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April 17 

Centenarian, Marian Busey, has created watercolors inspired by Colorado's various landscapes for over sixty years. Spend an afternoon with Busey as she describes why watercolors and the Rocky Mountains make the perfect pair. Then, are you looking for something to do with that cigar box collection? Become inspired by artisan Steve Cinnamon and discover how he transforms these silent objects into "recycled riff." Next, the combination of a paintbrush, bright colors and a canvas serves as a form of meditation for abstract artist Allen "Denny" Smith. And a fascination with how people use and value land prompted New Mexican photographer, Michael Berman to capture the arid, and eerily beautiful landscapes of the Southwest.

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Berthoud, Colorado. A town known for its agricultural history is now decorated by the murals of Susan Dailey, an artist representing the spirit of community through her paintings. Then, See where junk meets imagination as sculptor Mike Rivamonte gives new life to the treasures of his childhood. Next: long necks, large hands and darkened eyes. These are a few of the characteristics present throughout Nicholas Harper's Byzantine inspired portraits. Take a journey into the artist's studio and discover how these surrealistic paintings have gained national notoriety. And finally, design, model and build thirteen large-scale pieces in just fourteen months? Not a problem for Albert Paley and his team! Follow the sculptor from Rochester, New York as he creates his latest exhibit.

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For members of the Freddy Jones Band, playing sold out concerts in large venues is all part of the job. But recently, these hit-makers were thrown a curveball when they played a private concert for a few friends in their Colorado living room. Then, though Mt. Vesuvius' famous eruption destroyed the city of Pompeii in the year 79 AD, the tragedy and its aftermath continuously prove to be an influence for artists. Take a tour through an exhibit inspired by this disastrous event at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Next, discover Jaydan Moore. The metal artist deconstructs mass-produced metal trays and other objects from the early 20th century and re-assembles them into haunting works of art. And, to paint or to trespass? Meet one group of ladies who conquered property lines to paint their subject of choice: Northern California landscapes.

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World renowned pianist, Katie Mahan, got her start right here in Colorado. Experience the magic Mahan brings to the piano through intimate conversation and her unique sound. Get up-close and personal with the creators of some of the most fanciful cars in the world's largest Art Car Parade. Soda cans, gnomes, flamingos and old sneakers are just some of the items allowing these artists to promote self expression. Painter, sculptor and glass artist, Michael Endo, experiments with different techniques to tell stories that communicate and engage with others.

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LTake a trip to the Colorado mountains and visit with Dennie Ibbotson, a wood carver who celebrates Colorado mountains and wildlife on his hand-carved doors, mantles and signs.  Then discover why a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is much more than a machine. Celebrate the 110th anniversary America's oldest motorcycle company! Next, take a look at more than 100 items that explore Edgar Allan Poe as a poet, critic and teller of tales. And finally, up and coming recording artist, Nam Classic, molds rock, hip hop, salsa and reggaeton into a new genre, sending  a message of hope to his audiences.

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Written and performed by Jeff Cambell, “Who killed Jigaboo Jones” is a one man show that explores the challenges and stereotypes of the hip hop industry. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the performance with Campbell and director donnie l. betts. Next, ceramicist Matthew Wilson alters the traditional format of functional ceramics by sculpting unusual variations of everyday objects while incorporating natural elements such as horse hair. Finally, are you hooked on Downton Abbey? Sit in with Rebecca Eaton, the executive producer of Masterpiece, as she admits she initially turned down the hit show!

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Take a journey into the Denver workshop of Jason Harrelson, a master of trumpet creation, as he describes the magic of where science meets sound. Then discover how Harrelson’s custom-designed trumpets create a whole new sound for local musician Joshua Trinidad. Next, before he was a musician, Graham Nash captured moments with his camera. Nash exposes his first love and his ability to communicate through photos of family, friends and life on the road. Finally, founded in 1969, Dance Theatre of Harlem made history when Arthur Mitchell, the first classically trained African American ballet dancer, founded and performed with the company. Today, the Company makes a comeback after an eight year hiatus providing art and inspiration to all.

