Beyond Columbine

"Ripples of Columbine" 3-part documentary series and web-feature

Twenty years later, Rocky Mountain Public Media takes you #BeyondColumbine. Take an in-depth look at the national impact Columbine has had – not only on our school children, but for victims of other gun violence, in the realm of mental health, and on our art and culture.

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RMPBS contributes to the national conversation on school shootings

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John Ferrugia discusses STEM School attack with Judy Woodruff on PBS Newshour.

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Daughter of Columbine SWAT officer survives mass shooting

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Madalena DeAndrea was only two years old in 1999 when the Columbine High School massacre happened, but she's heard stories about that terrible day her entire life.

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'It's a Heavy Lift': Securing the Columbine High School Campus from Threats and Curiosity-Seekers

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Twenty years have passed since two students murdered a dozen classmates and a teacher at Columbine High School near Littleton, Colorado. But curiosity about the campus seems to be intensifying as the years go by, according to the man in charge of securing the school

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Cultivating Crime

Legalizing marijuana in Colorado was supposed to weaken the illegal market. An "Insight" investigation shows just the opposite.

Marijuana Murder?

Marijuana Murder?

How Colorado changed pot rules after a man killed his wife, and what the killer says now.

2018 Election Coverage

A new season of "Insight with John Ferrugia" begins in October with weekly programs and online content to help you prepare for the November elections.

Explore Insight Election Coverage.

Colorado Votes: The Voters

Colorado Votes: The Voters

Did rural Colorado voters get what they wanted the last election? What do they want now?

Colorado Votes: The Choices

Colorado Votes: The Choices

Before you vote, meet the statewide candidates and learn about the top ballot measures.

Colorado Votes: The Rural Colorado Debate

Colorado Votes: The Rural Colorado Debate

The only gubernatorial debate outside the Front Range.



Aired 5/21/18

Insight looks back at the stories that have inspired the public to strengthen the civic fabric in Colorado and beyond.

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Imminent Danger

Aired 4/25/18

Insight investigates why the justice and mental health systems sometimes tragically fail to prevent deadly shootings, and what's being done to change that.

Most Recent Episodes:

Rescuing The Innocent Thumbnail


Aired 3/21/18

Insight takes an in-depth look at sexual harassment in Colorado including at the legislature, in government departments, and in the legal system. A roundtable discussion follows.

Rescuing The Innocent Thumbnail

Rescuing The Innocent

Aired 2/22/18

Insight highlights the dedicated men and women who investigate and prosecute an unthinkable crime. Child pornography occurs throughout Colorado. Technology makes the crime easier to carry out—and to hide. But investigators are on the front lines working to keep our children safe.

Protecting the Vulnerable

Protecting the Vulnerable

Aired 1/18/18

Insight investigates Colorado’s host home system. After a series of troubling incidents involving residential providers for our state’s most vulnerable citizens, Insight examines who is responsible for making sure safety is a priority.

Firestone Gas Explosion

Firestone Gas Explosion 

Aired 12/14/17

Insight examines the aftermath of a deadly house explosion. What went wrong?

Traded and Trafficked

Traded and Trafficked

Aired 11/16/17

Children are being exploited and sold for sex all across Colorado... what’s being done to stop it?

Traded and Trafficked

Serving Those Who Served

Aired 10/20/17

From the Vietnam War to the global wars on terrorism, America's veterans face challenges obtaining the care they deserve.  On Insight’s season premier, we investigate the rising costs and an understaffed, overburdened VA system.

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