Introducing the Buell Public Media Center


Over a million people throughout Colorado turn to Rocky Mountain PBS to discover provocative and inspiring local, national and international programming; find diverse viewpoints; score front row center seats to world-class performances; and experience lifelong learning opportunities every month.

Rocky Mountain PBS is committed to being the leader in the reinvention of public media, which according to many media experts is not a choice, but a mandate. By changing Colorado’s public media landscape through an ambitious capital initiative, a replicable model of high-tech media collaboration, original programming and community involvement—all under one roof—will result. Every citizen of Colorado stands to benefit.

For Colorado’s public media leader to move forward, stay relevant and competitive, and take a leadership position in this amazing new era of integrated public media, a new building is essential. This is not a luxury, but a necessity. As we have long realized, greater public access, increasingly sophisticated production values, a more engaged statewide community, and consistent public forum involvement cannot happen at our current site.

Our new Buell Public Media Center will transform the landscape of how media is presented throughout the state. Read more about the project. 

To find out more about this exciting effort, contact Ryan Welch, Vice President of Development, at 303-620-5730 or


Recently, Rocky Mountain PBS embarked on a pilot program at Sierra High School in Colorado Springs to teach an interactive Oral History course. Students learned about the historian profession and local research resources, then chose a legacy member of the Colorado Springs community to interview.