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Protesters celebrate Dakota Pipeline decision from Army Corps of Engineers

Posted by Amy Sisk, Inside Energy on

The Corps of Engineers says the route of the pipeline must be re-examined. But supporters of the pipeline suggested the fight for continued construction may not be over.

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Midwest producers hope hard cider will bring fame and fortune

Posted by Harvest Public Media, Jack Williams on

One Nebraska vineyard started producing hard apple cider after a shaky grape season. Today, it outpaces their wine production.

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Colorado school districts adjust to voter decisions about funding

Last Updated by RMPBS News Staff on

Jeffco is working on updating plans following the failure of the district’s two tax requests — the bond and a smaller tax increase known as a mill levy override.

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Insects attack food waste and complete a missing link in the food chain

Last Updated by Luke Runyon, Harvest Public Media on

Recycling food waste back into the system and keeping it out of landfills could address more than one issue in sustainability.

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Taxpayers spending millions on homeless arrests

Last Updated by Lori Jane Gliha on

During a recent span of five years, taxpayers spent nearly half a million dollars on jail and court costs on Denver’s ten most arrested people, all of whom were homeless or transient.

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Rental costs outpace housing voucher payments available to low-income families

Posted by RMPBS News Staff on

Rents rose 6.2 percent in Colorado between February 2015 and March 2016, more than triple the national average.

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Harvest Public Media: Unlike urban America, rural areas still waiting to recover from Great Recession

Posted by Luke Runyon, Harvest Public Media on

USDA report, "Rural America at a Glance 2016," shows economic health problems have proven stubbornly difficult to reverse: employment rates stagnated; population declined, then plateaued; people became poorer; more children grew hungry.

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Chalkbeat: Will Republicans push for change in Colorado schools?

Last Updated by Chalkbeat, Nicholas Garcia on

With Trump win, debates among Colorado lawmakers about state testing, accountability and other issues could flare up again after a quiet 2016 session for education policy.

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Colorado immigrants and advocates anxiously await clarity, impact of new policy

Last Updated by RMPBS News Staff, Cynthia Hessin on

An estimated 4.9 percent of Colorado's workforce may be undocumented. "Now they're buying their cars, getting their credit cards. They're buying their houses, creating their own businesses."

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Water quality issues facing farmers, town officials and scientists in the U.S.

Posted by RMPBS News Staff on

“Watching our Water” is a production of Harvest Public Media at NET in Nebraska, with production partners KCPT in Kansas City and Rocky Mountain PBS in Denver. It is produced with support from CPB, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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