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Love Downton Abbey? Discover what was happening on American soil during that same era! The Broadway production, After Midnight, brings the music and style of the jazz age to life. Aerial photographer, Evan Anderman, takes to the skies capturing the Western Landscape from above. See how Anderman’s Denver roots influence his work. Painter Tim Jaeger explores the humanity in all creatures—even roosters! And Arts District host, Carrie Saldo sits down with author My Haley to discuss her latest novel, and her contributions to the well-known work and mini-series, Roots.

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Denver-based performance painter, Brian Olsen, uses fingertips, palms, elbows and brushes in both hands while creating masterful portraits before a live audience. Grammy Award-winning composer, Gabriela Frank, combines Western compositions with Latin American instruments to create Compadre Huashayo. Take a look at sculptor Gary Weisman as he molds bronze and clay into large-scale figures, channeling the art of Ancient Greece and Italy. And what would you choose for your last meal? Artist Julie Green captures the final hours of a prisoner’s life.

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Apothecary scales, large torches and diamond blade saws are just some of the tools used by Denver-based artist, Sandy Jackson. Learn about ArtLens, the iPad app allowing museum-goers to personalize their gallery viewing experience at the Cleveland Museum of Art. World renowned cellist, YoYo Ma, describes musicians as storytellers. And Arts District host, Carrie Saldo, sits down with Chip Walton, the Producing Artistic Director of Denver’s Curious Theatre Company.

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The spirit of innovation is woven through contemporary Native American Art at the “Cross Currents” exhibit, on display at MSU Denver’s Center for Visual Art now through February 8th. Stencils, spray paint and cut-outs are the mediums explored by Denver artist, Diego Rodriguez-Warner. Experimenting with a wide range of materials and activities, The Art Guys attempt to expand the dialogue and boundaries of art. And take a look into the secret lives of musicians who make up the AZ Pro Art Orchestra.

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The Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale features the works of the finest contemporary realists from emerging to nationally recognized talent. Native American artist, Chholing Taha reinterprets ancestral stories and imagery to create vivid paintings and symbolic shawls. An interview with the widow of Gene Kelly, the actor, singer and dancer known for films such as Singin' In the Rain. And printmaker Tallmadge Doyle demonstrates the intersection between art and science.

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Take a look at Downton Abbey-era fashions presented at Fort Collins' Avery House. The Moanin' Frogs, a sextet of saxophone players pays homage to the vaudeville days. The RMS Queen Mary may be docked in port, but she now takes visitors on a different type of journey. And Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie is reprised by an all-star cast.

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Travelling carnival or museum exhibit? This interactive fantasy scenario is on display at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center through January 12, 2014. A dazzling maze of winding paths and soaring domes is created by English artists, Architects of Air. Originally meant to highlight the individual, an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art explores punk's impact on high fashion. And the making of a monster. Artist John Backderf pens a graphic novel of his high school classmate turned serial killer.


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The photographs of Heimrad Bäcker, on exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, document the remnants of Nazism and the Holocaust. Charan Po Rantan, a music group formed by two sisters from Japan, draws inspiration from world music and circus acts to create a unique sound. A detailed view into The Torah Project and Julie Seltzer, the second woman to pen a Torah scroll. The secret identity of the man who drew Captain America is revealed.

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The Denver Art Museum takes a wide-ranging look at textiles at this campus-wide exhibition titled Spun: Adventures in Textiles. Internationally recognized violinist Elmar Oliveria shares his craft. Writer and Director Francois Girard takes us to a new realm – Zarkana, the new show by Cirque du Soleil. Photographer Abrahán Garza shares his interest in creating images that blend the old and the new.

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After escaping the Russian Revolution in 1917 and protecting her family from Nazi-filled Germany, Maria Lowenstein remained dedicated to her craft. This segment features Lowenstein's artwork, which depicts the depth and breadth of her remarkable life. Acclaimed composer and performer, Daniel Bernard Roumain shares his vision for a deconstructed parade.  Sculptor James DeRosso transforms what was once a passionate hobby into a monster-creating career. And after a life-changing car accident, glass-blower Karin Richardson turned to her surroundings creating new works influenced by the Pacific Ocean.

