In Short Episode Breakdowns

“In Short: Student Films from Across Colorado” is a new show Rocky Mountain PBS launched, in partnership with Colorado College, to support and promote the work of up-and-coming filmmakers from across the state. 

The year of the student’s graduating class is noted on their bio.

Learn more about the filmmakers here.

Episode breakdown:

In Short: Student Films from Across Colorado

101 – Lives of Agriculture (27:10)
Francesca Mastrianni '18– Labor of Love
Dan Levitt '15– The Farmer
Dan Levitt '15 – Duke of the Chutes
Jillian Banner Carleton '17 (CC Summer Session)– Life by the Horns
102 – Expressions (28:30)
Angela Kong '17 – Home
Djake Carroll '16 – Zinesters: The Art of Individualism in the Era of Mass Media
Thomas Crandall '16– Movement for Movement’s Sake
McKenzie Ross '15 – Open
103 – Place and Space (25:55)

Ana Pena '15– Magic at Miramont
Paul Partridge Wesleyan '16 (CC Summer Session)– Center Stage
Robert Mahaffie '15 – On Track
Robert Mahaffie '15 – For Spacemen, and Earth Families
104 – Helping Hands (25:30)
Mitra Ghaffari '17 – Zero Waste
Jeremy Flood '15 – The Rescuers
Charlie Theobald '17 – Turning Point
105 – Domestic and Wild (25:20)
Josh Lauer '19– In Training
Brooke Davis '16 & Nick Tucker UVM (CC Summer Session) – Thrown to the Wolves
Eliza Densmore '15 – Movement

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