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On Feb. 19, the House voted to eliminate all federal support for public broadcasting.

As the Senate now takes on the same debate, Sens. Jim DeMint, R-S.C. and Tom Coburn, R-Okla., introduced a bill on March 4 that would end federal funding for radio and television stations.

Make your voice heard.

Contact Your Representatives and Senators

Sen. DeMint argues that  “in 2011, Americans have thousands of news, entertainment and educational programs to choose from that are available on countless television, radio and Web outlets,” suggesting public television may no longer relevant.

But Rocky Mountain PBS is an educational, informational and cultural lifeline for the nearly two million people throughout Colorado who turn to RMPBS each month for exceptional commercial-free programming, news, community events, performances and public forums.

We are part of America’s largest classroom, available to all, including children who can’t attend preschool. In fact, Rocky Mountain PBS was created to do what commercial media cannot: to teach children, not sell to them.

A recent national survey by bipartisan polling firms shows support for PBS transcends party affiliation, with more than two-thirds of all voters opposing the elimination of federal funding for public broadcasting. 

PBS is a valued resource and part of our nation’s fabric.  Voters trust PBS, they appreciate PBS, and they believe that PBS provides an excellent value for their tax dollars.

We believe Rocky Mountain PBS is a small investment with an enormous return.

25 cents.

That’s how much of your federal tax dollars go towards supporting Rocky Mountain PBS.

It doesn’t sound like much. In fact, maybe you think the loss wouldn’t make a big difference. But this cut would add up to over a million dollar loss for RMPBS. And a loss for everyone in Colorado.

Imagine America’s largest classroom empty.

Imagine the nation’s largest stage dark - and a trusted window to the world closed.

Imagine life without public broadcasting.

Please let your senators know that funding for public broadcasting is too important to cut.

Please let them know what Rocky Mountain PBS means to you.

Learn more about the issues at 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting, a collaboration of public radio and television stations, national organizations, producers, viewers and listeners throughout the country in favor of a strong public media in the United States.

Rocky Mountain PBS is your network – we want to know how you feel about support for RMPBS and public broadcasting. Join the discussion.

Colorado's Senators:

-Michael Bennet

-Mark Udall

Colorado's U.S. House of Representatives

-Diana DeGette - 1st District

-Jared Polis - 2nd District

-Scott Tipton - 3rd District

-Cory Gardner - 4th District

-Doug Lamborn - 5th District

-Mike Coffman - 6th District

-Ed Perlmutter - 7th District

Map of Current Congressional Districts

Want to find a representative in another state?

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