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Boulder-based dance company, Frequent Flyer Productions, explores genetic mapping through a unique collaboration utilizing cutting-edge interactive video with an aerial dance performance. A history of the unique craftsmanship behind one of the most internationally recognized precious jewels: the Fabergé egg. Los Angeles photographer, Jim McHugh,  captures what remains of the city's historical landscape. And the Impressionists' blurred brush strokes shocked the art world in the late 1800's, but was this a new style of painting, or a result of declining eye-sight?

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The Denver Botanic Garden hosts 3-D works created by Colorado sculptors who redefine the surrounding  landscape. Long before he was a United States Senator, Ben Nighthorse Campbell was a jeweler. Today, retired from politics, he is one of the best known and most respected American Indian jewelry artists in the world. One of the 20th century's most accomplished photographers, Roman Vishniac captures the pre-World War II Jewish experience. And a film festival celebrates Humphrey Bogart, the great anti-hero of film noir.

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Minneapolis-based painter Luke Hillestad's work is inspired by some of the greats – Rembrandt and Caravaggio – and each piece conveys deep emotions and enduring themes. Longtime AIDS activist Peter Staley discusses the Oscar nominated Best Documentary film How To Survive a Plague, in which he is featured. The Neon Museum in Las Vegas pays homage to the past. And audio engineer and musician Robert Hunter, perhaps best known for being a member of the Grateful Dead, talks about his collaboration with celebrated jazz musician Branford Marsalis.

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Denver-based Bobby Lefebre is an award-winning spoken word artist who uses his talent to stretch the boundaries of conventional acting. A selection of mid-century textiles representing  an era of transition in the furnishing fabric industry is featured at the McNichols Civic Center Building in Denver. International photographer, JoAnn Verburg, captures large scale images, forcing the viewer to see subjects from a different perspective.  Ukrainian composer, Virko Baley, shares an often untold piece of history with his latest opera.

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A New American Dance Company, Wonderbound, produces creations that erase boundaries between mediums, and engage artists and audiences in candid explorations of the human experience. Artist Kate Casanova pushes the boundaries of human comfort by integrating live elements into her work.  From snack food to dollar store items, artist Terry Border turns ordinary objects into living characters. Acting legend Olympia Dukakis is returning to the stage in one of her favorite roles as the lead in "Mother Courage and Her Children."

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An exhibit by local architect, Curt Fentress, demonstrates how art and architecture are integral in the designing of airports. Redefining weathered wood from old barns and uncommon lumber sources across the Rocky Mountain region, craftsmen Josh Mabe and Randy Valentine create unique masterpieces at twenty1five.  A unique approach to calligraphy by the Japanese performance artist, Setsuhi Shiraishi.  The artwork of Floyd D. Tunson addresses concepts such as race, cultural identity, American social history, pop culture, art history, and the beauty of pure abstraction. And local painter, Heidi Jung, is inspired by the natural world of plants and insects.

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The 10th Annual Indigenous Film Festival features films expressing the culture and unique traditions of Indigenous people from all over the country, in Denver, Colorado, October 8-14. Artist Nancy Mooslin translates musical pieces into paintings and sculptures, creating a unique emotional experience for the viewer. Australian artist, Konstantin Dimopoulos, creates awareness of environmental issues by painting Houston's trees blue. And take a behind-the-scenes peek of Great Performances' Shakespearean miniseries 'The Hollow Crown.'

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Light and sound artist Dorothy Tanner creates breathtaking sculptures using light, and she also uses sound to create a mesmerizing, multi-sensory experience. Dorothy talks about her work in her Denver studio and gallery – Lumonics. The international dance troupe Motionhouse uses unexpected props to create enchanting performances. Oregon artist Jo Hamilton crochets portraits – creating a mix of realism and surrealism in her one-of-a-kind work. Painter Tim Collom uses bright, thick layers of paint to capture some of Northern California’s beautiful scenery.

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Artist Kevin Sloan’s paintings focus on nature while aspiring to start a conversation on nature’s relationship with the modern technological era. Be wowed by jump-roper Adrienn Bonhegyi as she skips her way to Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam. Take a behind-the-scenes peek at the 2013 Tony Award winning “Pippin” before it hit Broadway. And immerse yourself in the works of James Turrell as he pushes the boundaries between light and space.

