Laura Frank Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award by Society of Professional Journalists

Laura_Frank-websized-250.jpgJournalism Matters. Sometimes called the fourth estate, journalism does more than keep us informed. It gives voice to the voiceless and holds the powerful accountable. 
That’s why Rocky Mountain PBS is proud to announce that the Colorado Society of Professional Journalists is honoring our President & General Manager of News, Laura Frank, with its annual “Keeper of the Flame” award. This lifetime achievement award recognizes “extraordinary dedication to ethical, responsible journalism and professional integrity.”

"I can think of no better person to have their ethics, their responsibility and their integrity honored," said Doug Price, CEO of Rocky Mountain PBS.

We’re proud of Laura’s unwavering commitment to journalism and her leadership in our community and across our state. Congratulations, Laura!

Laura Frank is the President & General Manager of News and founder of the I-News Network, which merged with RMPBS to become the News division. Laura is a Denver native who spent 20 years at newspapers, radio and public television around the country, specializing in in-depth reporting that requires data analysis and deep public records research.



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