semi with its hazard lights on and follow it closely, prompting the other drivers to direct their wrath toward the trucker rather than her.

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