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Find out why Francisco De Goya’s Los Caprichos is regarded as one of the most influential series of graphic images in the history of Western Art. Discover Sanjay Patel, a Pixar illustrator who combines unique skill with his Indian heritage to create a uniquely personal body of work. Photographer Abrahán Garza roams the streets of downtown Houston, finding the locations of old postcards and creating new images that incorporate the historical with the modern. And finally, relive the early days of the ‘big top’ with a special tour of Bard Graduate Center’s exhibit, Circus in the City.

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Artist Mark Rothko’s abstract works of the 1940s are featured at the Denver Art Museum until September 29, 2013. Enjoy a symphonic adaptation of the Broadway hit, Hairspray. Meet Sacramento artist, Adele James, whose Caribbean creations are taking on new life in California. And discover a former biologist, Andrea Martin whose meticulously hand cut paper art is evidence of hours of research and observation.

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Professional period-instrument ensemble, The Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado, wows audiences with the musical riches of the 17th and 18th centuries. Artist John Wilson’s portrayal of the soul of the civil rights movement is featured at The Danforth Museum of Art. Architect Antoine Predock draws inspiration from the geology, landscape conditions, culture and personal experiences for his masterpieces all over the world. Documentary photographer James Reddington captures images of people with their most treasured and often times secret possessions. 

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Artist Nick Cave takes visitors on a journey through his imagination at his exhibit Sojourn, showing at the Denver Art Museum until September 22, 2013. Former Las Vegas showgirl Terry Ritter shares her vibrant paintings. A look at the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s summer home at Tanglewood in western Massachusetts.  A visit to the American Kennel Club’s Museum of the Dog in St. Louis, Missouri, where over 700 pieces of canine themed art.

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The annual Loveland Sculpture Invitational Show hosts over 200 artists during the second week of August each year. This year, August 9-11, 2013, these sculptors will display and sell their works in a variety of sizes and mediums. Musician David Perrico and his 20-piece band Pop Evolution put a classic twist on well known hits. Photographer Petronella Ytsma discusses her project “Legacy of an Eco-cide: Portraits of Agent Orange.” A look at New York City’s American Folk Art Museum’s exhibition “Foiled: Tinsel Painting in America.”

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Light and sound artist Dorothy Tanner creates breathtaking sculptures using light, and she also uses sound to create a mesmerizing, multi-sensory experience. Dorothy takes us into her Denver studio and gallery – Lumonics. The international dance troupe Motionhouse uses unexpected props to create enchanting performances. Oregon artist Jo Hamilton crochets portraits – creating a mix of realism and surrealism in her one-of-a-kind work. Painter Tim Collom uses bright, thick layers of paint to capture some of Northern California’s beautiful scenery.

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Denver-based painter Xi Zhang, who was selected to represent the United States in the Biennial of the Americas, takes a look at his latest exhibition Xi Zhang: 21st Century DNA, which runs through July 29, 2013 at the McNichols Civic Center Building. Zhang’s work can also be seen at plus + gallery. The Haitian dance company Ayikodans shares the organizations rebirth in Miami after the devastating 2010 earthquake in their home country. New York City sculptor Judith Shea explores her work, including her unique self-portraits. Painter Amelia Fais Harnas takes us inside her studio, where she creates her art with red wine.  

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The Denver Art Museum takes a wide-ranging look at textiles at this campus-wide exhibition titled Spun: Adventures in Textiles, and will be at the museum until September 22, 2013. Internationally recognized violinist Elmar Oliveria shares his craft. Writer and Director Francois Girard takes us to a new realm – Zarkana, the new show by Cirque du Soleil. The Cirque du Soleil show Amaluna will be in Denver from July 19until August 9, 2013. Photographer Abrahán Garza shares his interest in creating images that blend the old and the new.

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Local filmmaker Brian Malone sits down with Grammy Award-nominated guitarist Alex De Grassi, who discusses his process of writing music to silent films. Sculptor Allen Christian takes us inside his workshop, where he turns other people’s trash into works of art. Artist Emily Gray Koehler’s woodblock prints are inspired by the places she calls home – from big cities to farmland. Contemporary photographer Michael Eastman has spent decades documenting places all over the world (including Colorado), and his experimentation with architectural form, decay, light, and exposure has created a new genre that he calls Urban Luminosity.

