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Rocky Mountain PBS welcomes John Ferrugia as Principal News Anchor and Managing Editor

Last Updated by Alexa Corcoran on

Investigative reporter and award-winning journalist John Ferrugia has joined Rocky Mountain PBS as Principal News Anchor and Managing Editor.

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Video: Police in Mountain View, Pop. 518, Wrote 3,624 Traffic Tickets in 2014

Last Updated by Katie Wilcox on

Rocky Mountain PBS I-News, in collaboration with 9Wants to Know, analyzed 270 municipal budgets in Colorado to determine the percentage of each town or city's revenue based on traffic stops. Only 40 municipalities earned more than 4 percent of total revenue from citations.

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Bill Would Make State Investigations into Wage Theft a Public Record

Last Updated by ANNA BOIKO-WEYRAUCH on

Legislation that would make public many investigations by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment has been introduced in the state house, following a Rocky Mountain PBS News inquiry into the agency’s secrecy practices.

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SANE Exam, Important Tool Against Rape, Initiated at Foothills Hospital

Last Updated by RMPBS News Staff, Kristin Jones on

Boulder’s Foothills Hospital opened its 24-7 sexual assault nurse examiner program on March 14. One aspect of the exam, which didn’t exist previously in Boulder County, is the collection of legal evidence that can put rapists behind bars.

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Race in Colorado: Justice "A Sentenced Life"

Posted by Alexa Corcoran on

Examine racial and ethnic disparities in the Colorado criminal justice system. Part of Rocky Mountain PBS' Race in Colorado initiative.

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Wage Theft Lawsuits Against Oil & Gas Companies Rise as Industry Struggles

Last Updated by Dan Boyce on

Oilfield bankruptcies of companies large and small have been surging as prices remain at their lowest levels in a decade or more. This has coincided with a rise of class action lawsuits by industry workers claiming wage theft by their employers.

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Race in Colorado: Health "Precious Loss"

Posted by Alexa Corcoran on

Explore racial disparities of infant mortality in Colorado and what local and national organizations are pursuing to eliminate it. Part of Rocky Mountain PBS' Race in Colorado initiative.

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Black Infants in Colorado Die at a Rate Three Times that of White Infants

Last Updated by Katie Wilcox on

The infant mortality rate is one of the most closely observed indicators of the health of any community, or even of nations. It measures the number of infants who die before their first birthday for every 1,000 live births.

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An Open Conversation about Merits and Flaws of Neighborhood Schools

Last Updated by Alan Gottlieb on

Most everyone is ready to extol the virtues of neighborhood schools. But, what if, in a city like Denver where many neighborhoods are largely segregated, the school down the block is a detriment to poor children of color?

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Special School in a Tough Part of Town Demonstrates How to Get Job Done

Last Updated by Burt Hubbard on

At Centennial Elementary School, which serves a tough neighborhood in Colorado Springs, low proficiency rates in reading, writing and arithmetic and wide achievement gaps between races are relics of the past.

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