Inside Arts District

By Carrie Saldo

“What should art do?” It is a question we have asked nearly every artist we have encountered. It’s a brain tickler that has yielded a wide range of thought provoking answers.

Each week on Arts District you hear from me and the artists we introduce you to. But those intriguing stories, and my poignant insights, are the end of a lengthy process conducted by our Arts District team. Months of planning go into each week’s show.

Our approach to Arts District is entirely unique. What you see online and on-air isn’t available anywhere else in the country. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we get there:

Consider Arts District Executive Producer Lisa Olken your curator. She screens oodles of arts stories from nearly 40 other PBS stations committed to arts coverage. Recognizing the arts are subjective, we are confident she presents you with content that’s the best of the best.

Series editor Daniel Mercure is our in-house collage artist. That means he takes all of Arts Districts’ various parts and pieces and creates a finished composition that is seamless.

Janine Trudell and Paul Cywilko make our stories come to life. As videographers and editors they identify dynamic, inimitable ways to capture and then communicate these narratives.

Similar to a gallery owner or director, Associate Producer Mariel Rodriguez-McGill is constantly on the prowl for new arts talent to share it with our audience.

Alexa Corcoran, our digital diva, is newest member on the Arts District team. She’s the woman framing our new digital content and arts engagement strategies.

You hear each week that Arts District is more than a TV show. That means, I have a business card that unfurls like a Jacobs’ Ladder. No, what it really means is in addition to my role as Arts District host & writer, I also report on all-things arts for public radio station KUVO.

This partnership, unparalleled in Public Media, means you get sound-rich radio feature stories and exclusive web-only content.

With that, I return to the aforementioned brain tickler and I ask you to consider: What can art do? 

Your interest in Arts District, and discovering the power of what art can do, helps make our community a vibrant one.

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