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Denver-based reporters Steve Mort and Mary MacCarthy caught up with musician Mohammed Alidu, who has traveled the world playing his drums, and has also served as an instructor at the University of Colorado. The international exhibit “The Progress of Love,” an unprecedented collaboration between three organizations and two continents, explores the universal emotion of love. The artist residency program Art Farm allows artists to live and work in a rural environment while creating art. Artist residency programs can also be found locally and across the country. Finally, the Hollywood sign celebrates its 90th birthday this year, and we learn the story behind the iconic landmark.

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Minneapolis-based painter Luke Hillestad's work is inspired by some of the greats – Rembrandt and Caravaggio – and each piece conveys deep emotions and enduring themes. Longtime AIDS activist Peter Staley discusses the Oscar nominated Best Documentary film How To Survive a Plague, which he is featured in. Denver, with the fourth largest PrideFest in the nation, will be celebrating PrideFest 2013 on June 15th and 16th at Civic Center Park. The Neon Museum in Las Vegas pays homage to the past, and Danielle Kelly, the Executive Director, gives us a quick tour of the nearly two-acre grounds. Audio engineer and musician Robert Hunter, perhaps best known for being a member of the Grateful Dead, talks about his collaboration with celebrated jazz musician Branford Marsalis.

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This week on Arts District, Colorado artist Don Mitchell, who uses bright colors and whimsical designs to create his sculptures. Ranging from a few inches high to over twenty feet tall, Mitchell’s work can be seen outside as public art and in museums internationally. Next, we meet with photographer A.D. Wheeler, who finds beauty in the old and the abandoned. He also travels across the country and documents the landscape, including his Going West 2012 trip, where he visits Rifle, Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. Then we visit Iraqi painter Farooq Hassan, who describes his artwork and experiences after he was forced to flee Baghdad in 2010. This internationally celebrated artist has had his artwork displayed all over the world. In Fort Collins, Colorado, The Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures is showcasing an exhibit that focuses on the crafts and art of the Middle East and North Africa through July 13th. Finally, Japanese-born illustrator and children’s book author Allen Say  shares his stories in his studio. Say’s work has won him several awards, including for his story Home of the Brave about Japanese internment camps. Rocky Mountain PBS’ ‘Colorado Experience’ explores our state’s internment camp in ‘Amache.’

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This week on Arts District, we look at an exhibit that will bring back memories of big hair and shoulder pads with “This Will Have Been: Art, Love & Politics in the 1980s.” The exhibition, organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, describes a decade that was diverse and complex; from hip hop to the growing AIDS crisis, the collection attempts to make sense of the tumultuous period. Then, we learn about the new art form where masking tape is used to create awe-inspiring works at Tapigami. Artist Danny Scheible uses his tape to create cities and jewelry, and reinvents what art can be. Next, we visit one of the oldest art organizations in the United States – the Schubert Club in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Schubert Club shares their collection of over 100 letters that were authored by a variety of composers – from Mozart to Beethoven, Verdi to Rachmaninoff. Finally, we meet painter Ning Hou, who uses nature and California’s golden light as inspiration. Hou has even painted Colorado’s landscape in his series “California & Colorado.”

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On this episode of Arts District, we take a look at Colorado company twenty1five, where they collect old and weathered wood from barns and uncommon lumber sources across the Rocky Mountain region. Twenty1five then creates rustic and unique pieces of furniture out of the reclaimed wood. Next, the exhibition War/Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath spans over 165 years of war, and showcases more than 280 photographers from 28 nations. Photographer and 2006 Pulitzer Prize winner Todd Heisler, who in collaboration with Rocky Mountain News, has his prize-winning series “Final Salute,” included in the exhibit. Then, we meet Swedish artist Gunilla Klingberg, whose first solo exhibition in the United States at the Rice University Art Gallery in Houston, Texas, just concluded. Klingberg explores her interests in Eastern spirituality and consumerism as themes in her work. Finally, we visit the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, where identical twin brothers Stephen and Timothy Quay recently had a retrospective. The Quay Brothers are best known for their stop-motion shorts, including the 1986 film Street of Crocodiles and the animated sequence in the 2002 film Frida.

