Can Clean Energy Drive America's Recovery?

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Former Colorado governor Bill Ritter is focused on the state’s new energy economy, and says it is the key to future economic growth. 

Ritter recently took part in a debate about whether an investment of billions in the clean energy sector would trigger the creation of millions of jobs and innovation - or whether we would simply be pumping dollars into the myth of a green economy.

Before the debate, 46 percent in the audience were in favor of clean energy driving an economic recovery, 21 percent against, and 33 percent undecided. After the debate, 43 percent were in favor and 47 percent were against, and 10 percent remain undecided.

The team arguing against the motion, “Clean energy can drive America’s recovery,” won the debate.

Ritter, who is now the director of the Center for the New Energy Economy at Colorado State University, recently wrote in the Huffington Post, “Natural gas has many applications, for utilities, transportation and other energy needs. It can and must be a major part of our energy future - along with wind, solar, biofuels, clean coal, nuclear, energy efficiency measures, and other technologies. Natural gas development is a part of doing what we know we must do: transition to a clean energy economy for the 21st century.”

Do you think clean energy initiatives can drive an economic recovery?

On “Colorado State of Mind” this Friday, host Cynthia Hessin talks with Bill Ritter, as well as the president of Colorado’s largest utility, the president of Western Resource Advocates and an energy and natural resources reporter from The Colorado Independent.

• Bill Ritter, director, Center For the New Energy Economy, Colorado State University
• David Eves, president and CEO, Public Service Company of Colorado
• Karen Sheldon, president, Western Resource Advocates 
• David O. Williams, energy and natural resources reporter, The  Colorado Independent

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