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This week on Arts District, we take a look at the exhibition Edgar Degas: The Private Impressionist, showing at Foothills Art Center in Golden, Colorado until June 30, 2013. The collection contains a wide breadth of the French artists work, as well as from artists of the period, such as Mary Cassatt and Paul Cézanne. Next, Award winning filmmaker Tom Schroeder takes us through his process of creating and animating a film. His current short film Marcel, King of Tervuren is currently making the film festival rounds, and has already screened at 2013 Sundance Film Festival and Aspen ShortsFest. Then, a behind the scenes look at industry legend David Geffen – who has produced music, film, and theater – and his rise to success. One of his former acts, Jackson Browne, will perform at the Jazz Aspen Snowmass June Festival on Friday, June 21, 2013. Finally, we visit Houston-area restaurant Uchi, where Chef Tyson Cole combines color, texture, and flavor in his dishes to create a strikingly artistic and delicious meal. Colorado also has many sushi restaurants, where the line between art and food blur.

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This week on Arts District, we visit Museo de las Americas’ exhibition The Legacy Project. Captured by local filmmaker Brian Malone, and featuring original music by Janine Santana and her Latin Jazz Ensemble, the collection focuses on the art and artists of the Chicano movement. Next, we step into modern-day luthier Jol Dantzig’s studio, where he makes one-of-a-kind, high-quality, handmade guitars – including instruments commissioned for John Lennon, George Harrison, and Glenn Tipton. Then we meet nationally-acclaimed artist Michael Birawer, who creates urban-art inspired cityscapes, based on skylines from across the country. Local cartoonist Kenny Be has created caricatures of some Denver hotspots, including Colfax Avenue and the Mile High City’s skyline. Finally, the director and cast members of the new miniseries The Bletchley Circle reveal what it was like to be part of this fascinating show about four women with the extraordinary ability to break secret codes in an attempt to solve a mysterious wave of murders in post-war London.

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The world premiere of ‘Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility: The Musical,’ is being staged at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts from April 5th  to May 26th.  It’s the classic tale of romance, wit, gossip and high society-  all designed for a modern audience - even the costumes were fashioned by a project runway all star.

Denver artist HEIDI JUNG has been creating artwork for as long as she can remember. Her lifelong love of nature and insects has serves as her inspiration and subject matter for her work. Trained as a photographer, Jung brings her experience from the dark room to her work, which often resembles daguerreotypes. Jung maintains an active studio at Ironton Studios, where she works with charcoal, ink and vellum materials to create her pieces. Her solo exhibition at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, titled Black and White, opens on April 4th and closes on May 5th.

Award winning harmonica virtuoso JOE POWERS has toured the world, playing a variety of musical genres including tango, classical, blues, and jazz. His most recent CD, Just Duet! can be purchased online at his website. While Powers does not have any upcoming tour dates, live jazz performances abound in Denver, Northern Colorado and remember, you can always get your jazz fix by tuning into the public radio station, Jazz 89, KUVO.

Where others see items as junk or trash, artist RICHARD BIRKETT sees inspiration and potential. For over thirty years, this artist has been collecting various objects – from broken VCRs to typewriters – and has created fantastical clocks from them. In Colorado, check out the Colorado Chapter of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors.

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Considered one of the most important painters of the 20th century, Clyfford Still, is famous for not being famous, yet he was among the first generation of abstract expressionist artists who developed a unique approach to painting abstract forms … Documenting the fascinating life & art of Clyfford Still is the local filmmaking duo -- Amie Knox of ‘A Bar K Productions’ and Chad Herschberger of ‘The Milkhaus.’ The Clyfford Still segment is excerpted from an hour-long documentary that was awarded the 2012 Heartland Emmy Award for Best Videography.

Handcrafting acoustic guitars since 1970, CHARLIE HOFFMAN has made over 600 of these instruments thus far in his career. Fans of his work include Leo Kottke, Tim Sparks, Ann Reed, and Charlie Maguire. Although Hoffman is located in Minneapolis, local luthier’s Edward Victor Dick and Robert O’Brien custom build acoustic guitars, complete repairs, and even teach classes on how you can build a guitar yourself.

Artist GARY KACHADOURIAN sketches cut-and-fold artwork. He also draws and creates larger-than-life pieces that take over an entire room. His love of things modest and utilitarian forces us to rethink what we know about function and sometimes homely objects: cars, dumpsters, fences, vacant lots, worn down furniture. While the Maryland artist has yet to hold an exhibition in Colorado, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver hosts a slew of exhibitions that are equally thought provoking.

Playwright and poet Ed Bok Lee grew up idolizing the martial artist, Bruce Lee. But his impression of the movie star changed when he began to see the actor beyond the glow of the silver screen. In this art story, Ed Bok Lee performs his “Ode to Bruce Lee.” His most recent book Whorled has gained praise and accolades, include the 2012 American Book Award and a Minnesota Book Award for Poetry. His first published collection of poetry and prose titled Real Karaoke People contains the short story “The Man From Guangdong,” a tale that takes place in Pueblo, Colorado.

April 4 - Watch full episode here »

Since 2002, jeweler Andrea Li has been designing modern and wearable art from vintage pieces that she finds and collects. Her adherence to create unique and timeless pieces gives each design its own individuality. Li’s inspiration comes from nature, as she attempts to capture the depth of color and texture of gemstones. 

ORI GERSHT’s most recent exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, illustrated the breadth of the artist’s work. His work explores the relationship between culture, politics, memory and history, beauty and violence. While his work is not currently on display in Colorado, the Denver Museum of Art’s Photography exhibit showcases both Robert Adams, whose landscape photography documents the conflict between the beauty of nature and modernity, and Garry Winogrand, a street photographer whose photos capture society’s brutality and elegance (often in the same photo).

Contemporary artist GREGORY EUCLIDE’s use of mixed media in work gives his work a depth not usually seen in landscape paintings. His use of paint, ink, paper, styrofoam and more give his work another dimension, and transcends any one category of art. Euclide’s work is currently on display at the David B. Smith Gallery in Denver. His art can also be found as the cover art for the band Bon Iver’s albums and CDs.

Opera tenor AARON CASEY has already sung with some of the greats - and he's still a college student. Casey’s experience on HBO’s documentary series A YoungArts Masterclass can currently be viewed on HBO. If Aaron’s story has inspired you to have an evening at the opera, be sure to check out local opera houses across the state: Opera Colorado (Denver), Central City Opera (Central City), Opera Fort Collins (Fort Collins), and Opera Theater of the Rockies (Colorado Springs).

March 28 - Watch full episode here »

Filmmaker Brian Malone captures the beauty and heartache of the behind-the-scenes creation of Colorado Ballet and the Light /The Holocaust & Humanity Project. Making its Denver debut, this one act contemporary ballet in five movements is inspired by the poignant journey of one Holocaust survivor. Set to the music of five notable contemporary composers including Philip Glass and Arvo Part, Light is a powerful, moving and uplifting experience.

Photographer Terry Gydesen has spent her career photographing some of the country's iconic political and cultural figures, from Jesse Jackson to Prince. Photography plays a huge part this month in Denver because March is "Month of Photography". Galleries all over the city are presenting local and national photographers with works ranging from the absurd to the political.

Art philanthropists John and Dominique de Menil are featured. They culminated their worldly gifts all in one building, The Menil Collection, a museum regularly on many top-10 lists of best new architecture. Another modern museum that was built for the sole purpose of displaying artwork is Denver's own Clyfford Still Museum, where visitors are given the opportunity to experience nearly 94% of the Still's artwork. Learn more about the Clyfford Still Museum in the April 11th edition of Arts District.

Musician Don McLean is famous for lamenting "the day the music died" in his hit song "American Pie" ... but the singer found that even after the song dropped off the charts, his career lived on and he recently finished a 40th anniversary tour through Europe.

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Local metal artist, Arabella Tattershall specializes in steel sculptures of life size dresses in her Lafayette, Colorado studio. These extraordinary works of art compliment her smaller, signature style of making leaves, branches and birds. It's a walk down memory lane with one of America's top hit makers, Bobby Vee who has 38 singles in the Billboard Top 100. Billboard magazine named him "one of the top 10 most consistent chart-makers ever."  Amy Sackett is a hip hop dancer and choreographer who uses music and dance to bridge cultural divides between her world and mainstream culture. Check out these local dance studios in town that teach hip hop (Streetside South, Cherry Creek Dance, Highlands Dance Studio, X-treme Dance Force, B-Boy Factory). Wood sculptor, David Knopp, takes basic sheets of plywood and shapes them into smooth, sloping works of art that actually double as furniture.

February 28 - Watch the full episode here »

Floyd D. Tunson is one of the most highly regarded and influential artists and art teachers in the Rocky Mountain region. In his 40 year career retrospective at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, his extraordinary artwork addresses concepts such as race, cultural identity, American social history, pop culture, art history, and the beauty of pure abstraction. Explore the dynamic and improvisational style of Baltimore-based beatbox artist and vocal percussionist Shodekeh. Cowboy photographer Scott Baxter has driven across Arizona to photograph ranchers whose families have been ranching in the state since 1912 or earlier. The Colorado Cattleman Association was created in 1867 (nine years before Colorado became a state) and has provided support for ranchers all over the state. Allen Birnbach   and John Fielder are some of the Colorado photographers who specialize in Colorado ranches. Check out Allen Birnbach's upcoming documentary @ www.ahandfulofdustdocumentary.com. Islamic calligrapher Uzma Mirza transforms the names of God from the Koran into musical notes in her paintings. Blacksmith Christopher Poor handcrafts Medieval and Renaissance arms and armor replicas in the old world way.

February 21 - Watch the full episode here »

Local painter, graphic designer, and skateboard artist, Walt Pourier of Nakota Designs, is the artist in residence at the Denver Art Museum. As an Oglala Lakota, Walt uses art, design, and skateboarding as creative empowerment for the youth he works with in Denver and in Indian country. He is executive of the stronghold society, which encourages youth to take action to live a healthy life in mind, body, and spirit through the diverse means of skateboarding, arts, and creative movements. A profile of dancer/choreographer Jennifer Nugent, who is currently with Bill T. Jones / Arnie Zane Dance Company and discusses her life and work. Locally, from ballet to burlesque, and classical to contemporary, Colorado has dance companies performing nearly every week.

February 14 - Watch the full episode here »

Tony Furtado is a world-class performer on the banjo and slide guitar, but also has a hidden talent as a sculptor. His sculptures are featured in Carbondale's The White Dog Gallery and in an interview with the Dream Weaver radio program, archived on KDNK in Western Colorado. One of the most respected figures in Russian contemporary art, visual artist Oleg Vassiliev belongs to the generation of the Unofficial Artist Movement in the Soviet Union during the 1950s, `60s and `70s. His work hangs in the Sloane Gallery in Denver and is internationally recognized as one of the major dealers in contemporary and modern Russian art. New York native Faith Ringgold grew up in Harlem among many famous artists of the time, now she has honored those figures in her subway art. Dunya Mikhail is an Iraqi-American poet who was forced to flee Iraw in the mid-1990s. Here she reflects on her poetry and what she has left of her home country.

February 7 - Watch the full episode here »

A look at the extraordinary art of the beaded Volkswagen beetle (Vochol) created by the Huichol people of Mexico on display at the Denver International Airport. A profile of clarinetist David Krakauer. The theater production "Soultime at the Apollo" pays tribute to the legendary Apollo Theater. An interview with singer Melinda Watts, the 2008 winner of the American Idol-style reality show Gospel Dream.

January 31 - Watch the full episode here »

Features the Denver Art Museum's "Now Boarding: Fentress Airports + The Architecture of Flight Tour," the Metropolitan Museum of Art's "Crossing the Delaware" exhibit, a Yale Repertory Theater production of Marie Antoinette, painter Gregory Kondos, and artist Tom Otterness.

January 24 - Watch the full episode here »

Features the retrospective of international artist El Anatsui at the Denver Art Museum, an interview with the Who's Pete Townshend, behind-the-scenes of the hit play, "War Horse," and an exhibition on Andy Warhol.

January 17 - Watch the full episode here »

Features the Denver Art Museum's "Becoming Van Gogh" exhibit, renowned pianist Jeremy Denk, aerial photographer Alexander Heilner, and artist Karen Gustafson

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